What You Don't Know About Charlie Outlaw

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Being a famous actor can't be easy, especially when your also famous girlfriend call it quits. 
Charlie Outlaw seeks refuge on a remote island off the grid, but getting away soon turns into an adventure even his acting skills can't get him out of. 

This thoroughly enjoyable suspense/thriller kept me guessing as it well illustrated being a beloved actor isn't all it's cracked up to be when you still have real problems.
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I thought this was going to be a lot more lighthearted than it was. The cover is so light and fun, I guess I expected the story to be, too. But not so much. This book is not bad, but I just never really felt connected to the characters. I  had trouble understanding them and their motivations, so I never felt invested. Just a meh read for me.
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A cute, lighthearted tale ..... nothing that’ll keep you up all night with, but definitely worth the read! Thanks to netgalley for the opportunity.
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The best thing about this book is the cover art. It just didn't work for me. I couldn't connect with any of the characters.
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Unfortunately, this one just did not work for me. I never felt that I connected with the characters but I keep reading on in the hopes that would change. Eventually I finished and did not feel any more for them than I did when I opened the book.
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I tried to like this book, but I just couldn’t get into it. The central characters were not engaging. Did not finish.
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A unique and intriguing read.  I enjoyed this peek inside the life of an actor and how surreal that life must be. I found the use of the omniscient narrator very effective for a book whose main characters are actors, and I enjoyed being let in on things the characters didn’t even know yet.  The characters were well-written and interesting, but some of the scenes were a bit longer than they needed to be.  Many thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for my review copy.  This is my honest opinion.
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Thank you to Net Galley and G. P. Putnam for providing me with a free, early copy of What You Don’t Know About Charlie Outlaw for review. I struggled to get through this book and after thinking about it at length, I’m going to attribute it to two main factors. The author chose Third Person Omniscient for the point of view and I thinks this made me feel very disconnected from the characters. Instead of being invested in them because I knew their every thought, it had the opposite effect on me as I couldn’t sense much feeling or emotion from them. If I could have heard more dialogue and descriptions of movement and facial expressions from the character whose head I was in, it would have worked for me. Secondly, the book tries to bring gravity and importance to Hollywood actors as a profession. I’ll blame this one on my phase of life but with all the heavy things going on in the world, I couldn’t buy into this aspect of the book and it was one of the main points.
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I really enjoyed half this book - Josie's half - but found Charlie's part to be pretty boring. In a way, I wish Stewart had stayed with Josie the whole time, exploring her life as an aging actress pretty much known only for her role as a teen hero in a cult TV show. That part was compelling to read; Charlie's adventures as a hostage? Not so much.
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4.25 stars rounded down to 4.

I really enjoyed this book-the premise was unusual, the characters endearing and the story was terrific.

What You Don't Know About Charlie Outlaw is the story of Hollywood TV star Charlie Outlaw, who has taken a break from his life in Hollywood by escaping to a tropical island to retreat from the firestorm that erupted following an interview where he inadvertently disparaged his long-time, live-in Hollywood girlfriend.  

It is also the story of his (now ex-)girlfriend, Josie, who was an enormous star 20 years ago but has struggled for relevancy in Hollywood recently.

Charlie's escape sours when he is captured while hiking and held for ransom by a group of disorganized kidnappers.

The book proceeds to tell Charlie & Josie's realities during the time that he is held captive.

I appreciated that I couldn't predict what would happen and I really liked the lighthearted glimpse into the mind of an actor.

I'll be looking for more of Leah Stewart!

*ARC received from #netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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So I got this from netgalley for review purposes. Disclosure, et.al.

And I liked it. Or, rather, I liked the story. I liked most of the characters, even most of the "bad guys". I even liked the ending, since I'm kind of partial to nicely wrapped-up things tied with a bow.

For some reason, though, the parts didn't seem to all fit together for me. It took me weeks to read, because my mind kept wandering off in some other -- any other -- direction. The parts where things actually happened were good; unfortunately, the parts where things actually happen could fill a book half this size. The rest of it was a treatise on how hard famous people have it in life.

Yeah. I know. I'm ever so sympathetic.

(And actually, I AM sympathetic. There's a weird fishbowlness to fame, even on a micro level, which I've actually seen first hand. I can imagine what it would be like on a larger stage and *no, thank you*. I'm happy over here in obscurityville, thank you.)

It's so *hard* to see your friends succeed. It's so *hard* to be a woman over forty in Hollywood. It's so *hard* to have had a show that fans liked, and still like. The whole time, I kind of wanted to smack Josie. (Who, by the way, I'm 99% sure is modelled after Sarah Michelle Gellar from Buffy. Whom I like, from what I know of her.) The author just went on and on and on about how difficult it was to be famous, but just as difficult not to be, and just as difficult to have once-been. It just got tedious. We get it. It's hard. Move on.

That said, if you kinda skim those parts after the first three hundred or so, like I said, the story itself isn't bad at all. Stewart really nailed how it must be to be in Charlie's situation and writes it in a way that *feels* like a verging panic attack at times. Those parts make up for the droning tedium on Josie's side of things.

