Faith & the Future Force

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Oh goodness, I love Faith and am glad I was able to get a galley of this. It's been a while since I've read this, but I remember love the art and story a lot.
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Not a big fan of the overweight heroine of Faith and I was hoping that reading this would redeem her in my eyes. But sadly this just wasn't for me. I felt that the story tried too hard to try and relate to nerd culture with the Dr. Who jokes about time and the Dalek like villain. It seemed not very original and kinda bad in my opinion.
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I received an electronic ARC of this book from Netgalley in return for an honest review. This book is a lot fun. The light tone of the story balances the reality-ending nature of the threat. Neela Sethi, the Time Walker recruits Faith to save reality. It doesn't work out so well. That's where time walking comes in handy. Neela recruits Faith several times. Faith recruits more and more of the Valiant universe heroes. If I have it figured out, she eventually gets the ALL involved. The end was unexpected, but I found it satisfying. I liked all the nerdy references that Faith drops, and she is just so darn sweet, upbeat, and optimistic that I cannot help but like her.
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I was very excited for Faith and the Future Force, it seemed it was going to be this wonderful team up and the best adventure ever. As Faith said, "I've been preparing my whole life for this moment." Like other Faith's instances, the story is full of geek jokes and Doctor Who references.

There are many characters that I am not very familiar with. That wasn't a problem, I don't need a backstory for every character that exists in this universe. However, the story jumped so quickly from one scene to the other that I didn't feel like they were really a team. 

I am not a fan of time travel stories, especially the ones where characters are trapped in a loop and they repeat and repeat the same scene for the whole plot. I get bored very easily and lose interested in the story. And that it did happen with Faith and the Future Force. It is not necessary the comic's fault, but it could have been better. I am kinda disappointed how it wasted the opportunity to develop more the concept of time travel; It sounded fascinating. 

Anyway, I like this series because it is fun and hopeful, and there are always very diverse characters. Although I don't think it is the best of the best, it can, and hopefully will get better. So I am here for more Faith's adventures, please.
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A disappointing comic from Diamond Book Publishers. The story seems inconsistent, the artwork seems more like something from Casper the Friendly Ghost.  The comic was disappointing to this sexagenarian. 

A group of superheroes “adopts” Faith to fight super evil beings. They work together to fight an enemy across time and space that looks more like a three-prong power outlet than like any kind of super-villain. The story did not hold my attention – Twice I put it down and took up more traditional books before again being disappointed in the story. 

The comic consists of a four-part story that was originally published six months earlier – but coming six months later, did not improve the story.  I normally enjoy comics; I did not enjoy this one.
This review is based on a free electronic copy provided by the publisher for the purpose of creating this review. The opinions are mine alone.
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Faith teams up with the Timewalker to stop a walking cable modem (at least that's what it looks like to me) whose trying to destroy all of human history.  It follows some of the format of Timewalker where they take multiple stabs at getting something correct by looping through time.  Since it is Faith dealing with time travel expect lots of Doctor Who jokes.
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The illustrations in this was such a high quality, beautifully drawn, and very detailed. The storyline was also very engaging and enjoyable to read.
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'Faith and Future Force' by Jody Houser with art by Stephen Segovia, Barry Kitson, and Diego Bernard is a team up book with Faith and a lot of the Valiant universe.  It's not bad, but it's not very memorable either.

Faith is minding her own business at her day job trying to stay incognito when she is approached by a timewalker.  This immediately is an opportunity for Doctor Who jokes and other nerdy time travel humor.

There is something threatening the Earth and the timewalkers are sure Faith can stop it.  That is until she can't.  And things get larger and larger after that in an attempt to control the threat until it's finally brought down by a pretty unlikely character.

I don't really get the hype of this character.  I can understand the appeal of this type of character, but the character lacks something that makes me think leading character.  Her interactions are fun and light, but with her kind of power, the book lacks a certain importance.  The art is very good in this title, and the time jumping was fun, and then it was over.

