I Knocked Him Out

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An Excellent book series by this author looking forward for more...
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Though this series doesn't need to be read in order as I discovered after reading Book#3 that though each one is stand-alone and features a different couple.  Each book has the same cast throughout the series. The majority of the main characters all work at the same firm JPI Jameson Private Investigations. In this book, we read the beginnings and developments in the relationship between Sasha and Declan. Growing up they belonged to the same group of friends. However, Declan always was an ass to Sasha and treated her differently because her family had money. As they got older, they couldn't be in the same room without arguing or Declan picking a fight with her. That all changed though when he snuck up on her during one of her boxing lessons, and she bumped him so hard that she knocked him out. From then, the pair starts to see each other in a different light, as she probably knocked some sense into him. However, the start of their relationship won't be an easy one as Sasha has once again attracted the likes of a stalker and if she thought the one she had in college was bad, this new one is taking things to a whole new level including blowing up the JPI offices. If you want a good edgy contemporary romance with a suspense element, then check out I Knocked Him Out by Jessica Frances.
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This is my first book by this author.  The cover immediately made me stop, back up and turn to grab it..  I loved the diversity of the cover.  I loved the diversity of the main character, Sasha.  I did not read the 1st book in this series.  Yet, I was able to follow along just fine.  I picked up right away that I was following  a group of childhood friends that went into business together running and working in a Detective Agency.   Sasha, I believe is receptionist at this Agency has this weird, pent up, love hate relationship with one of the Detectives...Declan.   And yes, she "Knocks him out".  The chemistry between all the characters is certainly there, particularly between Declan and Sasha, although their back and forth tension became a weary game of cat and mouse.  I understood Declan's avoidance and dislike of Sasha, but somehow did not interpret what made him suddenly become drawn to her so intensely, apart from his physical attraction to her.  There was also an parallel plot of suspense with a stalker everyone seemed to forget about when he or she wasn't stalking them.  A humorous read with characters with personality.  2.5 stars
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I enjoyed this book I was hooked from the very first page and I couldn't put my kindle down while reading this book. This installment was just as good as the previous installment and I can't wait to read the next book In this series
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Jessica Frances, you did it again! I LOVE this series.. it's so different from the usual romance in YA books and has a suspense factor.. huge plus for me! I was really excited to read this second book in the series because Sasha is definitely one of my favorite characters from the first book. I adore how confident and sassy she is and how we really got to get to know her character in this book. Such a fun, gripping read. I would definitely recommend giving this series a read!
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Another great story from series. In this one Sasha and Declan the two frenemies finally give up the sexual tension that everyone feels around them. It is a story full of surprises, the author does great with the tension and suspension and changing the suspect of the stalker. Also the tension between Sasha and Declan their nonsex rule and escalating their sexual tension until it finally explodes so good written. Both Declan and Sasha are an interesting couple and although being year-long friends they don't know each other and are finally seeing who they truly are and what lies behind the walls.I volunteered to review an ARC of this book for Netgelly
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Mixed emotions with this one.

I really enjoyed the overall book and that ending was sweet!. 

I'll get it out right off and say my favourite is still book one of this series I Stole His Car. 

The two books In my opinion are very different. While there are some very sensitive subjects in book one that is definitely counterbalanced by humour and romance. This book I found to have a lot more drama going on!. That's not a bad thing because it kept things fresh and different however at times it was overwhelming.. especially in beginning because you don't really get a full explanation until quite further on and even then it's not really justified.

Declan for as much as I loved him I just wanted to throttle him. His actions aren't great a lot of the time in this book. His reasons for acting the way he does literally doesn't justify it or make it ok which yes he hold his hands up for but that's further along.  He's one of them characters your either going to love or hate because of the way he is. I happen to love him but strongly want to junk punch him most of the damn time. However I love his domesticated sweet loving protective alpha badass side! That shit was hot and what ultimately made me love him even though I didn't want to. 

Sasha is a badass queen who had an independent don't fuck with vibe a mile long. She uses her attitude to deflect the fact she's hurting and she was damn good at hiding it. I loved her character! She's imperfectly perfect. Strong and fierce on the outside yet sweet and soft once you get past those walls. She's relatable in her struggles and I instantly connected to her character. Now that's not to say she didn't frustrate me because lord have mercy she did. But all round I respected her character.

Both of them had chemistry hot enough to set fire to the stratosphere but learning to play nice wasn't easy for them. They really had to work hard through their issues with eachother while unknown enemies played harder to to get them apart. It wasn't and easy road for them and I'd go as far as to say it was pretty damn rocky but they got there in the end. I believed in them and there connection. I enjoyed getting brief peaks of other characters and reading about their crazy family dynamic.  It's written seemlessy with a good plot,lots of twist and turns to keep you on your toes. I enjoyed it even though it stressed me out. 

However like I said uptop... I prefer the first because I'm a lover of humour and that had me creasing with laughter. This one and the characters frustrated me more but I love it it anyway.  

I kindly received this ARC from netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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As a first timer with this author, I must say she knocked it out of the park! I really really enjoyed this story and the stalker twist had me captivated. The characters were really strong and well done, with each one bringing another layer to their bond of a close knit family. Sasha and Declan’s chemistry was off the charts and it was sweet and funny watching them realize their feeling for one another. I now am dying to go back and read book 1 to learn about Ava and Zander’s story! This was a really great book!
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3.5 STARS!!!
Let me start by saying this story is the first I have read from this author and I was completely excited to experience her writing style. This book turned out to be a good read. I completely agree with the author by saying although this book can be read as a standalone, I also agree that its best if the books are read in order. There were parts in this book that made me wish I had read "I Stole His Car" first because I felt as if I missed the start of the friendship between these characters and when it comes to friendship, it's an important part of this story. I finished this story in one sitting; there were parts that made me laugh out loud but the suspense within the story had me wanting to know who was behind everything. There were parts that were a little predictable but it's the certainty of knowing exactly who was behind the revenge. The one thing I wished this story had was a little more romance. I enjoyed Declan and Sasha's characters as much as I did the other characters in this story, but I truly wanted and expected more romance between the main characters and not getting the romance I was seeking between the two characters was a little disappointing. I wanted to feel that deep connection, especially since there was a lot of history between the two. However, this was still a good suspense filled read and I would read more books from this author.
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