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I found a light romance novel in this book, just when I needed some light romance book amongst my dark thrillers. I had a great time reading it, thanks for the copy!
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Risking It is the second book in the series. I did like the first book a lot so I was looking forward to the second. I was slightly disappointed in the story. For me it seemed that the characters were a little disconnected. That is just me. Maybe others got something totally different from the read but I was having problems getting into the story at the beginning of the book. It starts to work better for me by middle and towards the end. Jane is supposed to go on a self-discovery journey and keep a journal to show to her friend. When leaving for her trip the one person she does not want to be with shows up by her car wanting a ride. Aiden is a playboy and a hunk so this does not really work for our librarian Jane. When he starts to complain she tells him to leave, but he stays and finds himself more attracted to her and by middle of the story is looking forward to the different place that she is hiding to next. It just took a little time to get to this point for me. Like I said for other readers this might be something that they get quicker. When they get to Atlanta more of the first story and next started to make sense.
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Such a funny and cute story!
The heroine, Jane, is a booknerd who works at the local library. She has that booknerd stereotype: shy, cute, makes jokes about books and all those stuffs. Her best friend Claire motivates her to make a road trip to loosen up herself and also to finally purge The Turd, aka Aiden out of her system.. 
The thing between Jane and Aiden was only a one night stand. He's a player, a womanizer, a heartbreaker and when she found out that, she ran away the next morning.

Aiden knows how to be a charmer, he's a winner with the ladies but there was one girl that got under his skin. Jane left his bed on the next morning and he can't understand why.

When Jane is about to start her new journey (she relly doesn't want to, she just wants to sit and read a book all day) well, someone calls for her help. And who? Of course it has to be Aiden (thanks destiny) 

Through all this journey, meeting unknown places, taking pictures with a Polaroid and making memories, Jane and Aiden will get really close and they won't be capable of resisting the attraction between them.

I really really like this story, easy to read, the characters are real and what I love thr best is that non of them are what they seem. Aiden might be a playboy and a charmer but he's so much more than that. He's funny, careless and so cute and Jane might be this shy librarian but she really is not.

I loved how the story developed, with no need of big dramas and the chemistry between Jane and Aiden was one of the things I loved the most
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I really enjoyed Aiden and Jane's story she's shy and a bit awkward and he's a bit of a man-whore these two meet and spend the night together but are not intimate Jane takes it the wrong way and thinks he does not like her the same as she liked him.Her friend decided to take her on a trip to get her over him.This is a fun read I did find her to be a bit immature but I think that made this book more fun.
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Risking It is a sweet, sexy, quirky road trip!

Jane has been tasked by her over protective best friend to take a road trip to cleanse her of the man who hurt her (The Turd), when he, get this, didn't make a move during the night they spent together. You see, Jane is a sweet, dorky librarian with lots of insecurities, so when she spent a fun night with a charming playboy, she naturally expected him to make a move, and for once in her safe, boring life, she was planning on doing something out of her comfort zone, and would have thrown herself into what she was expecting to be a hot one night stand. Alas, said charming playboy, was instead, a charming gentleman, and Jane ghosted him the next morning.

Aiden has spent the weeks since Jane's disappearing act with her on his mind. So when she appears at his bar, suspiciously close to a little fire near his dumpsters, he can't help but be excited to see the woman who's been on his mind for so long. And when she happens along when his borrowed car dies, she's his reluctant angel, and brings him along with her on his roundabout road trip to Atlanta, where his team is playing their hurling match.

Along the way, they visit some funny, strange sights (a giant potty chair, a castle, etc.), and they open up to each other and find that their views of their one night together are vastly different. Their natural chemistry is what propels this story along at a nice pace, and their sex scenes were hot and sweet. I liked Risking It just as much, if not more, than Earning It, because Aiden and Jane are so adorably perfect together. His playboy rep was certainly earned in the past, but his POV reveals what a sweet guy he really is. And Jane, wow, she was definitely the stereotypical introvert, but also much, much more. Two more sweeter people and couldn't be more perfect for each other. I'm hoping there's more to come from this series, because so far it's sweet, funny and sexy.
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Have to say was pleasantly surprised by this book. It was a little slow in the beginning but by the mid way mark I was hooked and couldn’t put it down.
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My Review:
ROAD TRIP...gah, I do love this trope (are there even enough of them to be considered a trope? If not, we need to remedy that, because books like this are awesome...think When Harry Met Sally...)

