Into the Black Nowhere

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I really enjoyed this book!  I was a huge fan of the first book in this series, UNSUB, so I was really excited to read this one.  I will admit that I didn't like this book quite as much as the first book in the series but it was a very strong book.  I was hooked by this book from the very start and enjoyed it to the very end.  This series has quickly made its way onto my must read list.

Caitlin is now working as an FBI profiler.  She goes to Texas with a couple of other members of her team to look into a string of abductions.  Women are disappearing and residents are starting to be frightened.  There are no clues and nobody knows whether the women are dead or alive.  Caitlin and the team start working on putting together a profile for the perpetrator.

Most of the book follow Caitlin as she works through the clues to get in the head of the perpetrator.  We do get the chance to see things closer to the criminal from time to time as well which worked well in the story.  I was a bit surprised by how early in the book the team narrows down the list of suspects and subsequently catches the individual responsible.  I had a feeling that there were a few more surprises in store and was excited when things followed that path.

I liked the characters in this book.  Caitlin is smart and has great instincts.  She really is focused on finding the criminal and puts everything into the job.  Sean and Michelle do play a role in this book but it is much smaller.  I have to admit that I would have liked to have a little more Sean in this book.  I did like seeing Caitlin struggle with being away from people in her life and felt it helped round out her character. 

This was a fast moving story.  The opening scene was very strong and really set the tone for the story.  I did think that the book slowed down just a bit towards the middle but everything picked up quickly and ended with a ton of action.  Things don't always go well for the team and there were more than a few surprises along the way.  I really liked the fact that as soon as I thought I had something figured out I would soon find that I knew less than I thought. 

I would highly recommend this book to fans of mystery thrillers.  This is the second book in the UNSUB series but could easily be read as a stand alone since it tells its own story.  This is a fast paced story that kept me thinking until the thrilling end.  I can't wait to read the next book in this amazing series!

I received an advance reader edition of this book from Penguin Group Viking - Dutton Books via NetGalley.
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I read the first book in Meg Gardiner’s UNSUB series earlier this month and absolutely devoured it. It was a 5-star read for me that was filled with suspense, memorable characters (including a badass heroine), a disturbing yet riveting storyline, great action scenes, and just an overall fascinating look at the psychology of a serial killer.  Because I enjoyed UNSUB so much, I began reading its follow-up Into the Black Nowhere with very high expectations.  And thankfully, I wasn’t at all disappointed.  Just like its predecessor, Into the Black Nowhere hooked me from the first page and didn’t let me go until I reached the nail biting conclusion.  I think I’ve found myself a new favorite series!

As in UNSUB, Into the Black Nowhere follows Caitlyn Hendrix, only now, instead of working as a police detective in California, she has taken a job as a rookie FBI agent in the Behavioral Analysis Unit in Quantico, Virginia.  Caitlyn is still adjusting to her new job and life in Virginia, as well as trying to make a long distance relationship work with Sean, whom we met in UNSUB, but ultimately she is dedicated to her career and ready to catch a predator.  

Caitlyn’s team is called to a town in Southern Texas where blonde women have been disappearing – one from a movie theater, one from a car that was stopped at a traffic light, and one from her own home.  Local law enforcement suspects they have a predator on their hands and so Caitlyn’s team is called in to help build a psychological profile of the UNSUB so that a suspect can hopefully be identified before any other women go missing.  When the bodies of two of the women are found in the woods, dressed in white nighties with heavily made up faces and slashed wrists, it becomes clear that they are looking for a serial killer, one that was likely inspired by Ted Bundy.  What’s even more disturbing is that not only has the UNSUB posed the bodies of these victims, but he has also surrounded them with Polaroid photos of other blonde women, potential victims that law enforcement hasn’t identified yet.  It becomes a race against the clock for Caitlyn and her team to catch this UNSUB before he hurts anyone else.  

They are quickly able to get inside of their killer’s head and build a profile of the suspect, and with the help of a phone tip, they actually think they’ve found their guy.  This guy is a piece of work too. He’s arrogant, cunning, and manipulative, but is also charming enough to get almost anyone around him to let their guard down so it makes sense how he’s so easily able to accumulate so many victims.  Even though Caitlyn and her team are sure they have the right guy, the problem is that all they have on him so far is a lot of circumstantial evidence and so he keeps eluding them. 

