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This was a great read that I enjoyed reading immensely.  I know for sure that I will have to go back to read the first three books in this series.  I have to see how the other Sauveterre's found love.  Well for Trella her life is about to change and love is going to enter her life if only she allows it.  Then there is Prince Xavier a man that has not ever dealt with love whether it was by a parent, grandparent or a girlfriend.  He doesn't show any emotion at all but things will change the moment that he meet Trella.  Their lives will never be the same he will finally know what it is to love someone and to show that love.  Trella is going to have to learn how to work through her panic attacks after she was kidnapped.  They are both going to grow together and, in that closeness, they are to going show each other that love does exist between them but they will both resist.   
I totally recommend this read!! 
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I was rather surprised that this was a Harlequin Presents book as it dealt with sexual assault and its aftermath. Unfortunately the male and female characters just never seem to connect. And unfortunately the male character was loathsome for about 95% of the book.
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Heart-wrenchingly satisfying! It's the book we've been waiting for throughout the entire Sauveterre Siblings series ... Trella's story! We knew she suffered a tremendous trauma at such a young age, but we didn't know all of the details, nor had we felt it through the heart of the person it had happened to. Dani Collins did not disappoint! We felt Trella's pain and panic from her past, we understood the hesitancy she had in taking any step forward and we hoped with every breath that she would finally get a fulfilling happily ever after!

When reclusive heiress Trella Sauveterre stepped out under the ruse of being her twin sister, she never expected to be swept off her feet at a party by a sexy stranger ... but she can't deny that it was the best night of her life! Back to hiding away, she is shocked to find herself pregnant ... and clueless of how to handle it, so she simply tries to bury her head in the sand and deny it with all she's worth.

Crown Prince of Elazar, Xavier Deunoro can't believe it when it hits the headlines that Trella is pregnant and he's the father. He didn't even know it was her he was with that night, and he hasn't heard a word from her ... obviously the child can't be his! If only he could get her to take his calls to get to the bottom of it ... he'll just have to take matters into his own hands and find out once and for all ... even if he has to kidnap her to do it!
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This was a short read but was such an enjoyable read. The story brought a lot of emotions up in me with the story of the main female character Trella's past, I had tears in my eyes from the pain she endured as a child and the pain she carries around with her. I was cheering her on throughout the story and hoping that she would get a happy ending. I really enjoyed Xavier and felt for him for the way he lived his life without any loved. This was a sweet and hot short read.
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This book was ok.
I liked the story even but it felt a little familiar for some reason.
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Veena's review of Prince's Son Of Scandal (The Sauveterre Siblings) by Dani Collins
Contemporary Romance published by Harlequinn Presents 01 Jan 2018 
This is a delightful escape from the day to day humdrum. In a difficult year where I've struggled with enjoying books and stories it hits the right spot and reminds me why I adore reading romantic fiction. 
Trella Sauveterre was kidnapped as a young girl and subjected to unspeakable abuse from her kidnappers. While she is now an astute business woman she leads a reclusive life licking her wounds in private. As her siblings fall in love and find their happily ever after, she braves the outside world and attends a charity ball pretending to be her more outgoing twin.  Her one night with thee handsome crown prince Xavier of Elazar has consequences.
The last thing an engaged Xavier needs is the complication of a child by another woman. A child by the way who will be heir to the throne of Elazar with a mother who still haunts his dreams. For Trella this child is a miracle that she never thought possible.  Watch out for the fireworks as Trella's maternal love faces off against Xavier's business arrangement.
The Sauveterre family is delightful for all their uber wealth.  Trella of course has had the hardest road of all the siblings even as she's loved and protected by all of them.  I admired her character especially the wedding day and the night when she deals with her anxiety on her own so she can be a better mother.
Thank you Ms. Collins for restoring my faith in the power of a good contemporary romance.
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If you want to feel while reading this book is for you. Dani Collins knows just how to tug those heart strings and feel what her characters are going through, and boy has Trella been through a lot.
She was kidnapped as a kid, which coupled with the trials and bullying often associated with youth, the media’s endless fascination with her family and the amazing success of her clothing design business has caused a few panic attacks over the years.
But, Trella’s trying to overcome all that. Little by little. She’s grown her hair out and worked to make herself once again look just like her twin, and is making small excursions in public as Angelique.
She’s so successful that for the first time in years, she’s attracted to and draws the attention of a hunky prince. When things quickly heat up, she allows herself some one amazing night with him.
Xavier had promised himself one last night of fun before he officially becomes engaged. The match will be a good political alliance to the future king. But, he can’t forget the woman he meets at a charity event. He’s not sure what she’s done to him but he’s compelled to contact her again.
Too bad she doesn’t remember him. Or acts like it. In fact, the genuine woman now seems to have played the game as well as he, since she has another man. 
She seems a stranger, but he can’t let go completely, and keeps trying to talk to her.
Trella in the meantime has found out she’s pregnant, something she was lead to believe could never happen thanks to her past trauma. She’s excited but scared to death of miscarriage. So, when her prince tries to reach her, she dodges. Why cause a panic if she loses the baby? Besides, he thought she was her sister that night.
Despite her fabulous clothing design, at 6 months it’s hard to hide a baby bump. And Xavier’s grandmother the queen insists he find out if that kid is his, after all Angelique’s future MIL had now told the world Trella impersonated Angelique that night.
Xavier won’t let her refuse, determined to get a blood test and to talk to her. He snatches her as she trues to leave a public place. Of course, Trella is determined not to be a kidnap victim again, fights back, thinks fast and almost escapes.
In the end Xavier stops her, triggering a panic attack. Once he’s sure the baby is his, he devises a plan to claim the kid: marry Trella for as ling as she’s pregnant or til the end of the year, whichever occurs first. Then, go ahead with his plan ti marry the other woman.
The heat between Trella and Xavier could still consume a small country, however. And Trella’s never forgotten the prince from the event, but he doesn’t believe in any kind of love, only duty. Can she break through his frozen heart? Can a child?
The months following are emotionally charge, fabulous, heartbreaking and difficult to say the least. 
Collins makes you experience every second of it with this unlikely pair. Be sure to grab a box of tissues a d get ready for a rollercoaster of emotional ride as this pair sail uncharted waters. Hang on to the end. The destination is worth it.
Thanks Dani Collins for a Netgalley ARC. Honestly easy to recommend this awesome read.
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A stunning conclusion to a fantastically dramatic and emotional series about the four siblings. 

