River Queen Rose

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After a long journey Rose is about to be reunited with her husband. Emmet was never her great love, but Rose needed the security of marriage and a family. Emmet traveled to Sacramento and bought the River Queen Hotel, a den of inequity, a shady hotel that's the place to be for gamblers, drunks and prostitutes. Because of the gold rush there are plenty of customers and there's a lot of money to be made. However, just before Rose's arrival Emmet unexpectedly dies. Because of new laws Rose inherits everything he's left behind. She has to fight her in-laws for it, but Rose is determined to run the hotel and turn it into a respectable and successful place.

Rose stumbles upon all kinds of trouble. Hardly anybody expects a woman to run a business by herself. She has employees she can't trust and there are people who are living in her building she can't just throw out. She's determined to overcome each obstacle though. With a little help from new friends and employees she has to build a reputation. Will Rose be able to pull it off and will her hotel indeed become the fine and well loved establishment she envisions?

River Queen Rose is a wonderful story. I was immediately captivated by Rose. She's strong, capable and smart. She knows what she wants and isn't afraid to speak her mind. This sometimes leads to trouble, but eventually it gets her far. I greatly admired how she listens to her heart, is gentle, kind and caring and fights for what she believes in. She's a truly magnificent main character and I loved every single page of her story. I read it in one sitting and couldn't put it down.

Shirley Kennedy has a fabulous enchanting writing style. I really enjoyed reading about Rose's adventures. Every day brings something new and Shirley Kennedy's vivid descriptions are making the story come to life incredibly well. I liked that River Queen Rose is a book about love, family, business and friendship. It's versatile and multilayered. Rose has many battles to fight and she doesn't back down. She's an amazing fierce woman who deserves love and happiness in her future. Finding out if she'd get it kept me on the edge of my seat. I absolutely adored River Queen Rose, it's a brilliant mesmerizing story.
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This is an interesting read. Rose is a woman who finds out how strong she really is, and she is such an innocent that she is endearing. Deke is a man with secrets but very much a gentleman. I loved their interactions, and I loved the setting. The story includes some dark moments but I feel that it had to their journey.

I received a copy of this story through Netgalley, and this is my unsolicited review.
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It wasn't easy to be a widow in 1845 Sacramento.  Rose's husband is killed in a duel just before she arrives after a long journey and she finds herself in possession of a hotel. She makes her own way and her own decisions, despite the judgmental attitudes of her in-laws.  There's a little romance, including one with eek - Mason who killed her husband Emmet- and with Deke, an Australian.  Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC.  This is good historical fiction and a fast entertaining read.  The title indicates this is the first book in a series; I'm looking forward to spending more time with these characters.
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The family is on a wagon train, almost done with their very long trip. They find Emmet Peterson's farm, and pull in. Emmet has been killed. His wife (Rose), is having a hard time, as is the rest of the family. Deke Fleming is the hired man from Austraila.
What a read, the emotions, the fear, so much pain. But there were some humorous moments. Rose had to stand up to her in-laws, they didn't want her to do anything but womens work. But she had inherited a gambling, eating and brothel. She knew she could do it..The characters were amazing, they showed the emotions and everyone seemed so life like.. The dialogue made sense and matched what we might have said under the same circumstances. There were so twists in the plot, The author did a wonderful job of keeping things straight and had a well written and interesting story. It is easy to read and any questions you may have had are answered. I loved the story, it had so much going for it.
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River Queen Rose is a historical tale about a woman, Rose Peterson, whose husband, Emmet, left his family behind to find his fortune in the Gold Rush. He finally achieved enough wealth and has asked his family to join him. Rose travels with their young daughter and in laws to meet Emmet. When they arrive at his farm, they learn he has died in a duel that he supposedly caused. 

Rose has always lived in the shadows of her in laws. She married her husband but there was no true love between them. He left behind a hotel that is well built but caters to the miners in the community. Rose finds out that she is the one who has inherited the hotel. It is expected she will sign it over to her in laws so that they may sell it. But Rose decides to follow her dreams and keep the hotel and turn it around. 

Deke Fleming was the hired hand at Emmet's farm. He is an Australian man who came to seek his fortune in the Gold Rush. He was in an accident traveling and broke his leg. When Rose meets him, his leg is in a cast. She finds him refreshing and easy to talk to. Deke is eager to get his cast off so he can show Rose he is not just a crippled man. He offers her friendship and support but he is developing feelings for her. She is also developing feelings for Deke but a successful business man is attempting to court her. He is the man who was involved in the duel the killed Emmet. When Rose decides to reject the advances of this man and his offers to purchase her hotel, the danger becomes real.
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This is the story of Rose and Deke. It is a very sweet story with a very slow pace. I found Rose too passive and almost submissive to her in laws. She did found her voice after a few chapter but I was already lost. I like a bit of steam in my books and it was lacking in here. If you like your books with no steam, then this is the book for you. This was my first book from this author and I was not very sold on the story.
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