It seems like it’s almost a game to him, like he thrives on this game of cat and mouse, trying to stay one step ahead of law enforcement, but then he even manages to get inside of Caitlyn’s head. He finds and exploits her weaknesses, bringing things from her past up that she had hoped would remain buried and leaving her feeling vulnerable and exposed.  This of course makes her all the more determined to bring him down.    

Can Caitlyn keep the UNSUB out of her head so that she can effectively do her job?  And can she and her team find the evidence they need in order to stop this monster once and for all?

I’m still loving Caitlyn Hendrix in this second book.  She’s just as fierce and focused on tracking down killers as she was in UNSUB, but still has that slightly vulnerable side as the killer manages to get inside of her head and make her face some demons from her past.  I like for the characters I’m reading about to have those layers of complexity so they don’t just come across as cardboard cutouts, which can often happen in thrillers because the characters take a backseat to the case at hand.  Not Caitlyn, she is fully-fleshed out and shows a lot of growth from the first book to the second, and even within the second.

In addition to adoring Caitlyn, I also thought her partner, Rainey, was amazing.  Rainey is the other female agent on her team, and Rainey is even more of a badass than Caitlyn.  Together the two of them make a formidable team and so I loved every scene that paired them together.  I hope to see them work together a lot more in future books in the series.  

Gardiner not only writes fantastic characters, she is also a master at writing suspense.  I love following along with Caitlyn and the other agents as they uncover detail after detail about the killer and get ever closer to nailing him.  I was literally on the edge of my seat watching them frantically search for any clues that could help them take him down.  The added detail that he only takes his victims on Saturday added an extra layer of suspense and tension because the agents know they’re on a race against the clock and know exactly what their deadline is before another woman goes missing. The tension and sense of unease is so real in this book that I found myself looking over my own shoulder while reading.  It was just that creepy.  

With all of that tension and suspense building up, I guess it goes without saying that this is a fast-paced book.  I read it from cover to cover in two days and found myself irritated every time I had to put the book down because I was so invested in the story.  

My only real issue with Into the Black Nowhere was that rather than address the cliffhanger that we were left with at the end of UNSUB, Caitlyn and her team instead move on to a new case, and it’s one that doesn’t appear to be at all related to the case from the first book.  In my mind, it does makes sense not to immediately revisit that case. Based on the way the first book ended and how soon the second book seems to follow the first, it’s probably too soon, but I’m just impatient and really want to know how that cliffhanger is going to play out! 

I also would have liked a little more interaction between Caitlyn and her boyfriend, Sean.  They worked the first case together and I loved their chemistry together, both personally and professionally, so I missed that this time around since their relationship was relegated to the occasional phone call.  There were some hints along the way in this book, however, that lead me to believe they may end up working together on a future case, so I definitely look forward to that possibility.

Considering that I’m already anxiously awaiting the third book in this series, it’s safe to conclude that I recommend Into the Black Nowhere just as highly as I recommended UNSUB earlier this month.  Meg Gardiner has blown me away with the first two installments of this series and is now on my list of auto-buy authors.  

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3.5 stars
This thriller opens with a chilling scene that is sure to suck a reader in. From there, it moves quickly to Caitlin and the FBI being called in to hopefully find the missing woman. Knowing a fair amount of Ted Bundy's story, some things in the book were predictable, so the element of surprise was lost. The characters were interesting, but having not read the first book, I was a bit in the dark about some things that were mentioned in this one, and from what I gathered, there were some unresolved issues still hanging in the air from that first book. Regardless, a good cat and mouse chase is always intriguing and I enjoyed this story and it's spine-tingling elements. Without going into details, I will add that the epilogue absolutely threw me for a loop - definitely wasn't expecting that.
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"I'll slip into floating darkness, It'll be like falling through a field of stars, into the black nowhere."