Finally we have Trella's story which was the perfect way to end the series because the three other books were all based around her kidnapping and the wide effects it had on her siblings lives and loves.

I loved the plot, the characters and the tieing up of any questions I may have thought of while reading the other three books.  I liked that Trella was going against the odds and trying to step outside of her comfort zone.  I lived how this was all looked at and dealt with.  I liked the Prince and that he finally stood up for himself with his Grandma.  

A wonderful wonderful book by one of my favorite authors, highly recommended for all!
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5 stars for Dani Collins' "Prince's Son of Scandal"

This is the fourth and final book in Collins' series about the Sauveterre siblings but it can be read as a stand-one novel.

Trella Sauveterre and Crown Prince of Elazar, Xavier Deunoro are both strong, high achievers but their emotional scars (and in Trella's case, mental ones too) make it tough for them to find love.

In Xavier's case, he wasn't even trying to find love.

But an undeniable connection at their first meeting leads to truly unexpected consequences 😊

I'm not ashamed to say I shed a few tears. Trella was kidnapped as a child and what she went through, how it still impacts her life today, are powerful, emotional, moments in this book.

Xavier grew a lot emotionally as his relationship with Trella develops. This too was moving.

These two do get their HEA but it's a bumpy road.

You'll root for Trella and Xavier to get there and smile when they finally do.
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Having read all previous books in this series, I was very much looking forward to Trella's story as she was a character that showed up in all the other books. Her story did not disappoint. Trella was an amazing character. She was kidnapped when she was young and her brothers and sister are very protective of her. In an effort to forget for a while and get past it, she trades one abductor for another when she becomes pregnant with Xavier's child. 

There were times I didn't like Xavier but he grew on me and I liked their HEA...  I think I enjoyed this one the most from all the other sibling's stories.....
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This one was okay. I really liked Trella but Xavier was a jerk.
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This is Trella and Xavier’s story. Trella pretends to be her sister. She has a one night stand with Xavier who is a prince. She becomes pregnant. She was kidnapped and sexually abused as a child.  They have to marry to legitimize the baby.  They plan on divorcing after the baby’s birth. Feelings get in the way. I read the book in one sitting.  I can’t wait to read the other books in the series.
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With a Cinderella feel, Prince’s Son of Scandal is what it says on the tin. 

“Affair, pregnancy, marriage.”

In terms of my thoughts, I’m somewhat on the fence. On one hand Dani Collins did enough to keep me reading and it was by no means a struggle which is testament to her skill. However, on the other I felt little connection to the characters: granted there were moments when I felt for Trella, but Xavier I struggled with as he was just too cold and distanced for too long which impacted their chemistry. 

“Our situation is difficult, but hating each other won’t make it easier.”

Don’t let me deter you, I admit I can be difficult to please with the royalty trope, so what hasn’t worked for me may for you so definitely worth checking out for yourself.
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This last book in the series is just perfect.  I'm glad she left Trella's story until the end, it rounds all the stories up. All of Dani Collins books are my among my favorites. Now that winter is near I wish I had them all to stay in on a snowy day and read for the first time.
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I really enjoyed this story, it was very well written and the story had nice flow. Trella was beautiful and a broken young woman. I don't usually like reality mixed in with my romance but this was very well done. She meets her prince Xavier and he's handsome, sexy and it was going to be one night of freedom for both but a dose of reality hits. Xavier turns from hot and wonderful to cold and dutiful. She was going to have a baby, a future monarch who would be in the limelight, something she hated. I couldn't put this book down, I gave five stars and recommend it highly
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Xavier is very protective of what's his, “I’m locking us in. Leave sandwiches in my lounge. If I need anything else, I’ll text. No one comes in here. No one.” I liked this book, Xavier was a hardheaded man.
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