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I love reading Jane Linfoot's Wedding Shop series but I didn't enjoy this one as much. Setting up a kitchen in a flat she'd been there for a few days was a little far fetched for me. I liked reading about the baking and I loved the group of friends. I'd look out for a next one in this series if there is one and I'd still look out for her next book. Thank you for accepting my request.
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The perfect holiday book. It has the perfect blend of chick lit and charm. Characters become friends and you’re left with those warm fuzzy feelings.
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So Clemmie is on a break from her job in Paris and returns to her grandmother apartment in St. Aiden, Cornwall. The apartment was left to Clemmie and it has been a long time since she last visited. She is in St. Aiden for only a few months but her childhood friends coerce and cajole her into setting up The Little Cornish Kitchen. Clemmie needs to raise money for repairs to the apartment and her business minded besties help her raise the much-needed money.

Oh this book should come with a warning of "Do Not Read On An Empty Stomach" as the macaroons, brownies, sorbets and the array of yummy-scrummy-umptious confectionary delicacies start to make an appearance.

The setting is something that definitely appealed to me, as some may be aware, I live in Cornwall and I always like to try to link a books setting to a place I may have visited, this one made me think of a couple of places straight away. This for me made the setting and more importantly the description of said setting work so well for me.

Now this apartment is so me and I could so easily see myself there, in fact can I go right now pleeeease :) It is a mish mash of unmatcing crockery, cutlery and furniture with a balcony overlooking the sea, it sounds snug and magical and absolute perfection.

Oh! I should mention the story and characters as well. The story in some respects is basic but it has been so well put together that I simply fell in love with it.  Clemmie comes home, she is the only one of her friends who hasn't settled and instead travelled. Her story has a twist and as the story unfolds you realise how her fabulous friends are, they're supportive and totally brilliant, if a little quirky at times, a group you would definitely love to have a drink with and there would be tons of laughing.

So this is really Clemmie's story, about how things over the years led her to a life of travel and not settle. But the move gives her something to think about, re-kindles memories and she discovers things that she hadn't realised she could do or had even occured to her to do. Then there is a neighbour, 'Well hello there'. He has a few hidden talents that would come in rather handy. I wasn't too sure on his agenda, if you read the story you will know what I mean.

This was a great story and it ticked a lot of boxes for me; well written, great cast and wonderful descriptions. It was humorous at times and also had moments that had a little more of a serious side. Thoroughly enjoyable and a book that you can definitely loose yourself in, with a heartwarming, uplifting and generally a great 'mmmmmm good, snuggly feel. This is one I would definitely recommend to readers who look for pure escapism and want a cracking read, even though it did leave me with cake withdrawal symptoms when I had finished ;) .
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Love this book!!
The Little Cornish Kitchen is a beautifully written, extremely romantic and fun book that I can guarantee you will finish in one go, a definite page turner! I do love a good summer escapism book and this is by far up there with the best, a perfect down to earth romance  between two marvellous character's. perfectly written with real warmth and wit. very highly recommended.
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Rating 4.5/5

So, first of all, do not read this book without having some tasty treats around you, I got so hungry and have had such a craving for brownies ever since.

This is a wonderful story, I think going into it I thought it would be very romancey and not something I would need to concentrate much on but actually, there was so much more going on than I had anticipated and I got so engrossed in reading Clemmie’s story.

I really liked Clemmie, I loved that she was a bit of a nomad and not very good at responsibility but ended up discovering so much about herself and her past the longer she stayed in St Aiden. I also loved that she wasn’t a superstar at something to begin with, she had a lot of trial and error with her baking a lot of which made me laugh.

Her close knit group of friends were also great, I liked that they all had their differences and their different strengths and weaknesses. It definitely reminded me of my group of friends although I wish we’d come up with a catchy name for ourselves like the mermaids. I loved that they always had a scheme or a plan and did what they could to help each other.

There is, of course, the handsome Charlie who Clemmie can’t help but butt heads with, I really enjoyed the banter between them even though they were kind of rivals, they were able to good-heartedly rib each other. His hidden talent for baking was very endearing and I could see why Clemmie was softening to him.

