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I have never read Microfiction before so I went into this book blind. 

After researching what Microfiction is, it doesn't sound like something I would enjoy and I'm still not even sure if I enjoyed it. 

The short stories were nice to read and if you're into Microfiction I have no doubt that you would enjoy this book.

 For me, I just didn't see the point in it hence 3 stars. 

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Susan McCreery's new book, Loopholes, is like a wonderful devastation menu of fiction. Each snippet only takes a minute to read leaves you happy to read on or stop right there.
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McCreery has a talent of painting a picture by saying too little; her prose is almost poetic and the stories themselves absolutely engaging.
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Loopholes is a collection of microfiction by Susan McCreery. There are dozens of pieces in this collection, most contained on a single page with many not spanning more than a long paragraph. Each piece is unique and runs the gamut when it comes to topic and character. 

In general flash and micro fiction should do just what a standard short story does--engages the reader, gets them to feel something for the main character, and provides a twist or shock at the end. With this collection, I didn't feel like many of the pieces had all three parts to have a complete story in the short amount of space that each was given. Many of the stories seemed like they weren't even a fully introduction to a much longer story, but only a snippet, leaving the reader curious as to where the story was going. Only one or two of the stories in this collection left me feeling that the story was complete and not a precursor to something more.
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Over halfway through and found disappointingly little to make me continue.
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