Wolf Hollow

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I never imagined dystopia and paranormal could be combined into one book, but then I read about Wolf Hollow and I was intrigued. 

Wolf Hollow is at its core a story about the struggles of a wolf pack to live. There are a number of things that endanger the pack: from wild vicious animals called vulhenas, to wizards, humans and rabid wolves, and even their own dwindling numbers. This world had some new to me rules. Wolves could only get pregnant during the full moon, there were a lot of steps to go through in order to participate in the full moon celebration. There was also a council formed by the alpha, Sasha, and the elders of the pack, that actually ruled the pack. That was new for me. It seemed to me like Sasha was alpha in name only, because she didn't have all that much power to speak of. 

Sasha is an interesting character. She's strong and she's a very capable warrior, even though the elders in her pack don't see her as such, because she's a female. I wanted to understand Sasha more, but I can't really say I connected with her all that much. I liked her, but I didn't fully understand her. I liked that she didn't sit on the sidelines, but she participated in the protection of the pack and in the supply runs whenever they were being made. I liked seeing her in that role, because that's what showed me she could be a strong leader, not just her lineage or the title she has. 

Tabor is a half-wizard/half-wolf male, and for that most pack mates hate him. He is a good guy, that unfortunately because of his heritage is being hated on by everyone, being accused of bewitching the females of the pack, or of endangering the pack just by existing. I truly felt for him. So I was glad when towards the end his friends step in to save him, especially when he saved the pack.

The thing I didn't enjoy all that much was the constant reminder that Sasha had a duty towards the pack to mate with someone the pack deemed worthy of an alpha. Everybody else had a choice of accepting a mating or not, she didn't. And it wasn't just the elders that reminded her of that, it was the other pack members too, both males and females. It got to the point where I wanted to be able to jump in the book and smack a few people around. It was enough to pull me out of the story a few times, and that doesn't happen quite so often for me. I talked about how this story had some new elements, and some new ideas for how a pack should function, but I didn't fully understand those rules. We also aren't told all that much about where the shifters and the wizards come from, they just exist, and we also don't have a lot of information about the apocalypse itself. So a lot of times I didn't understand what was going on and how exactly does this world function outside of the pack.

There was a lot of potential to this story, but I admit that, sadly, I didn't fully click with this book. I hope that the next book in the series sheds some more light into the mythology of this world and that we learn more about the wizards and the shifters. 

All in all, an interesting start for a new series.
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Really liked this book. I've found me a new author to read. This is going to be a great series. I recommend it.

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I really enjoyed this book from Nikki it was a well-written read with fantastic characters I really liked both Sasha and Tabor they were super together and had such great chemistry.It is a fantastic shifter romance that is action packed you won't want to put it down I am looking forward to the next book.
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This book is a great post-apocalyptic shifter novel. It has a perfect balance of drama, action and romance.

I loved all the characters in this book. Sasha is a strong main character and I loved her dominance. She is strong-headed, intense and has a fierce need to protect what she believes in. Tabor is passionate, cocky and he doesn't let the prejudice against him break his spirit.

The world that Nikki Jefford creates is broken and destroyed, yet out of this, Wolf Hollow is a safe haven for shifters, werewolves and even wolf-wizard hybrids. The vulhena are a constant threat to Wolf Hollow and along with the humans, the pack has constant external threats. And for Sasha, a few pack members pose an inside threat too.

This book was exciting and there was never a dull moment. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, and I'm excited to read the sequel Mating Games (Wolf Hollow Shifters, #2).
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I didn't enjoy this book, but it wasn't because it was bad -- it was because the premise was rather misleading. I was hoping for a good action-adventure fantasy read (as advertised) but it is really paranormal romance. 

When we meet  Sasha, she's pretty disgusted with Tabor, the male lead, and is fawning over Aden, who is quickly relegated to side-character status. Yet, inexplicably, after a moment of gazing at one another in the woods, Sasha and Tabor fall madly in love. The rest of the plot is just battling different people who think that Sasha should pick someone more worthy of her.

That's it. Oh, and the gratuitous sex. So, if you're into that sort of thing, have at it.
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To be noted: 

I was given a copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review. This book was free, and my review is not biased towards that fact in any way. These are my opinions only, (as everyone is entitled to them) and should only be taken as an idea for whether or not you would like to read the book yourself. In the end, no matter what review I give, props to the author for writing what they love, and actually publishing a book.

