Blood Will Out

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The animal torture and abuse part were just some of the biggest disappointment, hence I didn't finish reading this book. There's no outstanding character or part in the story that will awe readers, and the flow of the story is too dragging and quite common. Ari, the main character, is irksome and her point of view is too bland; the conversation between the characters is also quite annoying to read.

I had high hopes before reading this because I was really intrigued by the synopsis; I even pushed myself on finishing it but I just can't seem to find any sense of why should I do it. I should not have set any expectations just because of how I love reading young adult fiction and just because of the plot of the story.
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Honestly, I was impressed by the way the writer made the story of Blood Will Out. The story is made with a changing perspective between Ari and the killer. Very thrilling, when the author makes details of the murder that is rude and gripping.
The killer is really cold blooded. Created to be a character who has no emotions, sympathy, and cruelty. Actually this is also a very terrible thing because of that I really imagined the killer.
The story does flow smoothly and well. The emotions of the characters involved are also quite bound. I imagined Ari, and was so scared. It's hard to find out who the killer is, but there's always a smart clue from Jo Treggiari.
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Ok so going into this book, I was not expecting alot, but after 4 pages, it just didn't hook me at all. I would also say I tried to read something out of comfort zone and this didn't do any justice for me. Overall, I wouldn't recommend this. But so am hoping that later on, I will jump back into it, once I'm in a thriller mood.
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This was not my cup of tea. The premise was engaging, but the main character felt undeveloped. Her personality and actions would change pretty drastically for a regular teen throughout the novel, which made it feel like perhaps the author wasn't completely set on who this character should be. The ending was very very rushed and resolved too nicely for the plot of the book. There were several un-true to life moments (like everyone calling a DECEASED character by a nickname that only the MC and her best friend use, instead of his real name). This just wasn't a strong enough book for the premise.
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I unfortunately couldn't finish this book. I read the blurb and it drew me in as it sounded like a sort of mystery / thriller. However, I struggled to  empathise with the protagonist. Her girlishness also clashed with her situation and it made me uncomfortable to read about it. The POVS about the guy the who captured her in his early life was also difficult to read for me, because it was gruesome at times and also I couldn't empathise with him. I don't think he is a character to empathise with, but I need a reason to want to read about him.

This was all my own opinion and I'm sure other people will find this story interesting. It just wasn't to my tastes.
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This is a gripping, unpredictable story, however I had some difficulties with the amount and graphic descriptions of violence towards animals.
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Blood Will Out is a standalone suspense mystery novel, also classified as a horror story. Jo Treggiari has made herself famous for her earlier YA novel, Ashes, Ashes, which I haven't read. Yet. Anyways, we get two POVs in Blood Will Out - murderer's (mostly flashbacks) and Ari, who is kidnapped and is supposed to be the victim. It kinda works during the story. It keeps suspense level up and you are still wondering who the killer is. I couldn't personally figure it out - eventhough I had a list of suspects. Never saw it coming though. 

I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone who is fond of animals and cannot stand hurting them because our killer is obsessed with hurting and torturing animals (pigs, cats, dogs etc.). I am animal lover myself and I had a hard time to read through the scenes like that. But I understand it's part of story and I shouldn't be complaining about that. I enjoyed the twisted flashbacks from murderer's past. That shows how much twisted I am. Anyways, I liked it. Even Ari's moments after waking up at the well. After one certain point I got a little bit bored and I didn't enjoy it as much as I did before. I can understand Ari's feelings though. 

Characters were quite enjoyable, at least for Ari, Lynn and the killer. I hated Stroud though and the jock clique as well. Idiots. I wish we got even more Ari/Lynn friendship, because it was beautiful. I am also glad this book didn't have almost any romance - that would be a waste of potential. 

Moreover, it was an enjoyable read and I'd recommend it to anyone who might be interested in this type of genre.
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I hated this book. The animal torture certainly contributed to this, but I do understand when it's in books about killers if it's used effectively. This was not. The descriptions seemed to become excessive and gratuitous. Then there were the pov switches. They felt awkwardly placed. Also, I normally don't question book designations too much, since they're subjective, but in no way is this meant for a young adult audience. Do not recommend. In fact, I wish I could unread it.
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This book was not really for me. I wanted to love this novel but the abuse (people and animal) was too much for me and I just could not continue. The writing is great and it was an interesting idea. I just think it could have used a little more work.
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Imagine waking up at the bottom of an enclosed space several feet below the earth, in the middle of the night. No light, no idea how that happened, no ladder to get yourself out of there.