This really was a great book with a brilliant setting, I really want to go and see the sea as well now, and some wonderful characters, I’m glad that this was so much more than I expected I love it when a book surprises me in that way. I will definitely be looking out for Jane Linfoot books in the future.
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The Little Cornish Kitchen was everything I’d been expecting it to be seen as it was set in Cornwall – Gorgeous scenery that you can visualise perfectly, and even more gorgeous cakes and puddings. Believe me, this book will have you salivating.

I’ll admit I did find the first few chapters a bit hard going as the pace was slow and the chapters felt too long – This may have been down to the pacing. However, all that seemed to suddenly change and the pace picked up and the story became fully engaging and interesting. I was hooked.

The characters all held their own in the story and I especially loved the group of friends who had been friends since they were babies, The Mermaids – Sophie Potato, Victoria Plum, Nellie Melon and of course Clemmie Orangina. Yes, they all had nicknames.

The book is fun, light-hearted and the perfect summer read. It also contains some wonderful recipes at the back that you will be eager to try, well I know I am!
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I was expecting a laid back funny romance, but what I got was so much more. Deeply buried among the stories of friendship, cooking and matchmaking is Clemmie's search for identity so profound and moving. With each page, the narrator softly peels the hard walls she has put up to reveal the softness inside. Well, a dead woman's undying love can surely work miracles.
        The book will arouse a lot of nostalgic memories, mostly to do with food of course. Being a non-native reader, I had the disadvantage of not knowing many of the delicacies discussed. That being said, it won't stop your mouth from watering constantly, especially when you are constantly reminded of a granny like mine who has exceptional cooking skills. 
        Clemmie and Charlie might be the major characters, but my favourite bits are the moments with Diesel, the pet dog. And it has nothing to do with the fact that he harbingers Charlie ;) Then there are the other three mermaids -- Sophie, Nelly and Plum. It is hard to see a friendship this strong nowadays.

This is the first time I am reading a book by this author and I am definitely going to hunt for more. Considering the reviews she get, I don't think she needs me to recommend her. So happy reading everyone!
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As sparkling as the finest champagne and as delicious as your favourite dessert, The Little Cornish Kitchen is an uplifting romantic read from Jane Linfoot’s immensely talented pen!

The sleepy Cornish village of St Aidan has always been too small for Clemmie Hamilton. She longed to travel the world and experience life far away from the tranquil little village she had grown up in. Unlike her best friends who had made lives for themselves in St Aidan, Clemmie is only back for a flying visit. She wants to see her friends, spend some time with them eating, drinking and gossiping and settle some business pertaining to her beloved grandmother’s apartment. Sticking around and putting down roots is strictly not for her. A life in Paris beckons and nothing and nobody is going to convince her to stay put – not even gorgeous property developer, Charlie Hobson, who has his eyes set on the flat Clemmie has inherited from her dear departed grandmother.

Clemmie’s first instinct might be to sell the flat, pocket the money and leave St Aidan behind her, but as soon as she sets foot in the apartment, she begins to remember all the good times she spent with her much-loved gran. Selling it – even for oodles of cash – begins to lose its appeal with every passing day, but her inheritance comes with a very heavy price tag which Clemmie simply cannot pay. She needs to find ten grand to get the roof fixed and try her hardest to keep Charlie Hobson from getting his hands on the flat, but where is she going to find that kind of money? Lucky for her, her friends come up with a fantastic idea: Clemmie can use the flat and host event nights where, for a price, her guests can sample some of her late grandmother’s delicious recipes. It sounds like the perfect plan but there is a catch: Charlie seems to want to obstruct her at every turn!

Clemmie is determined to give Charlie as wide a berth as possible. She finds him aggravating, infuriating, ruthless – and absolutely drop dead gorgeous! Keeping things frosty between them soon proves easier said than done – especially as Clemmie cannot seem to stop herself from wanting Charlie to kiss her senseless!

Romance is the last thing on Clemmie’s agenda, but as she begins to fall for Charlie, she begins to wonder whether her little Cornish kitchen will manage to provide her with the money she needs or whether the man she has grown to love will succeed in destroying the home which has come to mean the world to her…

An enchanting and enjoyable romantic read that sparkles with warmth, humour and charm, The Little Cornish Kitchen is a superb tale that will touch your heart and make you smile. Clemmie is such a wonderfully positive, upbeat and spirited heroine and sexy Charlie is a delectable hero who is sure to remind readers of a certain Mr Ross Poldark!