Wolf Hollow

***Warning: May Contain Spoilers

This book was most definitely in my comfort zone. It was one of those cozy books I love to snuggle up with in the winter months and leisurely read. It wasn't fast paced by any means and for me, just already knowing this type of book, it was predictable but enjoyable. Enough so that I would like to read the following book. Sasha was a very strong female character, and I thoroughly enjoyed her refreshing point of view. She loved Tabor, but wasn't willing to bend over for anyone by any means. The villains were of course those people that you love to hate. Garrick and Palmer absolutely made my skin crawl. I will say even though I predicted the majority of the book as I read, that the ending where Tabor's sister came into play threw me for a loop. I'm hoping to see her character develop nicely in Mating Games.

My only two complaints was that weeks, days, or even months would just suddenly pass in the book without any indication of what was happening. There wasn't a forewarning that time had passed. It would kinda just jump into the next scene and tell you that so many weeks had passed, etc. Also, Sasha kinda did jump from one shifter to another. Aden was her goal when you first start the book, then she falls for Tabor pretty quickly once she realizes Aden has no romantic interest in her. Then Wolfrick comes back later on and you're almost unsure how she is going to respond to him.. Will she leave Tabor for her lost love? Or say screw you, you broke my heart? That's pretty much what was going through my head. Glad it was the latter. Tabor's character was my favorite kind of male. Strong, yet soft with his female, never whiny, and can get you out of a bind if you need it. Overall loved the book and Im excited to see more from this author.. I encourage you, if you're looking to start getting into reading shifter books, this is a good one to start with.
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WOLF HOLLOW was nothing like I thought it would be and almost everything I could have asked for all rolled up into one great shifter novel.

The story started off kinda slow and I wasn't totally into Sasha's fan girl ramblings about her crush on her partner Aiden. I actually didn't love Tabor at first either. I thought he was a player that was too full of himself. As I got to know them both, I found myself rooting for them and their story.

The characters were fantastic. Dynamic, relatable, stubborn, kick-ass, I could really go on. They made the story and everything else was just a bonus. The romance between Sasha and Tabor was frustrating yet enjoyable. There isn't an insta-love and the slow lead up was worth the sizzle that came when they finally connected. 

The post apocalyptic setting was interesting. The community is hidden and they have to travel to get the things they need that they can't get on pack land. We don't get a whole lot of information on how the world came to be like it is besides them talking about a disease that brought devastation, but when they go out to scavenge we do get a feel for how the people have turned out and it's not pretty for the shifters that find themselves in their grasps. 

I really enjoyed WOLF HOLLOW. It did take me a little bit to really get into it, but once I did, I was in it and wanting more. The ending brings about a new course for the pack and I am definitely interested in reading more and finding out how things turn out.

* This book was provided free of charge from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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Ehhh I did not love this.

The beginning was pretty promising, though it was weird how it set up Aden as love interest and Actual Love Interest (I LITERALLY just finished and I can't remember his name) as antagonist. Pretty jarring. I didn't mind Sasha but never connected to her, and it was odd how she went from super against Love Interest to jumping his bones. Plus there was a LOT of gratuitous sex, which would have been fine if I liked the characters. The story itself ... there were so many of plot points one after another but even with so much happening, the book dipped in the middle. I just got bored, which was sad because I thought I'd love this book.

