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Finally a book that explains so well what happens to us during midlife, thank you! This isn't a diet, it's a life style change, it is healthy, You will feel better mind, body and soul. Going on my reference shelf.

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An inspirational dieting book on losing weight without dieting. The author gives tips and advice.

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As someone who has dieted and read many, many diet books, I have to say this is a bit of a different approach. More of a lifestyle change, not a quick fix. I enjoyed reading this and I think this will be a valuable book for many.

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For the first time in 57 years I finally get the whole feast/famine/why you need to eat on a consistent basis! Thank you, Jean Antonello, for finally FINALLY putting it in a way that I could understand it. This book makes the entire "diet" industry superfluous! Truly. Just understanding the reasons why classic diets don't work at keeping the weight off has been eye opening.

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As someone always strggling with my weight I appreciated the authors attempt to create a new way at looking at weight loss. I tried the book but it wasnt for me. But that may not be the case for everyone

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I enjoyed the book from a personal standpoint as someone who has been-there-done-that. It's falling in line with some other things I've read lately. As far as a how-to or plan book, it's not and at the end, that is really what I was wanting. Less testimonials and more "this is what I did..."

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Yes, it is that time of year, when we all start to think we can do better. We choose new goals. We look for experts to guide us. We are full of desire and optimism (or despair) and some of us are looking for miracle cures.

Jean Antonello is indeed an expert and she has some answers for us but she is the first to tell you that success comes only to those who take responsibility.
You must be ready, be willing to take the steps and learn the system. This is not a quick-drop weight loss plan. Results will vary for EACH individual and this is NOT a diet. It is a lifestyle system.

Much of the book discusses how the body works and why it stores fat. Why so many people who may have short term and even quick weight loss success often end up heavier after their diets. Many weight loss plans tell you obesity is a psychological effect tied to your emotions and your mindset will make all the difference.
This lifestyle plan is centered on the physiological causes of obesity. How and why the body is designed to store fat. This plan is about breaking the cycle, reprogramming the body's natural response.

There are basic lessons included, like learning how to read a label, acknowledge what you are feeding your body and learning to understand your body's communications. There are examples of other theories and weight loss plans and even a list of pros and CONS of this system. A ton of excellent information.

I did have to be careful and not twist some of the explanations for obesity (metabolism decrease and lack of movement motivation) to use them as excuses for not losing weight. I can not just claim that my body and my genetics are against me! That is not taking responsibility.

I accepted a copy of this book from Netgalley to review but the curiosity and opinions are my own. The desire to become healthier is my own. I am grateful for the author sharing her expertise.

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Naturally Thin

by Jean Antonello, RN, BSN

As both the holiday eating season and 2017 draw to a close, sharing a book on losing weight seems appropriate. So many of us focus on resolutions at this time of year, especially health related issues.

A little personal history: In the late 80’s I read the first book by Jean Antonello, RN, BSN, entitled How to Become Naturally Thin by Eating More. I remember successfully following the principles. Fast forward to a lengthy period during which, due to health problems, my concern was being underweight. Fast forward again to better health, but also to some life changes which resulted in an undesired weight gain. Recently I wanted to lose that weight, and I did lose some with a low carb diet, but then I hit a plateau for well over a month despite adherence to the diet and increased exercise.

In the back of my mind I remembered reading a book about eating, with a blue cover, written by a nurse, but that was not enough information for Google to help me locate it. As a book reviewer for NetGalley, I have an incredible number of books that I can request to review. Almost unbelievably, Jean Antonello’s new book popped up on my screen as I was seeking out answers for the plateau. Immediately I knew this was the same author. While I was waiting for my request to be approved, with names now in hand, I was able to find not only the new book, but also a picture of my original book which is now tucked away in a box in NM while I am in Mexico. I felt like I had just found the Mother Lode!

