Fall From Grace

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The story line from this book was great. Thanks to Netgalley for this free copy. I enjoyed the chemistry between the main Characters.
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This book had a sweet premise: two neighbor kids grow up together and fall in love, with tragedies and stumbling blocks along the way. I wish the execution was a bit better. The writing was little uneven - in places it was good and kept the story moving, but in other places it was stilted and all over the place. The dialogue was a bit cheesy in places, the characters' reactions to certain events were baffling, and although Grace and Noah were fleshed out the rest of the characters were pretty one-dimensional. The ideas here have potential, though, and generally this was an enjoyable read.
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I have not loved a book like this in so long. I couldn't put it down. It takes you out of this world and into Noah and Grace's world. This isn't a typical love story. There's pain, sorrow, trials, distance but all those swirling around love. Love that started at the age of 6 and 7 years old. I laughed, smiled, and cried. Wonderful book!
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I almost quit on this book, but I ended up being glad I didn’t.

Grace and Noah met when she was six and he was seven years old, Their friendship began in Grace’s backyard tree fort and grew from innocent adventures in the woods into young love and sexual exploration, spurred on by Noah and his far more worldly upbringing. 

From the beginning. Grace’s loving caring parents encouraged their friendship, knowing that Noah’s drug addicted parents weren’t giving him the care he needed. But then it becomes apparent their relationship is moving into more serious territory than two young teenagers should be, a tragic incident happens with Noah’s family, and the two are separated.

Four years later, they are reunited and neither’s feeling have lessened. They spend several happy months getting to know each other again. But then another tragic event happens, and this time Grace makes the choice to push Noah away. However, Noah isn’t deterred.

Life without Grace was… planning all the ways to get her back. N.P.

There were several reasons why I almost put this book in my DNF pile. For the first half of the book multiple things didn’t work for me, starting with the odd writing style. 

Starting out, there is what seems like a journal entry, signed by N.P. But these entries, supposedly written by Noah, are far too mature sounding to be penned by a seven year old. These “journal entries” are throughout the book and give us a quick glimpse into Noah’s thoughts and feelings - which I was grateful for - but again, the maturity of the writing didn’t match the supposed author, until he was much older.

The rest of the book is told by the heroine of the book, and it’s a strange type of storytelling because you think it’s a recollection, but it sorta seems like she’s telling the story as a six year old. But the conversations she’s having with Noah aren’t really realistic - six and seven year olds don’t talk the way they did. And I just found the writing style...odd. It’s the only way I can describe what I thought of the writing. Add in the fact that this was a very rough draft of the book (even by ARC standards) with a lot of strange formatting and words clumped together, and it was not an easy book to read. 

The next thing that made me almost DNF this book was the graphic descriptions of the hero and heroine’s burgeoning sexuality with each other. At the age of 13. Look, I’m not naive. I know it happens that young. But I have teenagers and reading about kids that young was just uncomfortable. It could have been sweet, but with Noah’s advanced knowledge about sex (gleaned from watching porn films and parties where his parents and their friends were all stoned), it just seemed like he and Grace weren’t on equal footing in the exploration of a physical relationship. And again…THEY WERE 13. 

But once they got older, and life got complicated for Noah and Grace, and the writing finally seemed to match their ages, this book was really good. Yes, there was lots drama of soap opera proportions, but it made for some quick turning of the Kindle pages. I loved how determined Noah was to get Grace back, in spite of her cutting herself off from him. The book started out rather slow, but at the end didn’t get bogged down during the last four years they were apart. The epilogue was a satisfying look at Noah and Grace’s happily-ever-after. It was a great ending to a story I wasn’t sure I was going to get through, but I’m glad I did. 

* thank you to NetGalley and Michelle Gross for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review
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This was a really good love story with great characters I really liked both Grace and Noah they were very likable and real.This is a perfect read to curl up with on a cold afternoon it had a good storyline and held my interest I liked it and will be checking out more from this author in the future
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3.5 stars - and here's why.  The storyline itself is a solid 5.  It was beautiful and heartbreaking and heartwarming.  It's a tale of true love found early in life, that could do nothing but grow.  Our hero, Noah, is the embodiment of love.  His feelings for Grace never wavered.  He knew what he wanted, and what he was willing to do to deserve her, even so far as letting her go when that is what she needed.  This isn't just a second chance romance, it's a third chance romance that that's them through their early years and into their twenties.

So that sounds like it should be a five star favorite, but this was a case of the story outshining the writing.  I realize what I read was uncorrected copy, and I can only hope there was lots of editing that happened after the fact.  There were so many issues with missed words, run on sentences, bad grammar, etc.  It detracted so much from the overall reading experience.  I also had some issues with how young these two were when they experienced their sexual awakening, and it made me feel a bit creepy.  And do not get me started with how such a young boy/man would even known how to be such a giving and talented lover right out of the gate.  I "suppose" it could happen.  Young adult is not my favorite genre, because I guess I'm far enough away from that age to have forgotten what it's like to make such silly mistakes...the unnecessary drama and angst...the misunderstandings and assumptions because there is no communication.

