River Queen Rose

Pub Date   |   Archive Date 05 Jan 2018

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River Queen Rose is a historical tale about a woman, Rose Peterson, whose husband, Emmet, left his family behind to find his fortune in the Gold Rush. He finally achieved enough wealth and has asked his family to join him. Rose travels with their young daughter and in laws to meet Emmet. When they arrive at his farm, they learn he has died in a duel that he supposedly caused. Rose has always lived in the shadows of her in laws. She married her husband but there was no true love between them. He left behind a hotel that is well built but caters to the miners in the community. Rose finds out that she is the one who has inherited the hotel. It is expected she will sign it over to her in...

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This is the story of Rose and Deke. It is a very sweet story with a very slow pace. I found Rose too passive and almost submissive to her in laws. She did found her voice after a few chapter but I was already lost. I like a bit of steam in my books and it was lacking in here. If you like your books with no steam, then this is the book for you. This was my first book from this author and I was not very sold on the story.
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