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Risking It, A Romantic Comedy, Angela Quarles

Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews

Genre:  Romance

I liked the sound of this but...though it wasn't a bad read there wasn't that magic spark that keeps me glued to the story. 
Its well paced, original story-line but i just didn't feel the magic, didn't feel the sizzle between the characters, and there wasn't have the tension I need in a romance, the conflict, the angst and agony. 
Even when they weren't getting along it was all so muted, and the whole reasons of misunderstanding felt OK at first, but got put forward so many times ( or so it seemed), that I wanted to say to them both Get over yourselves. 
It did seem on both sides to be a real storm in a teacup theme, making so much out of what was a simple misunderstanding. 

There are some steamy encounters between the two, and the premise of the road trip was fun and brought a few interesting moments, but for me its a read and forget book.
As ever though this is just my opinion, what I want in a story doesn't reflect on what you want, so read a few more reviews and make up your own mind. 
If you share a taste in reading with me you may feel the same, but if not this could be your perfect read. 
Stars: Three, an OK read but lacked drama and feeling for me.

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4.5 - "You're a talker, aren't you..?" Stars!

Risking It is the second book in Angela Quarles Stolen Moments series, I haven’t read its predecessor, and it can absolutely be read as a standalone.


And what a treat my first read by this author was, I read Risking It in one sitting, which wasn’t a massive struggle because it was a short read, but it grabbed me from the beginning and I just couldn’t put Jane and Aiden’s book down.

This is a fun interlude with a player. Nothing more…

Road-Trip, that trope in itself is usually a pre-cursor to a good story-line, but Jane and Aiden have past form, in that they spent one night together in the week previous, but rather than getting their naked on, they spent the night watching films and cuddling up. Something, which although not his usual night time endeavour with a woman, leaves Aiden thinking that maybe there is life outside of casual hook-ups. Only problem being Jane pretty much cuts him off at the nuts the following morning and he is none the wiser as to why.

I’m not the outgoing va-va-voom type.

A comedy of errors and mishaps, eventually leads this couple to sharing a car on a road trip to Atlanta, and stopping at some pretty weird and wonderful sights on the way, as they travel you learn more about the both of them (great dual POV), and also Jane’s reasons why for not giving Aiden the time of day the morning after their film fest.

He’s so gorgeous but also so vulnerable, and I don’t know what to do with that…

This point for me was the only weak part of the story to be honest, considering Jane is a grown woman and not an inexperienced college student, but by the time it came to light I was so invested in seeing how things turned out between them I let it slide, it didn’t hurt that Aiden was an absolute sweetheart either!

I’m going to have a hard time letting him go. But I have to… This is just a fling.

I cannot wait for more from this series, I will definitely be looking to read the first book Earning It at some point, as well. This is an author I will certainly be looking to read a lot more from in the future.

"We’re going to have a lot of adventures together…"

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“Risking It’ is the sequel to “Earning It” and the second installment in the Stolen Moments series by Angela Quarles. So far, the series focuses on two members of an Irish Hurling team based in Sarasota, FL. And, while it could work as a standalone story, I strongly recommend reading them in order since the same people and events are referenced in both works and they go in chronological order. I found the series because I seriously adore Angela Quarles and am always eager to read her latest books. So, imagine my delight when I received an advanced reader copy in exchange for an honest review – THANK YOU! I can honestly say I flippin loved it!

This story focuses on Aiden and Jane. They had a one-night stand during the events of “Earning It” and are still feeling the repercussions when this story begins a few weeks later. So much so, that they’re each trying to work the other one out of their systems and move on, but fate has another plan. (Doesn’t it always!?!) They end up taking a road trip through Florida, punctuated by visits to roadside attractions that range from the wacky to the bizarre. All while coming to terms with their attraction. And, oh, how they come to terms.

I particularly enjoyed how they came to terms at the gazebo of confessions. That entire scene was spot on, for me. It really showcases how this story, and really Aiden and Jane themselves, have a joy and humor that were just FUN for the reader. They are constantly playing the good kind of games, making jokes, having word play, and making literary references that I enjoyed more than I probably should. Which, again, means Angela Quarles gets a giant hat tip for her writing style. She has a unique voice that I just adore. Considering the long-novella-esque length, I felt that the reader gets a lot of character development for Aiden and Jane, as well as the secondary characters. We really learned what made them tick, with lots of introspection and thinking about their feelings for the other person. So, the reader was shown by their actions AND told by their introspection what they felt for each other. Meaning that by the end, you are really rooting for them to find their Happily Ever After.

The story also heavily features the sport Irish Hurling and, after watching a few youtube videos, I am a huge fan. It is a mash up of field hockey, lacrosse, volleyball, rugby and pretty much every other contact sport you can think of. This sport, much like Angela Quarles writing style, is guaranteed to take you on a fun adventure. So, go give this series, and this book in particular, a read. You’re going to love it!

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Risking It is the second delightful romantic comedy in the Stolen Moments series written by author Angela Quarles. I really liked this couple. Thanks to NetGalley and Season Publishing for the advance copy.

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What starts as a mix-message- misunderstood one night stand leads Jane's quirky friend to outline a road trip for Jane which becomes high jacked by said misunderstood one night stand named Aiden. Jane and Aiden had a cute chemistry that they hid well as they quietly shared similar interests. Aiden can't exactly come out and say how he truly feels, thinks or his vast knowledge of the same classics that librarian Jane love without losing his man card- he thinks. Their road trip was very interesting as the sites they came across not only get the two of them completely entranced with their surroundings but also captured my interest to possibly visit this sites as well.

Aiden sees something with Jane if only he can convince her he is more than a playboy. Jane wants to enjoy a few hours of passion with a playboy but just can't separate her emotions for her sex drive. These two working it out is sexy and fun. Great read.

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Risking It was a good read. I enjoyed the main and side characters; Claire was definitely a trip. Jane is trying to get over the "turd" better known as Aiden and as much as she wants to forget him, she can't deny the sexual attraction. Aiden is in need of something and Jane is the perfect person to help him. Spending together and miles of roads ahead of them, what can go wrong? There were some funny parts in the story and there were parts I found to be slow at times but overall, it was a good read with a sweet ending.

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I really loved being in Aiden's mind, "...we’re a bit behind schedule now, what with the car trouble and the hot-as-eff *** at the gardens, so we picked up a late lunch in a drive-thru." Jane was seriously adorable, "she smiles and rubs my chest. “Of course I am. Miss a chance to see you run around on a field, doing…whatever sport you do, and getting all sweaty?” I really liked this book, it was a fun read.

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