A fabulous tale that I simply adored, Jane Linfoot’s The Little Cornish Kitchen is romantic comedy at its absolute best!
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Favorite Quotes:

I start to take a deep breath but stop halfway. In the five years since Sophie’s wedding, my dress must have shrunk in the wardrobe. A lot.

I purse my lips and stay silent. The only way to deal with Sophie in her ‘conquer the world’ mood is to go with her. Then clear up the wreckage afterwards.

As for me waking up for the first time in my life with a fur ball snuggled in the crook of my knees – comfortable doesn’t start to cover it. Suddenly all the stories about crazy cat women make complete sense.

I’ll always look back on that last hour we spent together as the time when the tilt of my whole world shifted –very gently, to a better place. There weren’t any thunderclaps or even any sobbing. In the end, there was nothing momentous or earth shattering about what is, after all, simply right.

I start to work my way down Sophie’s final menu list. Every item has the word ‘mini’ in front, except the drinks, which say large. According to Sophie, so long as food’s small enough to fit in a child’s mouth it has zero calories.

My Review:

It took me a good while to warm up to the character of Clemmie as she wasn’t always likable or admirable, she was often rude, thoughtless, snappish, and prone to escape or avoid anything that required much effort – such as conversations, relationships, self-analysis, or any type of feeling.  The storylines developed gradually, at the slow and leisurely pace of a tortoise.  Once I realized this, I settled in for a long, amusing, and gentle read that should have come with a warning label, as it proved hazardous to my diet.  Don’t report me to your diet guru but - gasp - the food!  It sounded positively delectable! The lessons, food prep, the mess, the eating… all of which had me frequently venturing into my pantry while foraging for food and gasp even a frightening moment where I was actually considering dusting off the mixer to replicate their baking efforts, that soon passed...  But I was highly pleased to find a few recipes in the back, in particular, the one for brownies, which has only three ingredients and uses Nutella – OMG - that right there is worth purchasing the book. 

And I hit a treasure trove of additions for my Brit Vocab List with: throw a wobbly” (tantrum), Serviettes (table napkin), mahoosive (extremely large) skew-whiff (lopsided), Eton mess (a sweet dessert), and Bloody Nora (an expression of dismay dating back to a long-dead 17th century Duke after one of his servants, named Norah, who had a penchant for battering and killing the Duke’s other servants with odd objects such as celery sticks and tea kettles, and thus causing a bloody mess).  Learning a new vernacular is such fun.
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I just love the cover of this book, it looks like the perfect summery beach read and anyone who picks up this book because of the cover will not be disappointed by the contents, which are equally sweet and sunny.

I am a huge fan of Jane’s Little Wedding Shop books and anyone who has read those will be delighted to find themselves back in the quaint Cornish seaside town of St. Aidan. More delighted than Clemmie, who comes back to St. Aidan reluctantly to sort out a legacy from her grandmother as quickly as she can so she can return to her nomadic, rootless lifestyle that currently has her working as a PA in Paris. Unfortunately for Clemmie, things do not go as smoothly as planned and she finds herself drawn back into a life in St. Aidan in a way she had never envisaged.

Clemmie is the perfect heroine to carry the book. She is very likeable, being warm and friendly but also hapless and disorganised in a way that makes her very human and with enough hang ups and baggage from her past that prevents her settling down in one place and with one man to make an interesting plot for a book of this sort. However, before you start to think ‘same old, same old’, let me tell you that this book has a really interesting twist on the laboured seaside cafe trope as well as having a real charm that elevates it above the herd for me, and that is down to the beauty of the writing.

The setting of Cornwall is not new but Jane manages to imbue this book with a real feeling of community and charm that brings the setting alive for me. Her descriptions of the views and the beach and the Surf Shack took me right back to the very happy trips I have taken to Newquay, right down to the smells and sounds of the coast that made me fall in love with the place and I was suddenly desperate to get back there. The charm of Laura’s flat in Seaspray Cottage played a huge part in this and I think the author did a great job of portraying the setting and how it reflected Laura’s personality; I could really see it in my mind’s eye.