So what do I think of Jean Antonello’s theories and her revised book about 30 years later? It makes so much sense to my personal situation, and she has backed it up with years of research, working with clients, and eating according to the principles herself. She advocates listening to your body’s signals for hunger and for being full. She calls for eating real food and plenty of it. This is not a diet. You are encouraged to eat good foods and never let yourself get hungry which then results in bingeing. She refers to the season of adaptation a former yo-yo dieter needs to go through as “recovery.” You are in charge of your own eating for a change. The plan is based on the feast and famine physiology of our bodies. Dieting is counterintuitive to your body because when you hold back good food, then your body perceives a famine and does not want to let go of the fat. It also slows down the metabolism to protect us from starvation. Both of these things explain my plateau.

There is so much more theory and research in her book, which is written in a very user friendly style. The approach is not complicated, but it does require commitment, not to hunger as in a diet, but to listening to your body’s signals and not thinking like a dieter any more. Antonello debunks lots of dieting myths such as the blame game that is put on overweight people that they are lazy, have psychological problems, and lack will power. She does not guarantee the fast weight loss most diets promise. She does offer freedom from obsession with food and something that rarely happens with diets—you will eat like a naturally thin person and you will not regain the weight.

Obviously I am impressed with the book. I am going to implement the mindset changes, and I anticipate that this will be a gradual process. Will it work? I don’t know. This blog is primarily about education, books, and Mexico. I only occasionally insert personal posts, but I promise to follow up this one with information on my progress or lack of it. According to Naturally Thin, I can’t put a time table on that because everyone’s body is different. I like that viewpoint, and I like that she recognizes people as individuals.

I would like to extend my thanks to and to Heartland Book Company for giving me the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

Rating: 5/5

Category: Health, Nonfiction (Adult)

Notes: The Appendix includes a 31-Day Quick Start plan. These are motivational readings that reinforce the principles and help you make the mental changes necessary after years of being subjected to the dieting industry’s mantra of eating less. There is also a Reader’s Guide of questions for each chapter to help you focus on the principles in that chapter and apply them to your situation.

Publication: July 11, 2017—Heartland Book Company

Memorable Lines: (I probably highlighted half of this book in my efforts to absorb the plan. I have just cited a few portions here.)

When they diet, they force their bodies to quickly burn fat and at the same time create an increased need for fat for the future. This is why dieters always go off their diets—for the necessary restoration of the fat they’ve lost during the diet.

Just like going hungry regularly, eating a lot of poor quality food triggers the body’s survival response. Lousy food doesn’t satisfy the body’s need for nutrients.

…typically people eat too much and all the wrong stuff because they aren’t eating enough of the right stuff—at the right time.

Probably the most challenging aspect of recovery is the patience required for weight loss.

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Weight loss and control is a preoccupation for the majority of Americans, and--while I appreciate that this book's author offers honest advice: eat good food, only eat when you're hungry, exercise appropriately, and STOP dieting--there is nothing new in Naturally Thin for anyone who has been keeping abreast of weight loss studies in even a casual way.

That dieting ultimately leads to a slower metabolism, binge eating, and weight gain has been a given for a while now. If the reader is unaware of the science of these principles and might enjoy some anecdotal weight loss stories, this book could prove helpful. Otherwise, while the author seems well intentioned, Naturally Thin is not going to add to the discussion.

Full Disclosure--Net Gallery and the publisher provided me with a digital ARC of this book. This is my honest review.

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Good insights into how eating RIGHT, and eating ENOUGH, is far better than following the diet of the day. This is a common sense approach to eating and losing weight, backed up by science. The science parts, as always, are a little dry, but this book has some very valid points and is well worth the read. No more yo-yo diets! No more feeling guilty for eating real food! Thank you, NetGalley, for the arc!

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An interesting take on dieting. However, I felt the book was a little "wordy," with the author taking too long to get to the "meat" of the book. There are some informative points that I'm sure would be helpful to someone who needs guidance.

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Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for a free digital ARC of this book. This book is true to its title description. The reader won't be disappointed when reading this book.

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Too long winded for me. Needed to get to it quicker, I gave up at 40%. It starts off about recovery and eating disorders so straight away I thought this is not the book for me. I got bored with it very quickly and skimmed pages. I could not relate to any of the problems people had, I was a skinny child and teenager not a chubby one.

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A lot of great information presented to help living healthier and losing weight for good! I am excited to have this on my reference shelf!

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