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The Brain Boost Diet Plan

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This is basically the keto diet. While I found it interesting, it really didn't add to the information I already knew. I did like the recipes though. Personally I will have to pass as this type of diet aggravates my IBS.
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Very helpful and exactly what I was looking for to me follow my diet for a more healthy living! The recipes are great and the information is enlightening.
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I loved this book! Beautiful photography, delicious recipes that can heal the mind and body! I would definitely recommend to patients.
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The book is short and yet explain well. I really liked the couple first pages, the explanation, why the author was focusing on the brain and the like.
As someone who grew up watching my grandmother struggling and disappears because of Alzheimer, I truly connected with the pages who were dedicated to this cruel disease. 

The How to read this book pages, tell you to read the first part of the book before starting anything, I really liked this advice. As someone with lactose allergy, I love the dairy-free promise (the author said most of the recipes are low sugar, gluten-free and most are dairy free).

Each step of this 4 weeks program are well explained, at the start of each week, the author explain what will happen and why. Then it's going on on why you something is bad for you (sugar for the first week per example) and explain to you with a deep explanation the why and how to cure it/ get better. In a warning box (yellowish colored box), there a list with what type of food to avoid and what will be part of the diet.
The next colored box, will tell you what the ideal serving is. I really liked the fact metric was used, as a non American cups measurement is difficult to follow.

The book continues like this, giving you explanations, ideas, alternative, tips and everything you need even if you don't plan on following this diet.

Then, starting page 78, the recipes appear. Calories per serving are indicated (a lot of books don't indicate those and it gives me trust issue) and it also says the proteins, carbohydrate, and fat information.
One of my biggest problem with the recipes is that I'm a visual person, I need to see what it will look like and this book almost doesn't have any recipes illustrated. Maybe one out of 6 is illustrated. It's the only negative point for me.
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A great collection for any public library looking to build their cookbook collection, especially titles that caters to new and upcoming trends.
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I received a DIGITAL Advance Reader Copy of this book from #NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  From the publisher - 
What you fuel your body with is at the core of your health and this is even more true with the brain. Eat the right foods and you can profoundly affect your cognitive function now and in the future. The Brain Boost Diet Plan is a 4-week diet to cleanse and renew your brain.
The latest research now clearly indicates the incredible importance that diet plays in reducing the risk of conditions such as cognitive decline, mood disorders, Alzheimer’s and depression. The Brain Boost Diet Plan addresses underlying imbalances in the body and brain that contribute to these conditions, such as inflammation, glycation, fatty acid imbalances, poor methylation and low nutritional status. These are highly technical dietary functions which expert nutritionist Christine Bailey is able to speak to both authoritatively and in a way that makes them understood by all.
With a focus on beneficial fats and nutrient-dense everyday foods, the plan is made up of 100 delicious, easy recipes that are low in sugar, gluten-free and packed with nutrients designed to optimize brain health and function. It’s a delicious way to cleanse your brain of imbalances and nourish, energize and heal your brain for a sharper, calmer, healthier you.

One thing that we constantly teach in our healthy food courses is that without nutrition nether your brain nor body will work properly or optimally. We see kids every day who are obese but mal-nourished as they parents have given up and feed them only boxed macaroni and cheese and other convenient foods including takeout and delivery.  Healthy food isn't difficult and this book proves this to the tee! Wonderful recipes back well thought out science and great photos of recipes make them even more appealing.  What a yummy, smart book!!!
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