All in all - I absolutely loved the storyline, but the writing itself needs some work.
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Noah’s childhood is one that is filled with pain. His love for his parents is heartwrenching for you see that they are to far gone to do the same. You see how his dad will use him for his own gain and that just is sad. But Noah has Grace and she gives him hope. They have adventures together and get close. Over the years they become best friends and so close it scares Grace’s dad. He doesn’t think Noah will amount to much due to his parents and his upbringing but Noah is determined to show him he is wrong.
We see them be taken from each other at age 13 and watch them go through alot of growing in the four years they were apart. Never did they forget one another. Noah was put in a better life and shown love and thrived though he always remembered Grace. Counting the days until he saw her again. Grace’s mom was rooting for them quietly in the background too.
When they see each other again. the attraction and love is palpable between them. Grace has choices to make and her dad doesn’t make it easy. Noah still isn’t trusted by him. But Noah is still determined to prove him wrong. They grow close again and Noah shows her his love in such beautiful ways. Unfortunately fate rips our amazing couple apart and our hearts go with them. To me how Grace hurt Noah was horrendous. But Noah being the one that takes our heart understands and picks himself up and builds a life without her waiting for the moment she is ready. He is there in the background waiting while she goes to college. He is creating a good life for himself and is surrounded by happiness and loved ones. Grace is off trying to forget and move on. Only she never really does.
Suddenly they are together again in the same town and their worlds collide. Fate has shown them the way to each other’s hearts again. Only Grace does fight it at first and finally does gain the belief in their love and herself. She lets go of the past and her and her dad start to heal. She has the love she was meant to have with Noah was again.
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I received an arc copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for my honest opinion of it. This book was amazing and I could not put it down. The friendship, love and chemistry between Noah and Grace was just amazing. Following their life story from age 6 to adults was perfect!
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Such a sweet, amazing book omg. Amazing is an understatement for this book. From the beginning to the end I loved each part. I got all emotions from this book. I cried, I laughed, I got angry and cried some more.
This book is the only book that has ever made me cry my eyes out. I need to find me a Noah out there!
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4 Stars!

I just love these books. The, I have loved you all my life, we have been friends since kids kind of stories. Fall From Grace did not disappoint! 

This was a swear book that made me feel all the feels! All of them. Every. Single. One. I laughed, I cried, my heart broke, and then was put back together again!

Fall From Grace is the story of Grace and Noah. 

When Grace was 6 she moved to a new place, a home with an amazing back yard and an even better tree house. It is I’m this tree house Grace and Noah meet for the first time, and thus began a friendship and a once in a lifetime kind of love!

Grace has everything she could want, a loving family, a great home, and Noah. Noah on the other hand has addicts for parents and a scary and hard life. For him, Grace is his refuge, even at the age of 7.

I loved reading about Grace and Noah. Fall takes us from the age of six through adulthood. I love seeing their friendship and Love form and grow. The author did an amazing job of taking us on a journey through their lives, through the ups and downs and all the joy and pain!

Noah is steadfast. I love his love. His determination. His understanding. He is truly amazing!

A great read I recommend whole heartedly!
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OMG, Grace and Noah (especially) made me swoon so hard. I loved how real this story was. I could totally relate to and remember the awkward feelings they were starting to have for each other when they became teenagers. I loved that Noah always knew exactly what he wanted and never gave up on. This book made me laugh, snort, cry, blush, swoon...everything! I felt all the feels with this and I especially liked the epilogue. Seriously, such a wonderful story from beginning to end and I couldn't put it down!!

ARC provided by NetGalley.
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'Call from Grace' is a mature read that follows the sprouting friendship of Grace and Noah which blossomed from a discovery in a coveted tree-house when they were six and seven into high school and finally adulthood.  Their connection is intense and heartfelt in such a way that one would forget that they are dealing with children, not adults. I will admit there were a few scenes where I had to backtrack to confirm what age Noah and Grace were, simply because their maturity, while so young took away from the story's authenticity. There is something to be said about an appropriate amount of innocence and naivety from ages six to sixteen.  With that said, there remains so many unforgettable moments that are heart wrenching and endearing.  This is my first read by this author and I am taken by her style of making the reader truly feel every emotion her characters portray.
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Fall From Grace has a beautiful, haunting cover. Between the cover and the blurb, I had to read it.

Best friends
First Love

It has all the components of a sweet coming of age story. And yet, it may be partially sweet but it has a whole lot of hurt, loss, and grief. Fall From Grace is definitely a mature readers only book. It handles some very tense situations.
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This book tells the story of Noah and Grace. The two met when Grace was six years old. Throughout their childhood and into their teenage years they were inseparable. Unfortunately there were some obstacles they had to overcome, but this was a wonderful story of young love.
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For the most part it was a good story. However, I didn't appreciate the sexual activity when they were so young. Especially when it went into so much detail about it. That just really was not something I wanted to read. Besides that, I really do think it's an interesting story. It definitely keeps you wondering whether or not there is going to be a happy ending.
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I loved this so unique.
Noah and Grace have beautiful souls.

Love how thi starts with them as 6 year olds.
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Excellent emotional, breathtaking, beautiful storyline!  This is the first book I've read by this author, but it won't be the last -- I'm interested to see what she comes up with next -- I don't want to ruin it for anyone so I'm not going to give anything away -- just suggest that you give this a chance if you love emotional, heartfelt, soul-searching, intense love stories because this one hits on all those points!  A definite recommend for me.  I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC for NetGalley.
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This was a lovely story about two people ho was destined to be together,even if life troughs you some curve balls. You will fallow them through life, from the first meeting. It was a heart felt story and I can see my self reading more books from this author.
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A story that spans their short lifetime, Fall From Grace is emotionally charged, with depth of character and heart-warmingly passionate too. I was kept engrossed throughout the entire book and recommend this to anyone who enjoys a deeply meaningful story friends who become so much more.
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