All in all, it won't make my list of favorite books ever, but if you're looking for a beach read where skipping bits won't be a problem, this'd definitely fit the bill, and will keep you fairly entertained.
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I have read several of Leah Stewart's books and was super excited for this one. Unfortunately for me, it fell short of her other novels. Both Josie and Charlie are shallow and self-absorbed, which means that they are hard to like and identify with. I don't always have to like the characters but I do have to find something redeeming and  I just didn't.
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What You Don't Know About Charlie Outlaw is a delightful surprise - an adventurous departure from Leah Stewart's prior books. It is sneakily touching, featuring endearing characters and a strong message about empowerment. Actor Charlie Outlaw nearly derails his successful career as the star of a successful television series. He seeks solace in a remote location far from the paparazzi so that he can be anonymous and recover from the recent demise of his relationship with actress Josie Lamar. Josie was once a hot, sought-after series star herself, but in recent years she has had trouble landing roles. But Charlie's desire for a quiet vacation turns deadly. Unable to reach Charlie to inform him of recent developments in her life, Josie is preparing to attend a much-hyped reunion with her castmates from her hit tv show.  As she becomes increasingly concerned about Charlie's failure to answer her texts or calls, Charlie is desperately trying to devise a way to save himself. A fast-paced, tension-filled resolution highlights Stewart's unique romp about two characters who, in less able handles, could have been insufferably neurotic but are refreshingly empathetic and likable.
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Some aspects of this book were interesting, but overall it seemed rather a mishmash of styles.  Was it a mystery? Romantic comedy?  What?  I didn't especially care for the characters so didn't really care '"what I didn't know about Charlie"'.  It was  just ok for me
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While this is a fun and funny premise and it has some redeeming qualities, there was just so much thrown in that it was hard to find the thread...
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I was provided a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest and fair review.

Ever wondered what it was like to be an actor? It's not something I ever really thought much about, but still while reading this book I found myself interested in a lot of the thought process that goes behind the acting gig. I'm an accountant myself and have never really been much of an actor (I really am an awful liar and am somewhat terrible at secret-keeping) but after reading this book I can say that I identify with some pieces of the job. I also tend to be overly sensitive and emphatic, which gets me into trouble sometimes just like it did Charlie. And while I could resonate with his character on this specific idea, there were a lot of other parts of this book that got lost in translation for me. It felt to me like there was a limited amount of action thrown in between inner monologues and flash backs and character changes, all of which didn't have much transition and multiple times I had to go back and figure out where the switch happened. While I really did enjoy the plot and I loved the ending, I found the book to be overly wordy and I had to struggle a little to make my way through it. This book has gotten some great reviews though and I did like the characters and the plot a lot so I would definitely still recommend checking it out!
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I had a hard time putting down Leah Stewart’s latest novel! This tale of Charlie Outlaw and Josie Lamar, both actors, is compelling.
The two have been in a long-term relationship. His career is rising; hers is on a downswing, having begun when she was in her teens.
 When Charlie says something off-the-cuff about their relationship during an interview that hurts Josie’s feelings, the story goes viral. In spite of being in love, they decide to split up.
Charlie, who never intended to hurt Josie, decides to go as far away as he can to a tropical island, telling nobody his specific plans. He wants to get his head together.
Josie continues to audition for parts in Los Angeles. When she realizes that she needs to reach out to Charlie and does so, he doesn’t get back to her. And that’s because he has managed to get himself kidnapped!
The novel goes back and forth from one to the other as we learn what makes each of them tick, and they learn what’s really important in life.
The book pulled me into its grips right from the beginning.
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Actor Charlie Outlaw gives an interview that he wishes he could take back. He says some things that aren’t really what someone you were in love with would want to hear and his girlfriend Josie Lamar is understandably upset. Charlie decides to take off by himself to regroup on an island. When he joins up with a group for a jungle hike, things take a bad turn and Charlie is kidnapped. The kidnappers have no idea that they have someone famous on their hands and they are not quite up to par in the kidnapping game so things go from bad to worse.

Back in California, Josie has no idea what is going on with Charlie. Josie is just trying to get auditions and live her life. Josie was once very famous for playing the butt kicking Bronwyn Kyle. (Picture a Buffy type) Little does she know that she will need to come to the rescue of Charlie.

The whole story is told by a narrator and at first, it was a little off-putting to me but once the story started going, I was all in. I pictured a Morgan Freeman type every time I started a new chapter. I loved the way I totally got to know both Charlie and Josie as the story progressed. I also loved a little delving into the world of Hollywood and fan adoration, especially a look at how things go behind the scenes at places like a Comic Con. Leah Stewart had this wonderful way of giving us a peek at the outlying characters too. They weren’t just extras, so to speak.  But it is the main characters that you will fall in love with. If you have not read any Leah Stewart (and I have read all her books), this might be a good one to start with.

Thanks to Netgalley and Penguin for a copy of this book.
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I LOVED this novel! It's about an actor named Charlie and an actress named Josie who have just broken up - his career is on an upward trajectory while hers is on a downward trajectory. In the wake of their breakup, Charlie travels to a remote island to escape from the media, which turns out to be more dangerous than he anticipated. Back in LA, Josie is busy getting ready for the 20 year reunion for the tv show she starred in. There is A LOT more to the plot than that, but I'm not going to give any spoilers. But more than that, the writing and the character development was seriously amazing. The author used an unusual third party omniscient narrator in that the narrator was REALLY omniscient - so you not only were told about the character's thoughts, but sometimes about things that they would think in the future looking back, and also would jump briefly to hear about the thoughts of the characters around them. Rather than being distracting, it was seriously masterful in bringing the characters and the whole book so vividly to life.
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I loved The Myth of You and Me, and I feel like I am looking for how I felt about that book in every Leah Stewart book I try. Unfortunately in this one I just wasn't connecting with the characters, and ended up bailing on it. This isn't really a review as much of a statement that this wasn't really my thing.
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