I need to catch my breath after racing through this second book in the UNSUB series. The sense of urgency, the tension, and the suspense racheted up with every chapter. The writing was superb and the details and descriptions of the places where events occured only added to the foreboding and dread as the story unfolded. This is definitely one that should not be missed if you're a fan of this genre. 

The plot line -- serial killer on the loose. Kyle Detrick is "one calculating, remorseless predator." His style is reminiscent of Ted Bundy because of his ability to charm, disarm, and manipulate.

The good guys -- FBI Special Agent Caitlin Hendrix and her partner Brianne Rainey. Special Agent in Charge CJ Emmerich. This team is tracking the murder spree and trying desperately to capture Detrick and bring him to justice. These are fairly standard chararcters as portrayed on TV and in books about the FBI, but they are two very tough women whose personal lives aren't delved into too much between the covers of this novel. They see a lot of action in the narrative and are almost continuously working and in active pursuit of more information and the killer. 

I really like this series and it stands out from others of the same ilk because of the great writing and the facts about serial killers, etc. that are contained within the pages. I did not want to put this book down even though I knew how it would likely end. I cannot wait for the next one and definitely plan to go back through the author's backlist and read more of her previous work. I love when I find a new author or series to get hooked on!

Thank you to NetGalley and Dutton for the e-book ARC to read and review. Please don't make me suffer and wait too long to see what happened in Oakland...
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Into the Black Nowhere by Meg Gardiner is a very highly recommended psychological thriller/procedural inspired by the Ted Bundy case. This is an outstanding followup to UNSUB (6/27/17)

Caitlin Hendrix is back as a rookie FBI agent in the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit. She is assigned to a case in Solace, Texas, near Austin, where women are disappearing on Saturday nights. There are six confirmed, but there may be more. The women, all blond, are disappearing from a wide variety of places - a movie theater, out of her car at a train crossing, from a mall parking lot, even from her home - and the clues are few. When they find their first body, the scene is disturbing. The victim is laid out on the ground wearing a white nightgown, and a second body is found deeper in the woods, also dressed in a white nightgown. Both bodies are surrounded by Polaroid pictures, stuck in the ground like headstones. All the photos are of blond women wearing a white nightgown and obviously dead.

It is Caitlin's job to profile the unsub (unknown subject), get into his mind, and determine how he selects his victims. The team ends up profiling a confident, charming, meticulous killer who somehow convinces his victims that he is not a threat. After they lower their guard, he takes them. At that point they are just a part of his twisted need to possess, control and destroy them. There is a tip that leads them to one suspect, who they watch closely, waiting for him to make a misstep. But he is also an expert in his own way at profiling people, identifying their weaknesses, and manipulating them.

Into the Black Nowhere is another complex, intense, fast-paced novel full of nail-biting suspense with a riveting plot. Honestly, I was hooked before even opening the novel after reading her brilliant UNSUB and knowing Into the Black Nowhere featured Caitlin and continued her story. Caitlin was already a well-developed character, flawed, but smart, insightful, and strong. The character development continues here along with Caitlin's profiling skills - interpreting clues, and insight into the suspect's actions. I can hardly wait for Caitlin's next case.

I loved the complexity of the plot and the twists it took. Sure it was based on the actions of Ted Bundy, but Gardiner takes this and does an excellent job using it to create a thriller to remember. Caitlin continues to be intelligent and clever. By sheer determination she will get the suspect. She's a great character and this is an exceptional series. It  is no wonder a TV drama based on this series is in the works at CBS.

Yet again, this is definitely a stuck-over-night-at-the-airport book that will keep you awake and hold your complete attention - only you'll want to be in a well lite area, maybe near security.

Disclosure: My review copy was courtesy of Penguin Publishing Group via Netgalley.
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UNSUB, which is the first book in this outstanding series made my Best of 2017 list and while I was ecstatic to get my hands on the follow up novel, I was also nervous. When the first book in a series is as fantastic as UNSUB was I can’t help but be worried that the next won’t measure up, but rest assured this one was just as gripping, terrifying and all around amazing! Meg Gardiner is a master and I’ll follow this series as long as she keeps writing it.

