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Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 01 Apr 2018

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I simply could not finish this book for the love of God! I tried to like it, even though I was actually hoping to love it in the beginning, but it turned out to be a work which I could not get along with at all.
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I love poetry and when I came across Lisa Well's new poetry collection, I knew I had to read it.

The poems are of different topics. The flow is also different from poem to poem. Sometimes it's slow and smooth, languid in its flow. Other times, it's fast and wild. 

I could visualise the scenes the poet describes through her poem. It did take me some time to truly understand what she was trying to speak of but, that's the beauty of poetry, as you keep reading them again and again, the meaning and the thoughts become clear eventually.
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An incredible selection of poetry that almost defies description. Vivid in both descriptions and distractions the poet takes the reader on a wild ride from the shoulder of the road to the backroom of a club. Animalistic and sometimes violent the journey continues unabated.

Sometimes the words turn simple:

A seed sleeps till you put it in the ground.
A seed is a box water opens

~ Resurrections II

Other times the words tend to run deep and the meanings blur. The is captured particularly well in ”State of a Fair” blending meanings and playing both on words and events to create a double vision branching in different directions.

Complex yet beautifully written collection of poetry...

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Though certainly well-written poetry, it just didn't really speak to me personally. I think I just wasn't the right reader, though I definitely enjoyed Lisa Well's skill.
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