The idea of using a pop up restaurant as the theme to put a spin on the oft-used setting of a cafe was inspired and gave scope for some great, humourous set pieces as Clemmie tries to cram a lot of people into her tiny flat without letting the neighbour know what she is doing. Throw in a cat, a large dog and a wobbly balcony and you are all set for some laugh out loud moments.

The real heart of this book, through, is the characters and they are all superbly drawn and appealing as well as being interesting and believable. I loved all of Clemmie’s friends and felt real affection for the little group of ‘mermaids’ (especially Sophie who, I am afraid to say really reminded me of … me!). I felt they were a good representation of what female friendship can be and they brought the book to life and in to my heart. The male characters are also well drawn but it is the women that make this book what it is, a very charming, warm and feel good summer read. I highly recommend it.
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There are very few books I read in which I know it’s going to be a 5 star read for me, but I knew it instantly with The Little Cornish Kitchen. It wasn’t just one thing that made this such an enjoyable book. It was the storyline itself, the characters, and the setting. All those elements blended perfectly together! 

When I read the section, “About the Author,” at the end of the book, it was noted that she writes romances with “feisty heroines and a bit of an edge.” That was certainly a perfect description of Clemmie. When she realizes the cottage her grandmother left her is in danger of being usurped by her neighbor and developer, Charlie, she gets very inventive and opens the Little Cornish Kitchen in the flat to use the money to save the flat.  To her surprise, Charlie actually helps her learn to master the recipes her grandmother, Laura, left her. 

Charlie is not anything like I expected in the beginning. I thought he would do anything to get what he wanted from Clemmie, but he really surprised me and made my heart pitter patter. He really appreciated her as a unique, independent, fiesty woman she was. As the two spend more time together, they learn more about each other. Through their interactions, I learned more about them. I learned why Clemmie is so afraid of putting down roots and having a relationship. 

The secondary characters were fleshed out very well, even the dog and cat Charlie is caring for. What was amazing is the role that Laura played. She is no longer alive, but she was so important to the storyline. Because of her, major changes come to Clemmie’s life giving her the peace she craves so much. 

The setting was beautiful. I happen to agree with Clemmie’s friends...the village is charming and picturesque with “pastel colored cottages” and the ocean right there. However, Clemmie believed the world was much bigger than St. Aidan. As she spends more time there, Paris loses some of the luster in her eyes, and she comes to realize how very special St. Aidan really is. 

I loved how she ended the book with a “PS” instead of an “epilogue.” It made me feel more connected with the story, like Clemmie was writing me a letter letting me know how things were going! I just couldn’t get enough of the story, the characters, and St. Aidan. Plus, at the end of the book, readers are treated to some yummy recipes from The Little Cornish Kitchen!I highly recommend reading this book if you are looking for a “heartwarming and funny romance.”
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This is my first book of Jane Linfoot and I can't wait to read more, because "The Little Cornish Kitchen" was a fun book that not only left me hungry and wanted to cook, but it also left me hungry to go read another romance book.

I love cooking and I love romance, and there is something about this book that is just perfect for a summer day. I could talk about little moments that I love and scenes that were just amazingly written, but I want you all to read the book and love those aspects on your own.

From the colorful cover, to the catchy title, to the yummy blurb, "The Little Cornish Kitchen" get us excited from the moment we grab it. As I started reading, I was already curious about Clemmie and I really wanted to see how she would deal with this new adventure in her life and how she would accomplish her goal to save the childhood home. Clemmie is such a free-spirit and determined woman and her interactions with the brilliant Charlie left the room hot.

In some ways I could relate to Clemmie. She had a nomadic lifestyle and I do dream about traveling in the future and see the world and learn about foot and culture, learn new languages and try new things. So, my heart could relate to her because of my dreams. But once she decides to save her grandma's place and turn it in an unexpected business, I was excited, because even though I want to travel, I still want to live in my hometown in the end, I want to help out the community here. So it was a moment of bitter-sweetness for me.