I love that Caitlin is a full fledged profiler this time around, this picks up not long after the first book ended and the new FBI agent is raring to go. The case Caitlin and her team are working on is inspired by Ted Bundy and I have to say, it made for some chilling reading. This was once again diligently plotted and achieved brilliantly so I’ll be steering clear of the details that made this so superb. But suffice it to say that the intensity is at an all time high and I think my heart was in my throat for the majority.

I loved learning more about Caitlin as well as being introduced to her new coworkers as they were all very intriguing and I predict they’ll be much to explore as the series continues. Gardiner sets things up absolutely perfectly for the next book and I have no doubt that it’ll be another nail biting, high octane and exciting read.

Into the Black Nowhere in three words: Exhilarating, Incisive and Petrifying
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Thanks to the publishers and netgalley, I was given an advanced copy of this book. The following review is honest as I found the book highly entertaining. Into Th Black Nowhere is an absolutely gripping edge of your seat thriller. Meg Gardiner has crafted a great protagonist that is sure to be a long lasting series of books. This one also contains one of the baddest bad guys in recent memory. An excellent read that is sure to keep many awake at night.
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Overall Rating: 4.5/5

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Building to a gripping, race-against-time crescendo, Into the Black Nowhere is an immersive, meaty thriller for readers to sink their entertainment teeth into. It features Caitlin Hendrix, formerly of the Alameda County Sheriff's department, and now a special agent with the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit. Into the Black Nowhere takes Caitlin and her colleagues initially to the southwest to investigate a series of killings. If you enjoy reading about characters, especially female characters, who are current or former law enforcement and/or military, who know their way around hand-to-hand combat, and weapons, and who just generally "kick butt", make Into the Black Nowhere by Edgar Award-winning author Meg Gardiner one of your next reads.
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Thank you Dutton and Netgalley for the free advance copy for my unbiased review. Publish date: 1/30/18

This is the second book in the UNSUB series. You don’t necessarily have to read the first book to understand this one, but there is some context in the first one that is referenced in this book. Plus the first book is amazing! 

A serial killer is loose in texas. He is targeting blonde woman and leaves them in a white negligee with wrists slashed, suicide style. The FBI is called in to help with the investigation and Caitlin Hendrix, who is new to the FBI is on the Behavioral Analysis Unit. She helps to put a new perspective on the profile of the serial killer and with her help they begin to develop new leads. But when all the tips and even the profile isn’t leading anywhere a news bulletin catches someone’s attention and she is the key to figuring out who the UNSUB is. But the killer is one step ahead of Caitlin and the only way she will catch him is by using all of her skills and weaknesses. 

This was unputdownable. I often found myself fighting sleep to finish this book. I cannot wait for the next book in the series, and there will be based on the hints at the end of the book! I really enjoy Caitlin’s relationship with Sean her bomb-tastic boyfriend. 
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Into the Black Nowhere is the second installment in Meg Gardiner's UNSUB series.
Gardiner’s UNSUB series follows rookie FBI profiler Caitlin Hendrix, whose recent brush with a merciless serial killer in California’s Bay Area, has launched her new career hunting down the nation’s most dangerous and notorious serial killers. The UNSUBs, or unknown subjects, at the heart of each installment are inspired by real-life killers—the Zodiac Killer, Ted Bundy, the Babysitter Killer—lending each book a terrifying level of authenticity.

As the story picks up, Caitlin has a new job. She is an agent in training & rookie criminal profiler for the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU). Caitlin is still searching for the man she is calling the Ghost after he severely damaged her hand, left her boyfriend ATF agent Sean Rawlins struggling to live, and then taunted her. He was also accomplice to the serial killer known as the Prophet. Now, we are on to Solace, Texas where 5 women have gone missing without a trace left behind. The latest is the most disturbing of all of them. The killer just walked in and walked out without leaving any clues behind. 

It will be up to Caitlin, Special Agent in Charge CJ Emmerich, and Special Agent Brianne Raines to put the facts together before any more women go missing. If you think there is anything easy about this story and that just because the author reveals who the killer is, this man is devious, clever, intelligent, and above all, arrogant. He gets inside of people's minds. Is he the cat, or the mouse in this game of catch me if you can? 