I guess this book and I were just a bad match.
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It was two days before the full moon and Sasha was on patrol. Aden was Sasha’s patrol partner.  Sasha and Aden provide security. Then Sasha caught the horrible stench of a vulhena. The elders thought the vulhena were formerly cougars that had mutated after feeding on diseased human corpses. Like humans vulhena couldn’t see in the dark nor come close to a wolf’s sense of smell. But they were vicious creatures especially when they banded together.  Sasha jumped out at the vulhena.  Vulhena had killed several elders a while ago including Sasha’s parents and she had seen their half eaten bodies, Sasha wanted Aden but he seem to only want friendship. Sasha didn’t want to push it and lose Aden’s friendship. Sasha had only had sex before with one wolf-  Wolfric and he had broken her heart. In the beginning  Wolfric and Sasha couldn’t keep their hands off each other easily accepting their parents and elders wish to claim each other and keep their line pure. But after both their parents gruesome deaths by the vulhena   Wolfric rebelled. Against the surviving three elders. Wolfric took off never to be seen again but Sasha had stayed and served the people. Sasha is next in line to take over the pack. Humans were cruel to shifters if they managed to catch them. Sasha ends up falling for tabor who was a half breed half wolf and half wizard. Most of the pack as well as the elders does not want to see Sasha and Tabor together. The elders invite another purebred wolf - Hectar- at a mating dance hoping the wolf and Sasha will claim each other as mates. Sasha had a necklace so Hectar could tell who she was and Sasha took it off so Hectar wouldn’t recognize her.  The pelders want to get Tabor and another wolf out of the pack and trick them and Tabor is being held by humans. 
I liked this book and it was a definite change of background for a shifter book. I liked the plot and pace and really didn’t want to put this book  down. This book had: action, suspense, intrigue, romance, prejudices, fights, tricks, cruelty, surprises, and much more. A different slant on a shifter book. I didn’t understand what the difference between a werewolf and a shifter I don't feel that was made clear.  I liked how Heidi stood up for what she believed in. I didn’t particularly care for Garrett. I enjoyed reading this book. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend.
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Thank you for the opportunity to review this book.  
In a post-apocalyptic world where humans, of course have ruined the earth, natural wolves have to now live with urban wolves (i assume bitten wolves).  They do live together harmoniously, until it’s time to mate and breed.  Then wolf hierarchy (natural vs bitten) come into play.  This is where Sasha and Tabor are, as Sasha is a pureblood and Tabor is even worse than a bitten wolf—he is a half-blood (wolf/wizard).  At first, they seem to not notice each other much, and then suddenly, especially when Sasha makes her mind up that he is the one for her—they become attracted to each other and fall in love.  Tabor, by virtue of his birth is insecure and this throws a few kinks in the romance.
This book needed some serious world building, and there was a big part of the book that was glossed over and ignored—humans kidnapping wolves and force-breeding them, force-fighting them.  The only assumption is that it will be addressed in future books.  I also found the writing to be stilted and simple—the speech was very formal for wolves that lived off the land.  I found myself chuckling at times.  Overall, a decent enough read, but I cannot imagine myself reading any future books of this series.
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Author Nikki Jefford takes readers into a post-apocalyptic paranormal world featuring sexy shifters, heady emotion and lots of pack politics.  Wolf Hollow introduces readers to Tabor the cocky outcast with a chip on his shoulder and Sasha a leader in the making and only pack pureblood shifter.

As the last remaining pureblood Sasha is a member of the packs’ governing council.  She’s expected to be a great leader and most importantly procreate with a respectable pureblood from another pack to strengthen the Wolf Hollow Shifters.  Sasha wants to become a great leader like her parents but she doesn’t appreciate the pressure to mate with a pureblood from members of the council and the pack.  When she begins to have feelings for Tabor the packs half breed outcast her heart becomes divided between duty and love.

Tabor knows exactly how the pack feels about his other half.  Tabor is part wolf and part wizard. He knows the council will never approve his and Sasha’s mating but he’s determined to find a way to be with the woman he loves.

Wolf Hollow is an interesting read.  Ms Jefford does a good job of creating this post-apocalyptic world where the wolves are dominant but secluded,  humans are the enemy, and evil lurks around every corner.  I liked both Sasha and Tabor. They definitely get off to a rocky start but their chemistry heats up fast. Wolf Hollow has plenty of twists and turns to keep the reader guessing. I like the fact that Wolf Hollow is unpredictable. I was never quite sure what was going to happen next.
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Wolf Hollow made for an enjoyable, quick read I would recommend to anyone who loves a good shifter series. In the beginning the main characters seem a bit flighty as their love/lust feelings do a quick 180 degrees.. but after you get past the first few chapters Sasha and her chosen man have plenty of action, drama, suspense, and sexual chemistry to make the book tough to put down. There’s a dystopian/post apocalyptic setting as well as a bit of magic thrown in-which added a different spin off to this series. My only confusion with this book was the difference between a werewolf and a wolf shifter, as the author never quite made it clear what the difference that led to the prejudice between the two was. Beyond that, a really great read that will keep me looking out for book 2!
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Wolf Hollow is the first in a new series by new to me author Nikki Jefford. This fantasy romance takes place in a post apocalyptic world where shifters and wizards are real and humans have been about wiped out by a health crisis. The world building was great and Tabor and Sasha will make you laugh and groan and sigh. As with any world politics will make you want to pull your hair out but you never stop rooting for the little guy. This book is filled with surprises and lots of love.
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Nikki Jefford is an author that I have heard of but I hadn't read any of her books and when I saw Wolf Hollow was described as both shifter and post apocalyptic I was intrigued how the genres would mix together. 