Charlie was fun. I love animals and his furry babies were so cute in my mind. Plus, he's a strong, intelligent and determined man, and that's very appealing. I was always excited about his interactions with Clemmie and I so wanted them to take another step forward. I'm a romantic!... what can I say?!

The book made me laugh and hungry and seriously, that's what I was expecting, so I was not disappointed. It had all the right ingredients for a perfect book and Jane knows all the amazing and Yummy recipes for books, at least I think so because this books was awesome and definitely one of my favorites.

Do I recommend the book? I recommend that you grab a piece of cake and a cold drink, go to your balcony or porch and read this book.
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A perfect summer read .. sweet, squidgy and thoroughly enjoyable!

Clemmie Hamilton grew up in St. Aiden, Cornwall where her three childhood friends still live but she has wanderlust and settling in one place is anathema to her soul. Clemmie likes to travel the world, travelling on as the spirit moves her.

This is only meant to be a fleeting visit while her employer in Paris is away but sometimes places, people - and pets - get under your skin. Her friends know better than to tell her what to do, but that doesn't mean they don't know how to be subtle, and they've always got her back!

This novel has the most beautiful setting - I defy anyone not to feel their heartstrings pull for the sound of the beach and a fabulous sea view! What really makes this story unmissable, though, is the superb writing and the skilfully crafted characters. Each with their own idiosyncracies, these women know each other through and through and that they still refer to each other by their childhood names is so cute and sweet! Talking of which, if you have a sweet tooth at all, this is the perfect read to satisfy it. My taste buds were salivating just reading about Clemmie's baking! On top of which, the recipes are included at the end - what's not to love? This is a polished tale with a delightful story line and I admit to having a tear in my eye and a rapid heartbeat towards the end .. that would be the totally perfect and beautiful ending. A definite five star read and one I recommend adding to your reading list!

My thanks to publishers Harper Impulse for my copy via NetGalley; also to Rachel's Random Resources for inviting me to be a part of this blog tour. This is my honest, original and unbiased review.
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This has all the ingredients you look for in a summer romcom, with its beautiful setting, full of the sounds, colours and flavours of the deliciousness which Clemmie can create. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know her and seeing the changes which returning to her childhood home brings. Hankering for her life in Paris at the beginning, she gradually begins to remember more and more about her family through her grandmother's home and belongings. As her friends surround her with love and support, you see her focus begin to change. 

    There is a real charm about the story and I loved the animals who all seem to make their minds up pretty quickly about how they feel about Clemmie. With an enigmatic and maybe misunderstood male lead, you tend to suspect how the story might pan out but it is a heartwarming read. with plenty of obstacles put in the way. Each of Clemmie's friends have their own distinct personality and life apart from Clemmie's story and I am hoping that they will feature in any sequels that there could be.  

In short: sun, sea and deliciousness.
Thanks to the author for a copy of the book.
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Well, was this not just the cutest, although my only made me so hungry! I have even gone hunting for macaroons, I mean opening the book and just reading about them...torture.....still salivating now.......anyway moving swiftly on!

This book is cute! The author has created a group of friends, the mermaids (and seriously I want to be a mermaid!) who have been friends since the nappy days, always there for each other and still firm friends in the adult years - I loved this.

We follow Clemmie, the free-spirited one, she doesn't want to be tied to a man or a house. She comes back to Cornwall for a paid holiday, to see her friends, and to sell a flat she had inherited. However, when the gorgeous broody Charlie wants to buy it from her, she has to make a decision and one that involved food and lots of it!!! What makes it worse is that Charlie and his gorgeous little dog, Diesel live right next door! There is just no escape for her. 

With the sights of Cornwall, it was nice to read this book by the beach, soaking the sun and the sea, and I could have been sitting in Cornwall with the girls. Albeit not hungry, good thing I was reading on my lunch break. This book made me laugh a lot, want to go home and bake, and failing that just going buy everything in a bakery. 

This is my first encounter with Jane and her stories, but I have had lots of her books on my TBR list for a while, I will need to change this and actually go and buy the book (Really sorry I have not done this before please don't be upset with me!!) I thought this story was fab and so heartwarming, and to be honest, there is enough to go around for another book maybe...and another.....and another?? What do you think pressure :)
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5☆ A Scrumptious Warm Feel Good Read 

​The Little Cornish Kitchen is a scrumptious story of friendships, romance & tummy rumbling food.