One of the things that Gardiner does well is get inside her characters heads. Caitlin is remarkably good at knowing things others have missed. Plus, in this story, we actually get the narrative of the killer who, as the summary says, will remind you of Ted Bundy in he is able to walk right up to the woman he wants and take her without any sort of struggle or evidence left behind. The story has a chase will take Caitlin from Texas, all the way to the Pacific Northwest where thrilling the game will be played out in spades.

Like the first book, this book had me from the onset and kept my attention riveted to the action. There's a secondary storyline which I also won't spoil since it leaves a heart wrenching cliffhanger ending that I am too afraid to even talk about for fear of losing my mind. I am also afraid that once Hollywood producers get hold of this story, they will screw it up badly. I don't put much path in book to move adaptations because they don't always come out as the author intended.
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5* Stars! 

This book was amazing... well-written, fast-paced, fantastic storyline and characters. I loved every minute reading it! If you enjoy the tv show Criminal Minds you will definitely love this book... has the same vibe to it. I'm already looking forward to the next book in the series! Highly recommend!

*I want to thank NetGalley and PENGUIN GROUP Dutton for the ARC!
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Wheeewwww! What a thrill ride! [author:Meg Gardiner|61237] sure knows how to keep me on the edge of my seat and that was certainly the case with Into the Black Nowhere! While the story continues with the story of Caitlin Hendrix (from [book:UNSUB|32811580]), the story takes on a new case, reminiscent of that of Ted Bundy, rather than the Prophet case that filled book #1. 

While I was happy this book spared some of the gory details that filled the pages of book one (not that there weren't gory parts here, just not as many...), I also felt that the action was a bit lacking until further in. Once the action really picked up, I sped through the rest and finished in under a day. I also missed Caitlin's handsome FBI boyfriend, Sean, in this iteration, but, I have a feeling we will be seeing him again in book 3, which I'm already clamoring for (and this one hasn't even been released yet!)
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Quite rarely do I give 5 stars to a police/murder mystery; it has to be incredibly well-written with complex and well-developed characters, as well as a thoughtful, realistic yet filled-with-shockers plot line. Meg Gardiner's second book in her Unsub series hits all these criteria - it is just outstanding! Question you have to read the first book, titled Unsub? Nope - Into the Black Nowhere can absolutely stand alone (but the Unsub is awfully good so why not?!) This second book reintroduces the reader to Caitlin Hendrix, recently trained at the BAU at Quantico after leaving the SFPD and her ATF boyfriend. Loosely based on Ted Bundy, Caitlin and her team encounter a slick, intelligent, well-to-do serial killer who has the Austin area of Texas held in fear. As the team uncovers more victims and the murderer unravels, it becomes apparent that the psychological genius of the killer is going to lead both the team, the community, and we, the reader, on the chase of a lifetime. I ferociously turned pages, with twists upon turns upon surprises, all the way until the end. This is what I call a "humdinger" of a book. If you like Mind Hunters on Netflix, the Jo Nesbo series with Harry Hole, Criminal Minds on CBS, this book is definitely for you.
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From the moment I started reading this book I couldn't put it down! I literally read it all the way through until I had finished!
FBI profiler Caitlin Hendrix gets a chilling call. Young blonde women in Texas are disappearing from places they should be safe: from home, from work, from the theater. All  in the middle of the night....all on a Saturday.  5 women in 6 months are gone, simply disappeared from the town of Solace, Texas. At first it seems unrelated but then 2 women are found near each other. Both have been staged, and the elements of the staging are similar. Clearly the killer is acting out some fantasy, but what? And who will be next?

Caitlin and her partners Special Agent Brianne Rainey and  SAC C.J. Emmerlich in the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit are responsible for figuring out just what kind of person would do this and why, and therefore find and stop the killer before he strikes again. As the team, and particularly Caitlin, dig into the crimes looking for clues, she feels her past coming back to haunt her: an unstable father, teenage suicide attempts, past depression...what do these things have to do with the vicious killer who is out there?

