Prime Meridian

Pub Date   |   Archive Date 15 Dec 2017

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This novella creeped me out. It was a snapshot of stymied dissatisfaction, a life arrested on its course and plunged by force into a stagnancy leading nowhere. If I sound overly flowery, like I'm trying to write a literary-sounding review of The Great Gatsby or some other profoundly uncomfortable classic work, it's because that's what Prime Meridian was like.

Only I don't need any American Lit teacher to tell me, "You see, Gatsby was so influential because it encapsulated the essence of the 1920s-" because I KNOW exactly what this novella is encapsulating. It's encapsulating the very stage of life I'm currently going through. As a 23-year-old who, at 18, had lofty, high hopes for my...

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