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This is an interesting book when read with an open mind.  It's well documented with footnotes.  While I don't agree with everything in this book, I do find the information interesting and I have tried to take it in without a political mindset.  Setting aside politics, I must admit I do find the prophetic nature of this book worthwhile and if for nothing else, for something to think on because no one can really know what will happen for sure, but it's something to think on, that's for sure!
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Very informative book. Makes you stop and think. I would recommend everyone read this book even if you don't like Trump.
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A global economic 'reset' with a spiritual 'shaking'. The world coming to an end with in depth discussion concerning global elitist while awaiting Armageddon and you just summed up this book by Paul McGuire.
If you are someone who seeks an explanation for the coming of age involving high profile attacks, global pandemics, economic crisis, catastrophic climate change, global totalitarian states, nuclear war and military conflicts than you would enjoy this read. I'm not one for conspiracy, for propaganda, for using fear and inciting riots but I'm all for open discussion on different points of view and this book sure does open the channels of thought.
Trumpocalypse, for me bounced around too much while going back to certain discussed topics and revisiting them. Which brings me to my point...DT knows how to sell himself and has made his name his own 'brand'. What he delivers is in my opinion is empty promises, broken dreams, a history of failed relationships, alleged transactions of wrongdoing and misguided business deals, along with destruction and I've had 13 yrs experience dealing with narcissism and malignant narcissists having married one for 11 yrs and together for 13 yrs.
I know that the author might like to paint roses n rainbows and live in la-la land but I'm sorry I can't go there with you on this one.
I've been through the smoke, mirrors, fog and I have witnessed lives completely destroyed by believing the hype and falling for the fantasy. What a narcissist provides is nothing more than empty promises and broken dreams. Denial, Naivete, and Delusion is hard to grasp and I understand that but sometimes we can't force a round peg into a square hole.
When you are no longer of use and no longer providing a source for them (narcissist) they will devalue and discard and it's as if you never existed or as my narc loved to say ," Gone with the Wind".
They have zero personality as they mirror, project, gaslight, triangulate upon others around them.
Please don't place this man (DT) on a pedestal as this is dangerous ! 
Narcissists believe they are above the law. They believe they are god like, superior, with grandiose egos.
The last thing we as a nation need to do is add to this more power and control , dictatorship, and totalitarian thinking with authoritative connotations by suggesting he was sent to 'save us'.
While I may agree our Presidents need our blessings and non were perfect with unblemished records I can't quite go along with the thinking here. As a minister of hospitality in a Catholic church having extensive years of Orthodox teaching with my Russian grandmother with many pilgrimages under my belt; I can tell you that I don't believe much of what you stated but that's not the reason for my low review.
I truly enjoyed this statement by Paul," such dramatic inequality is trapping millions in poverty, fracturing our societies, and poisoning our politics - Paul O'Brien - Oxfam America's VP for policy and campaigns.
I truly do believe that yes we are at a crisis point on many of those topics you discussed including but not limited to: Super EMP Threat, Illuminati, Global Elitists, Terrorists, underground militias, economic turmoil, disparity, cashless society, technological advancements and chips as well as rising unemployment, the impoverished and poverty.
The prophecies of Jewish mystics such as Armageddon, Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, and Matthias Stormberger was quite a different angle and obviously one many probably wouldn't equate along the lines of Trump nor his presidency to date.
As for one final comment: The president "represents the answers to the prayers of millions of Christians over the last few decades." 
In regards to time constraints I will just allow his actions to speak on my behalf. I believe if you judge a man by his character not by his words you will never be fooled. Just remember when evaluating that even 'fool's gold' sparkles.
I do pray for our nation and everyone affected by NPD and Narcissistic Abuse. Thank you to Paul, his publisher, NetGalley, and Aldiko for this e-copy ARC read in exchange for this honest review.
I hope others do not let my opinions sway them because they are just that my opinions and difference of opinion is the spice of life.
God Bless!
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Interesting book.  Hope to read more from this author.
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I like this book. It was interesting and had a lot of facts that I didn’t know anything about.

For me this book might have been a little too full of facts and it lost me. But if you enjoy a lot of political stuff and facts then you might enjoy this book.

Like I said, I did like it but it was just a bit wordy for me.