So, anyway...this story. Jane and Aiden had a single night together that affected them both equally but for different reasons. As a result, they are both trying to get over the other one (there's a lot of assumptions and miscommunications from that night that have to be sorted). But somehow in a crazy set of circumstances, they end up on a road trip together...and discover that they really do like one another. That chemistry that first night didn't lie.

I really, really enjoyed this one. Those first few scenes in the book were epically funny and definitely set the feel for an enjoyable book. Both of these characters have deep emotional scars when it comes to relationships that aren't obvious when they first show up on the page. So it was fun to get to see those come to light and how they each worked through them. 

Personally, I adored Aiden...he so deserves an HEA and totally made the book, but I also really loved Jane. As a librarian who'd rather read for her vacation than do stuff, I could definitely relate to her. 

It was just a fun, entertaining book. I definitely recommend it. I'm thoroughly enjoying this series.  
I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.
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I was a bit lost by the first few chapters in this book, it didn't have a flow that made sense. But as the book went on it seemed to make more sense and we got a more complete picture of these two characters. So, stick with this book, it will be worth it in the end. Really funny situations and settings in this story. The conversations between them is so fun and then when he starts to pick up on some of her nuances it is really sweet. There are many layers to each of these main characters and to see how they each uncover these layers is a most enjoyable ride. One thing we don't hear more about is his bar towards the end, what was going on with the money being deposited and the liquor license thing... Starts off odd and slow but it really does get better.
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What a fun, sweet and steamy read!  This author was new to me when I read the first book in this series and I was pleasantly surprised with the writing, the storyline, the development of the characters and how much I absolutely loved it!  Well, this second book in this series is just as good if not better!  The supporting characters are well written which adds to the overall enjoyment of the storyline.  Aiden and Jane were very easy to relate to -- they're the kind of characters that you want as friends in your life.  And I have to say I'm finding the sport of hurling really interesting!  And the places they visited during their road trip -- so unique!  Loved this book-can't wait for Conor's!
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I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book
This is my first time reading a book by Angela Quartes and OMG it was
wonderful, I LOVED Aiden and Jane's story. What starts out with a night
of wonderful chemistry and connection turns into a huge misunderstanding.
Both Jane and Aiden are confused, Aiden cannot forget her, He cant sleep
he cant hookup with another woman, He cannot get this girl out of his head for
weeks now. And all they did was sleep together, Literately.
Jane is an introvert, she works at a library and would rather spend time with books
then people, she finally gives in and goes out with her BFF and goes home with
a HUNK of a man. Aiden, hoping for a wild night of sex (something she does not do)
all they do is watch movies together then fall asleep on the sofa. Why didnt this man
want her. It really messes with her self esteem, although she does not have much left
because of her ex.
I have to say that the sex scenes in this book were some of the best I have read in a while
Yes they were HOT HOT HOT but the emotions and banter between Aiden and Jane
truly made it feel "real" This book was just wonderful and I would HIGHLY recommend it
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This book wasn't for me, but I'm sure fans of Ms. Quarles will like it.
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June is a shy, intelligent, well-read librarian. She meets Aidan at a bar (his) and they hit it off. Aidan is a man whore. When June finds this out, she takes off. June has self-esteem issues related to a past relationship and Aidan has insecurities and doubts from his past relationship. 

In an attempt to get over her attraction to Aidan, her best friend maps out a “quest” for her, with interesting stops along the way. Only, before she can take off, Aidan appears in front of her, needing a ride in the direction she’s going. Next thing she knows, they are off on a road trip.

The unique stops along the way provide some smiles and interesting conversation. For a short story, it seemed to drag in spots. And the reasons for their issues were brought up repeatedly. 

Some steamy scenes but I didn’t really feel their connection. Communicating would have resolved everything. Overall a quick, easy read but not particularly memorable. This is the second in the series but my first. Easily read as a standalone. 

I voluntarily reviewed an ARC provided by NetGalley and the publisher.
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As the second book in the Stolen Moments series, I did not expect this book to live up to the standards of the first one.  But it was just as real, sexy and fun as the original!