Clemmie has moved into her Grandmothers apartment whilst she is deciding what to do with it.

Charlie the sexy neighbour wants her Grandmothers Apartment, but Clemmie has other ideas.

She decides to bake and sell scrumptious food to help pay for the repairs needed.
Now if your like me and adore baking then you will absolutely LOVE this book.
However do not read this on an empty tummy. 

There is so many wonderful characters in this beautifully charming book. I felt like I was really part of Clemmie's friendship group. 

The Little Cornish Kitchen is a feel good warm, fun, lil dash of Mystery and a good sprinkle of Romance, I really hope there will be more to come from Clemmie.

Jane Linfoot had me laughing out loud with all the mishaps and mayhem, tummy rumbling with all the mouth watering bakes, swooning over the neighbour Charlie, and falling in love with The Little Cornish Kitchen. I highly recommend this adorable book.

Thank you to Rachel Random Resources for this copy which I reviewed honestly and voluntarily.
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Humourous, lighthearted and picturesque!

The Little Cornish Kitchen is a sweet, engaging story that reminds us that sometimes it’s nice to settle down, make roots, and have a place to call home.

The writing is polished and vividly descriptive. The setting is the idyllic St Aidan with its rugged coastline and sandy beaches. The characters including the kindhearted, spirited Clemmie, the handsome, helpful Charlie, and the adorably cute Diesel are unique, lovable, and fun. And the plot is an uplifting, charming journey about life, loss, love, family, friendship, reconnecting with the past, self-discovery, and happiness.

Overall, The Little Cornish Kitchen is an amusing, delightful tale with a splendid cast of characters, beautiful scenery, hilarious hijinks, delicious romance, and delectable treats that is undeniably the perfect choice for any sunny, summery day.
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This is the first Jane Linfoot book I have ever read, and because it's about one of my favorite places in the world (Cornwall), I was nervous to read it, but from the very first page, I enjoyed the fresh tone.

From Cornish seaside backdrop to the sassiness of Clemmie, and her inventiveness in turning her flat she received from her Grandmother into the Little Cornish Kitchen,  this book did impress me, though I would recommend that you read the other books in the series before starting with this book, as I was completely lost for the first few chapters, as there was no real clear introduction to the residents of St. Aidan.

I found the writing and plot line enjoyable and humorous and the scenes described so well I could almost smell the sea and tea!
Overall I was very impressed with the book and the plot, so much so I plan to read all the books series! 

I give The Little Cornish Kitchen 4 stars
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Thank you to Harper Impulse for my copy of this book via Netgalley and to Rachel for letting me be part of this tour. I saw this book on Netgalley months ago but I just hadn't had the chance to read it so when I saw Rachel was organising a tour it was the perfect opportunity.

I'm going to say off the bat I really struggled with the beginning of this book. I found it was difficult to like Clemmie. I don't know why I just couldn't connect with her. The same for the mermaids and Charlie. The book clicked for me about 50-60% in. From then on I couldn't put it down. Looking back I don't know why I couldn't click but I'm glad I didn't DNF. The second half of the book was a lot more engaging and made up for the struggles at the beginning.

Charlie turns out to be quite the guy when you get to know him. He's been through a lot and he's not exactly what he seems at first. I kinda fell for him just a tinsey bit (A LOT).

Clemmie and the mermaids found a way under my skin and into my heart. With their singles nights and their crazy lives I actually really learned to like them.

This book made me extremely hungry. I was constantly thinking about food throughout it. I would recommend you do some baking before sitting down with this one.
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Oh my goodness! I cannot begin to tell you just how perfect this book is! The cover is just absolutely gorgeous and it instantly attracted to me and made me want to read it and oh boy am I glad I read this! I just found it a real joy to read and it made me so happy.  I loved settling down and reading this, it was so relaxing. I thought the characters were super and they really made the story.  There are plenty of highs and lows in this book.  I also loved the food in this it sounded so delicious and made me extremely hungry. I am a huge fan of Jane's books and this one in my opinion is her best yet and I am looking forward to her next!
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