A copy of this book was given to me through All opinions are my own.
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I do find end of the world theories to be interesting and have seen that some things have happened. I also think there is a deep state and the information in this book supports some of this belief. This is an interesting read for those with an open mind. Everyone chooses what they want to believe.
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As a mainstream (or mainline denomination) Christian (Episcopalian) I have a certain "do not check your brain at the door" attitude.  Though I do believe in the miracles as presented in scripture I do not partake in the "Left Behind" imaginings of non denominational folk, beyond their entertainment value.  I understand readings like the Book of Revelation as those members of society to whom they were put down understood them. An imagery filled imagining of their world then as a symbolic retelling of their story while strongly drawing out the God centered world amidst their own.
   Thus when the authors of The Babylon Code remark early on in Trumpocalypse that "faith leaders and prophecy scholars said they believe the world is in the final countdown to the Apocalypse," and then spend the rest of the book drawing connections between events in recent years, the 2016 election and presidency of Donald Trump as evidence of the "end times," all I can say is "I have seen this before."
   And we all  have.  In 1981 when I worked in an independently owned airport gift shop, we had a religious book rack and there i discovered Hal Lindsey's "The Late Great Planet Earth" where he took everything from recent years - the gas lines, Israel-Palestine wars, the Iranian hostage crisis, the Carter Administration and the Election of Ronald Reagan all as "signs" that the end times were upon us.
   Fast forward a couple of decades later, there was Hal Lindsey on televsion touting his seam end time evidence, this time using Present George W. Bush and events as the REAL evidence that the end was near.  And we go again.
    Though I admire the authors sticking well with their thesis I almost figure that every decade or so one of the end times books that gets published each year will become "hot" for awhile...until the next one.  Babylon Code and this work - Trumpocalypse are the tag team versions of the Hal Lindsey works.
   With respect, if you disagree with me and the historical critical take on the book of Revelation, and really do believe that this is a story of that yet to come, then you will enjoy this.  If, like me, you disagree with that view of scripture but can respect the efforts of those who do think like that, you will enjoy this enough to read through it. It is thankfully a quick read, 
    For reasons described above I enjoyed this enough to recommend it, but I do not "love" it.
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Here is a book that is defending president Trump  from all the hysteria that "fake news" created around him, how he is the end of this country. The authors are pointing at the root of the world problems - rich globalists' agenda, some prophecies about upcoming events. Of course, as for the prophecies, it is all speculation, including both Nostradamus and the Bible itself. There have been so many publications about Nostradamus and as vague as they are the events he is pointing at could be just for his time or future. The USA being the daughter of Babylon I am not convinced at, the proof is weak. There are more obvious cities in the world that are built on 7 hills. As for Ezekiel 39, the authors contradict themselves. They suppose that we will be Israel's ally and to disarm us North Korea or Russia (or both) will nuke us, because Ezekiel 39:6 mentions people living safely on the coasts. In reality here is what it says: And I will rain down fire on Magog and on all your allies who live safely on the coasts. So if we are not Magog's ally, we should not expect the mentioned above fire.

However, I do agree that Russia is one of the biggest threats right now along with North Korea. Russia thinks it is a great country with a big purpose, it is so important that God mentioned it in the Bible and not the USA. And it's purpose is to become one of the biggest examples in history of what happens to someone when they go against Israel.
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Filled with anger, conspiracy theories and propaganda, with references to unreliable sources or no referenced sources at all. Unable to take this seriously as a non-fiction book.
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I read this book as part of my ongoing quest to understand the 2016 U.S. presidential election. This book deals with the possible prophetic significance of the Trump presidency. The authors look at a number of predictions, from Nostradamus (who the authors admit used occult methods, Loc 826/5959) to contemporary Christian pastors and prophetic teachers. 

It's been a long time since I've read a book highlighting conspiracy theories. I had devoured them as a teen, having been a sophomore when President Kennedy was assassinated. Over the decades, I had forgotten about the Illuminati and other groups accused of running the world. Reading this book brought it all back. I was reminded of supposed secret concentration camps in the U.S., subtle mind control, a CERN conspiracy, and much more.

The authors write, “...we believe the evidence is overwhelming that an occult network has infiltrated the highest levels of government, business, religion, and academia to create a global government, cashless society, and universal religion.” (Loc 1653/5959) They also quote Kiyosaki, a co-author with Trump, as claiming the Illuminati “are revealed to have total and complete control over all the mainstream media of the modern world, all the information, all the food, all the money, most of the world's military forces...” (Loc 1648/5959) And, “The wealthy corporate elite rule the world through their vast fortunes...” (Loc 1679/5959)

“We believe God has raised up Trump to fight the globalist elites and their plan to unleash the New World Order on humanity,” the authors write. (Loc 405/5959) They write of how people see Trump as brave, compassionate, wise, and that he has spurred a revolution for Christians to stand up for their rights. Many Christians, the authors claim, believe God has anointed Trump to release the prophetic role of America. (Loc 3847/5959)

I felt the authors were indiscriminate is their sources, quoting some people that I would not recommend at all. While there are many footnotes, statements are made without providing verification. When writing about Jews returning to the land, for example, “In fact, numerous Old Testament prophets predicted that the Jews would return to the land in unbelief and not necessarily in obedience to law.” (Loc 4010/5959) No footnote or other verification is provided. The authors also intimidate readers who might disagree with them. For example, writing about Trump being willing to stand for a sovereign America and that he is under assault from elite globalists, “Most born-again Christians who renew their minds regularly with the Word of God and seek God through prayer can see this quite clearly.” (Loc 4027/5959)

I recommend this book to readers who want to understand the thinking of those who voted for Trump. You'll find good insights into the hatred toward the media and the existing U.S. political realm. You'll be introduced to a number of conspiracy theories about powerful people secretly running the world. You'll also find that many Christians voted for Trump because they firmly believed “Trump was the man God had raised up for this particular hour.” (Loc 2280/5959)

I received a complimentary egalley of this book from the publisher. My comments are an independent and honest review.
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