This book was even more realistic, at least to me, in that the female protagonist is a librarian and all-around book nerd.  The male protagonist is a bar owner, as well as a member of the hurling team that we originally met in the first book of the series, Earning It (featuring Luke & Pepper).  In fact, the start of Jane and Aiden’s adventure is mentioned there, which makes it all the more fun to see their story develop.

The characters were very down-to-earth and believable, uncertain about themselves and their burgeoning relationship, yet willing to take a chance – a little at a time – on love and happiness.  The sex scenes were definitely spicy, without being too extreme.  The verbal and intellectual connections between the two of them was fascinating and fun to watch, and their internal dialogues were priceless. 

Again, the story is told in dual viewpoint, alternating between Jane & Aiden.  I’m not a huge fan of this perspective, but it worked out well here.  The characters were very distinctive, especially due to the excessive amount of swear words used by Aiden, compared to their more moderate use by Jane.

Although the backdrop of this tale and the series in general is the interactions of members of a hurling team, there were not excessive sections devoted to actual game play of the sport, really even less than in the first volume.  Which was a relief to me since I’m not a big sports fan in general.

This is absolutely a book that I recommend!  And I can’t wait to read additional volumes in the series!  It was quite fun to see other characters from the prior book make appearances in this story, and I look forward to seeing these characters again in future tomes.
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This is book two in the series and was just as exciting, funny and romantic as the first, lots of action to keep you entertained, 

I received an ARC from Netgalley and voluntarily leave my own honest opinion
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WOW!  I love a great romantic comedy, and this fabulous book certainly fit that category!
Jane has a “thing” for Aiden, and has for a while.  Then that night happened, the night they were going to finally…. they fell asleep watching TV.  Jane realizes, Aiden is never going to feel for her, the way she feels for him.  Her friend forces her to take a road trip, visiting places that will make her get over Aiden.  Starting at his bar, where she will burn…….  Stop, no spoilers.  But, how is she supposed to get over Aiden, when he sweet talks her into giving him a ride.
I LOVED watching Jane and Aiden fall for each other.  Stop, by stop during their journey, they both realize that what they thought about what happened that night, may not be what actually happened.
Risking It, is the second book in Ms. Quarles Stolen Moments series.  Each book can be read as a stand-a-lone. 
I really enjoyed reading this book.  It kept me hooked until the very last word.  Thank heavens for vacations, because I could not put it down.
I was gifted with a copy of this wonderful book by the publisher, via NetGalley for my honest review.   In my opinion, if you like a good rom/com, this book is definitely for you.
Thank you for reading my review.
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This was a cute story, I did not know that it was a second part of a series, not that I anything in story indicated that this was the second, however as  I received the ARC it indicated second in series. I plan on reading the first book, because I did enjoy this Author.  So we meet Jane, who is a shy librarian, and unfortunately had met Aiden in a party and he is opposite to her, he is outgoing and a man-whore. Jane was attracted to Aiden and thought they were getting along pretty well, but then when he did not try to initiate sex, felt that she lacked something due to past experiences and was mortified after finding out he was such a player. It is time to forget about him once and for all, and on the insistence from her bestie, goes on a road-trip, but things really got derailed.  Aiden was confused as to why Jane had given him the cold shoulder and he was going to forget about her, but when he misses his plan, guess who he ends up with.  I enjoyed that they got to know each other and fix the misconceptions..  Can't wait til the next one, it has to be Claire's...
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Risking It by Angela Quarles is book Two in the "Stolen Moments" series.  This is the story of Jane and Aiden.  I have read the previous book but this is easily a standalone book if you choose to do so. Jane is the bookish nerd type while Aiden is the jock type who doesn't commit.  When Jane set to head to Atlanta to clear her mind of Aiden fate interrupts it seems to have Aiden in need of a ride.  So Jane has to accept him as a passenger where they start to learn more about the other person and have some funny times along the way.  
This was a quick read that was so enjoyable...loved seeing these two come together.
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Cute quick read.  I was pleasantly surprised by this book, and the characters in it.  Although it was fairly short, and the trope is certainly not new, the story felt original because the characters were interesting and better developed than a lot of the shorter romance novels I have read. A fun, sexy, and entertaining read that I would definitely recommend.
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Cringeworthy moments, interesting locations, funny dialogues, incredible chemistry and epic sex! 
Angela Quarles made Aiden and Jane characters beguiling and endearing. 
Five stars.
I received an eGalley arc from the publisher. This is my honest review.
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