I received a review copy of this graphic novel from Valiant Entertainment, Diamond Bood Distributors, and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you for allowing me to review this graphic novel.
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an interesting concept, but not enough plot for so many issues. It could have easily been two or three instead of an entire volume. The last issue was my favourite by far. It continued the quirk that is Faith, but it was literally overly repetitive. I wish there was just more about all the other characters (dino woman!!!!!!!!!)
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This is the first work in the Faith series that I have read. I knew a little about Faith before reading and only learned bits and pieces about other characters and the universe from this work. In this story, Faith joins a timewalker Neela Sethi and her partner Ank to save the world. The story is a repetitive because of how they are dealing with time, which gets a little tedious. Three stars because it was interesting, there are Doctor Who references and I like that three females are working together to save the world.
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Faith is the super hero that we all need. She sets the example that you don't need to be skinny to be a great superhero to all mankind. Although she had help in this edition I prefer the graphic novels with her the star superhero.
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3.5 stars I loved Faith (volumes 1 so far for me) and so I jumped at the chance to review this for NetGalley. This has the same vibrant humor and introspection that I enjoy so much from the regular series, but it's a poor place to start for those who are new to the characters. Without getting too deep into it, fans will enjoy this more than newcomers who I think should start with Vol. 1.
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i will honestly like anything that features Faith because I've never gotten to see someone who looks like me, get to be a superhero.
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This four-part series involves evil robots, time travel (with plenty of Doctor Who references, of course), heroics and virtually every major Valiant character past and present. We’re talking Bloodshot, Ninjak, Quantum, Woody and so many more. The might of all of these heroes is needed to help defeat a robot from the future that is dismantling reality. A passing familiarity with Valiant characters is helpful, but not entirely necessary to enjoy the story.

Writer Jody Houser (Star Wars: Rogue One), artist Stephen Segovia (Ninjak) and the legendary Barry Kitson (Fantastic Four) have created an enjoyable adventure where “getting the band together” makes sense. There is a touch of Groundhog Day to how the story is told, but it adds an interesting, slight twist element to it that makes the reader think about what’s really going on and how everything is going to be resolved. And once you get past the twisty-ness of the first issue, the approach to time travel is actually pretty straightforward (not “timey whimey” at all). Plus, at only four issues, it’s a quick read, but one with a bit of substance.
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Interesting premise, and intriguing resolution. But all of the back-and-forth between time periods and realities got rather confusing and real old fast. All the extra super heroes that weren't needed tended to just blend into each other in the background, making it hard to even differentiate who they were. Although in the end it was Faith who saved the day anyway.
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I got a copy of this volume from Netgalley and was absolutely delighted. I love Faith and have been itching to read more of her adventures for a while now.

At the start of the book, Faith is in disguise as journalist Summer Smith when she is recruited by timewalker Neela Sethi and her partner Ank to save the world. A robot of some kind has managed to warp events in history so that significant moments have been changed, leading to the eventual destruction of humankind.

The events in each issue give the characters, and readers, more information about the villains and how they can be stopped.

I'm not sure where this book falls in the Faith continuity but it doesn't really affect your reading of the story; you kind of get swept along with it. You also don't really need to know everything about every character - they have a job to do and they do it. We don't need their colourful backstories to see them in action.

The art is gorgeous and heavily detailed, no matter which era the characters find themselves in or how many characters populate the page. The colours are so vivid and each character is given a distinct personality through the art. It puts Marvel and DC to shame when you see comics like these where all the women are drawn differently.

[SPOILER ALERT] I would have liked Faith to have been able to get more into the action in the last issue. She, Neela and Ank are bystanders in the end, which was really disappointing. A comic book with so many female characters and a dude has to save the day? There must have been some other way for the story to have gone and I felt it did a disservice to the characters by including someone who had only been mentioned in passing up until then. [END SPOILER]

I enjoyed reading this and loved being able to see Faith again. She's so peppy and optimistic, and I adore all the geek references she keeps making, no matter how much Neela wishes she wouldn't. This book is enjoyable but has its flaws, chief among them not giving the main characters the chance to complete the story to their satisfaction.
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I love a good time loop story, and this was certainly a good one! I also love how much of a fangirl Faith herself is (all the Doctor Who comments just take the story up a level for me).
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I really like Faith and most of the Valiant comics in general. This one didn't really work for me though because it felt kind of rushed. It does include some of the humor and references that I would expect from the featured characters though.