The cover is set in a forest, which we later discover is wolf hollow. There is a wolf in the background who is looking towards the male in the foreground. I did wonder how post apocalyptic the book would be as it seems to be showing a very healthy looking green forest so was looking forward to finding out more. The title & author name font stand out well along with the series title at the very bottom of the cover. There is a tagline/recommendation from author Karen Lynch, though I haven't read anything by Karen so it didn't really sway me either way. I think the cover should catch your eye when on a bookstore shelf enough to make me want to pick it up and read the blurb.

The genres I have found listed for this book are mystery, thriller, sci-fi, fantasy, dystopia, & post apocalyptic. I agree with most of the genres listed but feel I should point out that though the world has been devastated by an apocalyptic event, in this case a disease there isn't a great deal more post apocalyptic issues within the book. I wouldn't really label it dystopian either, I would say it falls more into the shape-shifter category. Maybe more post apocalyptic elements will work there way in later in the series. In this book the humans are the ones more affected by the post apocalyptic component in the book. 

A disease brought devastation to the world twenty eight years before, meaning there are many empty houses and buildings to be scavenged for useful items for the remaining human survivors and the different shifter survivors. There are two types of shifters in this recovering world, pure-blood shifters who are born and brought up in the wild, and the more urban shifters who are considered half-breeds. The humans that survived the disease have been hardened and are cruel to shifters if they manage to catch them. Making shifter fight shifter and forcing male shifters to mate and create shifter pups for the humans to use for security or to make money from fighting each other.

The Wolf Hollow pack live in the forest and are suffering with reduced numbers. The pack were attacked by a group of vulhena's years ago and their pack numbers have never gotten back to what they were. The Wolf Hollow Pack have a council which is made up of the three surviving elders, Jager, Garrick and Palmer. Also on the council are Garrick's son Raider and the only remaining pure-blood she-wolf Sasha. There's a lot of pressure being put on Sasha to claim a pure-blood wolf and procreate to continue her family's bloodline. However the only pure-blood male Wolfrik disappeared not long after the Vullhena attack that killed their parents saying he would not be told what to do and no one would tell him who to mate with too. Sasha was devastated, and has remained so for three long years. Sasha has continued with life in Wolf Hollow providing security to those that live in the den with their pups and preventing vulhena's attacking. It's during such an attack that Tabor a half breed shifter/wizard finishes off killing a vulhena Sasha had begun fighting. It's then that Sasha truly looks at Tabor thinking perhaps she will never find a pure-blood to mate with and that maybe it's time she look around at the other males available in Wolf Hollow as potential partners. Sasha feels she wants to settle down, but she is a strong willed woman who doesn't appreciate being told who she should or shouldn't choose as a mate. There are quite a lot of pack rules, policies and traditions at play within Wolf Hollow. When the elders reveal they have finally persuaded Hector a pure-blooded male from the Glenn Meadows pack to visit during a moon ceremony Sasha is somewhat annoyed. It becomes more and more apparent that the elders plan to quite literally present Sasha to Hector during the dance in the hope they will claim each other. Sasha has other idea's and removes a necklace she has been given to wear so that Hector will recognise her. Sasha has no intention on mating with Hector now she has her eyes set firmly on someone else. Tabor also is feeling a strange sudden attraction to Sasha ans when the opportunity arises to replace one of the ceremonial dancers and dance with Sasha during the mating ritual he takes it. Just when you think all is well and Sasha and Tabor may have a chance at happiness, Wolfrik returns to Wolf Hollow. Tabor is tricked by one of the cunning elders who wishes to rid the pack of the half shifter/wizard along with another male wolf called Zachary. 

