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What Can We Know about God?

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Concise and solid teaching about our wondrous God - His nature and His will. Another great addition to this series of books.
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What Can We Know About God? is the twenty-seventh book in the Crucial Questions series by R.C. Sproul. Many of the books in this series are available as free ebooks for kindle. Most of the books are quite short. This is probably for the best since not every believer is an active reader. What Can We Know about God? is even shorter, in my opinion, than some of the other books in the series. If I'd been writing the book, it would have been even shorter.

The question Sproul asks is: What Can We Know About God?

The answer Sproul gives is essentially: What we can know about God is what God has revealed to us within his Holy Word. Sproul then begins an extremely basic review of a few of the attributes of God which we learn through Scripture.

Sproul has written other books--longer books, more detailed books--that address these same questions. The book feels very familiar, like I've read it before--from Sproul--in nearly the same words. That is possible. I've heard a lot of sermons by Sproul. I've read a handful of books written by Sproul.

I would recommend this one to Christians who are not big readers but who genuinely have questions about the faith.
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Another great one by the late Mr. Sproul. In this CQ book, he discusses God Himself. He went into depth about the Lord, discussing his attributes and that no creature will ever be God. Very helpful. Despite the length of this book, you will learn a lot about our Savior.
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The ultimate truth is the truth of God, and that He is the foundation and source of all other truth. Everything we learn-economics, philosophy, biology, mathematics-has to be understood in light of the overarching reality of the character of God. 

Before I begin this review, I had finished this text yesterday and found out that Dr. R.C. Sproul passed away at the age of 78. I have with great anticipation enjoyed his studies and teaching of our Lord and savior. Dr. Sproul does not pit truth against grace or grace against truth. He is one of the most balanced teachers and authors we have and he will be sorely missed. He does not claim to know all that there is about the will of God but he does give solid parameters and always leads others to God's word. He does not add or take away. With that said, I hope these new series will bring others to the knowledge of God and his plan of redemption.

What can we know about God? Plenty and I like that this book packs much in the 44 pages. It lays a foundation in seven chapters.

Knowledge of God
One in Essence
Three in Person
Incommunicable Attributes
Communicable Attributes
Will of God

Several chapters struck out to me one being the trinity. The importance of the trinity to our faith is critical because of the relationship aspect. The trinity keeps Christianity from just being a religion to a living way of life based on relationship of give, respond, and sacrifice. The good of the other

The other two chapters were the communicable and the incommunicable attributes. The communicable attributes are those that we as Christians can fight for such as justice and righteousness. I use my own word "fight" as at times this can be a struggle. But it in these attributes we have true reconciliation with God and with others. No matter what are differences are.

I highly recommend.

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