No Justice

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This was a tough one for me to read, for many reasons - similar to those I discussed in a previous review of the book The Day Sonny Died. In fact, I finished both of these books within a day or so of one another and was not eager to review them because they were truly draining. They were exhausting because it was so easy for me to see one of my students in the place of either young man, fictional or flesh and blood. While the young men in each story had a very different journey in how they came to be where they were, both are still situations any of my babies might find themselves in later in life. As a special education teacher in a behavior skills classroom, the majority of my students...

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Wow. EVERYONE should read this book. What a miscarriage of justice for this young man and his family. I do not remember hearing about this case but I did hear about the book that is to be published and I am glad I did. The things this man and his family had to endure was beyond disgusting. If you think police misjudgement cannot happen to you or someone you love/know, read this book. Thanks to NetGalley, the publisher and the author for the ARC of this book in return for my honest review.
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Everyone needs to read this riveting account of the travesty of justice that Robbie Tolan and his family suffered at the hands of those undeservedly paid to protect all Americans from harm!
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