Gardiner does an outstanding job of building suspense, and bringing us to an understanding of Caitlin's past, at the same time as she bit by bit lets us into the nature of this twisted killer.  The writing is fast paced, the characters human, vulnerable, believable. Caitlin takes us with her on the car rides to meet suspects, into the suspects workplace, into his home, into his mind., and manages to throw in a few surprises along the way.  I could not put the book down.  In short, I loved this book, and since this is the first of Meg' Gardiner's books I have read, I am heading off to read the rest!
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WOW! Suspenseful, terrifying and hard to put down: Into the Black Nowhere is a heart thumping standalone thriller on its own and a fantastic sequel to Unsub.  I couldn’t get through this one fast enough!  I devoured Unsub and eagerly awaited it’s follow up in Into the Black Nowhere, sure that my high hopes could only lead to disappointment and boy was I wrong! Into the Black Nowhere is the perfect serial killer guilty pleasure read for anyone who loves a good murder (that’s me!).
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Caitlin Hendrix has been assigned to the FBI Behavorial  Science Unit.  Women have been disappearing in So.  Texas.  Their bodies are found staged, clothed in white night gowns with photos around them. We know from fairly early on who the killer is but he is charming, narcissistic man who always seems to be one step ahead of the law. Nothing seems to rattle him. There is a twist at the end of the book that caught me off guard.  This book will grab you from the beginning and hold on to you til the last page.  This is the 2nd book in a series but could be read as a stand alone. Thank you to net galley for an advanced readers copy. I would give this book 4 1/2 stars.

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Huge thanks to NetGalley, Penguin Group, and Dutton for an advanced read in exchange for this review. 

This is the second book in the Unsub series.  Holy crap!  Meg Gardiner knows how to keep you on the edge of your seat.  It's hard for a series to keep the momentum going to the point where the reader still enjoys the characters.  She's done just that.  Caitlin and the FBI team have gone to Texas because women are disappearing without a trace.  I found the parts about the Unsub's mind fascinating.  There's enough twists to keep the story moving, but not too many where the story seems impossible.  I also enjoyed the glimpses into Caitlin's life and relationships and didn't think that this part took away from the FBI components of the story.  Great read and cannot wait for the next one in the series!
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I very much enjoyed UNSUB and #2 was even better!  What a great new series!  Can't wait for #3.
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This book would have been so easy to read I  a single sitting, had I not had other things to do! As it was, it didn't take many sittings as I found myself reading at an alarming speed. 
Once again, Caitlin Hendrix is on the trail on an unsub, this time through nearly every imaginable backdrop. The book was well written and unsettling, terrifying and fast paced in the way thrillers should be. 
While I thoroughly enjoyed this one, the first book in the series held me enthralled even more. Meanwhile, I wait with baited breath for the next from Meg Gardiner.
I received this advance reader copy via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.
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I am a true crime buff. My high school psychology teacher was an eccentric woman with a lending library and some books were about high profile serial killers. I was terrified and consumed at the same time and I could not stop reading about high profile cases. And now more than twenty years later I’ve been reconnected with the likes of high profile deviant masterminds, The Zodiac Killer and Ted Bundy thanks to Meg Gardiner’s Unsub Series.

INTO THE BLACK NOWHERE is a fictional tie-in to serial killer, Ted Bundy, who went on a murderous rampage killing upwards of 30 women during the 1970’s. He was educated, intelligent, good looking, and charming making it easy for women to fall prey. Set in modern day Texas and spanning across the desert Southwest up to the Pacific Northwest, Kyle Detrick is calm, cool, confident and leaves a trail of bodies in his wake. His weakness is blondes with a cheerleaders physique - he can’t help himself so he stalks them and they disappear into the black nowhere.

This book has incredible plot twists that left me spooked to the core! Gardiner injects you into the mind of a serial killer so you know his thought process, how he preys on his victims and how he plans his next kill. She knows her stuff when writing about the criminal investigative side of things and expertly ties up the critical details into a nice, neat package that packs a powerful punch.

Few things scare me but the Unsub Series are so well crafted you will need to keep the lights on and maybe even someone in the room with you while reading these books - they are thrilling and all consuming.
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