There's such a lot going on in this book with the shifter relationships, the mating and claiming of shifter partners, the pure-blood vs half-breed shifter politics, the vulhena. mad wolf and human problems along with unscrupulous elders and the need to change and modernise the pack to ensure it's future.

I of course loved the kick butt female lead character of Sasha who is as tough as any of the males who provide the security patrols to keep men, mad dog and vulhena situation under control. She is a loyal friend to Wolfrik even though he abandoned her years before she is still there to offer her help and support as a friend. Sasha is also in agreement that the pack needs more democracy and more people on the elder council. Sasha is also prepared to put her life on the line to rescue Tabor when he is being held by humans. You also see a softer side to Sasha when she visits the trees of the ancestors where her parents are buried. I'd have to say she is my favourite character in the book. Though I also like den mother Heidi who isn't scared to stick up for half breed friends when needed, nor unafraid to either put her thoughts for changes within the pack across, or back others such as Sasha that suggest them. Heidi being a den mother also means she has two cute pups, Amy and Eric, who I hope we get more of in the next book too.

Of the male characters I liked Aden, who was Sasha's patrolling partner at the beginning of the book, who seems to accept what the elders have instructed him that as the packs only large tough werewolf he will be expected to not claim a partner or mate as he will always be needed for patrols and security. I hope to see Aden meet a suitable partner later in the series! Tabor is also a favourite, the way he has always been regarded and treat as an outcast. It's no wonder he is quick to believe the lies of Garrick about whats best for the pack. He is a true asset to the pack even if they don't all realise that. I loved the fact when he is given the option of a different life elsewhere he follows his heart.
The main character I loved to hate was Garrick, the elder, father to Raider. In fact Garrick is so bad even his own son, Raider does not speak up on his fathers behalf. I think the new council members will see to it that he doesn't step out of line again. The other character that gets his comeuppance is Zachary. Though I felt a little sorry for him as he was kind of blackmailed into helping Garrick in his attempt to rid the pack of Tabor. Zachary's sentence is one of the harshest that can be handed out to a male shifter. Judging by his apparent immediate infatuation with Tabor's relative arriving near the end of the book I'm thinking maybe he will redeem himself in some way in the coming book series.

I read this book in just two reading sessions, I really didn't want to put it down, it quickly became addictive reading. I will be checking out other books by Nikki Jefford as soon as I get the chance and the Wolf Hollow Series is firmly on my WTR list. This is an 18+ read due to the content, descriptions and certain acts described in the book. It is a little steamy in places but all such scenes etc are within a great plot. I could seriously go on and on about this book, it is crammed with plot and action. There are so many ways this series could take, I am sooo looking forward to reading more.

My immediate thoughts upon finishing this book were . . . When can I read the next one? and What else has Nikki Jefford wrote that I could read whilst I'm waiting for book two in the Wolf Hollow Series?
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Wolf Hollow is the first book I have read by Nikki Jefford and I am so glad I did!! This story is a wonderful unique read with a refreshing new take on the paranormal world. Sasha and Tabor are great characters and the overall interaction is engaging. I look forward to reading more of this author.
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2.5 Stars
I felt like I was coming in in the middle of a series. I was playing catchup with the world and the characters for the first third of the book. But my biggest issue was with Sasha. She's supposed to be the alpha, but the council walks all over her. She spent years being a doormat instead of standing up for,herself or her pack. Besides the romance, which I enjoyed,I was kinda disconnected from the rest of the book. For me there was a lot that wasn't necessary, and seemed to be thrown in for no reason. Just wasn't a great read for me.
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Some interesting parts, and interesting characters, but at times a little jumbled. Tabor is a wolf/wizard mix and Sasha is a purebred wolf. The pack leaders are quick to try to interfere with who she is with, and force her to stick with a purebred. She had one before, and it didn't work out, so now she is with Tabor. Thing is there is a lot of fear about his magic, and so there is fear of him. A lot of manipulation, a lot of meanness, etc. It got tiresome after awhile, and not a lot of characters were endearing to me. The evil humans popping in and out, and the creatures (sounded like chuppacabras) were confusing. I wish more would have been shown or described to explain their purpose, or left out more. The politics of the pack was more than enough drama here. Still, even with my issues I enjoyed the book enough to finish it to see how it would end, and would recommend it. If you like shifter books, with drama, you would probably like this book.
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