The main plotline in this book is that there is a killer robot from an alternate timeline that wants to destroy the Valiant universe. Neela, who was introduced in the Ivar, Timewalker series, reaches out to Faith for help in stopping the robot. This mixture works well because they are both kind of sci-fi nerds, one by choice and one by circumstance. There isn't a ton of characterization, which is what I tend to respond to in books.

The plot on this one felt more like a traditional superhero comic book than I'm used to getting from Valiant. Although the idea of a malicious robot bent on killing everything isn't new, the creators put a decent spin on it that leads to a satisfying ending. There is some repetition in the story as they work through how to defeat the robot. It's fun to see the ever increasing cast of characters that are brought in to fight this threat.

I liked the art though. The characters are drawn really well. There are visual cues that add some humor to the book that would be lost in another format, so I appreciate that they used the medium in a good way. The way it is designed sort of reminds me of Groundhog Day. I want to see more from these characters, but there needs to be some more substance.
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This is from an advance review copy for which I thank the publisher.

Now this is the kind of super-hero story I can really get with. I was thrilled by the first one in this series, so I was equally thrilled to have a chance to review another one and see how Faith is doing. She's doing fine and I'm keeping the Faith!

Once again, it's written by Jody Houser, who continues to sprinkle promos for Doctor Who (how can you not love a writer like that?!) as well as toss in other Sci-fi references. As I write this I am patiently counting down the days to the Doctor Who Christmas special, and the change over from the current Doctor who was not my favorite, to a new one who will, for the first time, be female! Squee!

On an unrelated topic, is it just me, or is anyone else amused by the superficial similarity between areola (the ring of color around a nipple, and the name of the colorist? Of course his name apparently derives from the Spanish for horse tack (or a part of horse tack, anyway!) not from coloration, but still! I love words!

This is a time-travel story featuring a time-traveling robot which is intent upon destroying the fabric of time itself. Consequently, we have with Faith being sought by some strange woman who is costumed like a super hero, but who evidently needs Faith's help (and that of a charming assortment of her super friends) to stop this machine. In that regard, it borrows a bit from Pixar's The Incredibles

What I liked about this is that it conveniently side-steps one objection I often find to time-travel stories, especially Doctor Who, who always seems to arrive in media res, which is: why not go back earlier and fix the problem before it starts? In which case there would be no show, so the Doctor always tosses out some patent nonsense about crossing his own time stream which of course he does time after time, especially in New York City where it's supposed to be all but impossible to visit. Hah! How many times has he been there now?

This story solves that problem because the robot is eating time, so they can't go back earlier - it doesn't exist! Double-hah! Faith aka Zephyr, is recruited by Timewalker (not Time Lord!) Neela Sethi several times, each time unaware that she's already been recruited and failed! Why does this keep-on getting repeated? Read it and find out! I recommend this one as a fun, sweet, entertaining, Segovially and Kitsonorously drawn, and areolistically-colored(!) story which is a very worthy read! Keep 'em coming you guys and I'll keep reading 'em!
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I've thoroughly enjoyed reading stories with Faith over the past year or so, however, this installment felt very rushed to me. While I understood the need to repeat scenes due to the time travel aspect, the constant repeating took away from actual character development. Yes, Faith ultimately saves the day -- although, not in the way one would expect -- but the story seems like it's struggling to make sense of itself along the way.

And the story is not the only part that suffered. The artwork in the second half was choppy and inconsistent. Given that one of the important aspects of Faith's character is that she isn't your typical hero -- she's overweight, and that's okay -- it was a bit unfortunate when towards the end, her face was drawn to be thinner. It was rather distracting and took me out of the story.

Thankfully, although I had some issues with this story, it was fun to revisit Faith and read a story featuring a bunch of fantastic female characters.
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