Just you. And darkness. And probably an unknown creepy crawly. And some bones of a dead something. HOW DO YOU DO?? I’d panic. I’m a claustrophobic person and it truly TRULY sucks to be in one.

For Ari Sullivan, survival is key. Well, panic first, then find ways to get the heck out of that frightful cistern she was dropped in by someone. As her head was hit, it was literally and figuratively a pain to tell who was behind it all. Her memories were like cutout paper, missing bits and pieces here and there. But for now, she needs to climb out of that hole and figure out the next move later… while her sadistic artist of a captor goes on a couple of silent killing spree, running around town with little notice from its citizens. Ari needs to unravel the mystery before someone becomes a museum-worthy masterpiece of blood and gore.

The way the story flowed was wonderful. A good pacing was set and I found it easy to follow through the story. There were two alternative narratives in this story, as the blurb had mentioned: the predator and its prey. The hunt was a tango with one an expert, the other an apprentice. It was such an entertaining dance that I just had to keep my eyes open.

The story kept me intrigued with who was it that set the dominoes going. When reading mysterious, suspenseful stories, I always keep in mind the thought, “Always watch out for the most innocent, shortest dialogue, and smallest scene type of character”. I should’ve known but I didn’t expect to fall in that trap! Darn it.

This genre is still relatively new for me and this book is such a good book that was able to capture my attention just right.

Blood Will Out is great for light reading and will keep you guessing and wondering who truly is the suspect.
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Unfortunately, this book was not a good match for me, and I will decline to review. I hope plenty of other readers find it more compatible, and thank you for the opportunity to review!
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A Thriller that is stereotypical at its very best, Blood Will Out is a crazy mismatch of violent characters, trashy writing and animal abuse. The plot gives a classic mystery novel where the protagonist is trying to outrun her kidnapper. But the characters and the world the author has created are shallow, with no potential for development.
The writing takes the story to an all-time low, especially with sentences that don’t seem to fit with each other. The ending was predictable and the story didn’t really feel like a chase. It can rather be called a monologue or a sad story being told by dozing grandmas’ who are terrible at storytelling.
Blook Will Out definitely didn’t work out for. All the elements are either misplaced, missing or irrelevant and overall, this was a total waste of time.
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It was too scary for me. I'm sure a lot of people would like this. The book was written well and I think it would've been great if I wasn't so easily scared. I hope the book does well and I may pick it up some other time when I have prepared myself more.
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I am a sucker for multiple points of view, and this book really delivered on that. I liked being able to read from both Ari and the killers perspective. It made for a well rounded and engaging story. This thriller was definitely that, and I enjoyed the ride. I would recommend this book to others who are a fan of thrillers with a little bit of domestic elements
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This was a book I finished a few months ago yet wasn't sure even how to put a review into words. The characters were flawed. They lacked substance. It was a read that is dubbed a thriller but lacked the the "thrill" it only gave you the "errrrr....." if you know what I mean. Sadly, I have to give Blood Will Out only 1 star. 

I want to extend my gratitude to Netgalley and the publisher for allowing me the opportunity to read this ARC and offer my unbiased opinion.
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Blood Will Out is the bloody and dark horror thriller by Jo Treggiari that will take everything you thought you knew about YA thrillers and throw it away. The book follows Ari Sullivan, a girl who wakes up at the bottom of a well injured and alone. With no one to hear her screams except the person who put her there, she’s not sure she will be able to get out. But as someone who used to spend her days fantasizing over her crush and their future together, Ari begins to realize that she might not be the killer’s intended victim, and that getting out of the well may be the least of her worries.
     This was definitely and interesting book. Treggiari wrote a plot perfect for those aspiring sleuths who love examining every angle of the crime. From the start, she flings potential suspects at the reader, adding to the atmosphere of confusion that the author built up. I loved how the author kept this tone consistent throughout the book, making sure everything had her signature touch. Even the flashback scenes of happy times the author included, had this dark air to it.
      I also fell in love with the murder’s point of view. Though it did feature some animal abuse, which readers easily triggered should be weary of, the rest of their perspective was still quite entertaining. This is especially so as the author wrote those gruesome details to add to the realism of the book (which I later found out through her guest post featured below). I loved getting into their mind as they told their story, something the killers of stories don’t often get to do. It was also interesting to follow them as they got to where they were during the events of the story, with Ari.
     Lastly, I loved the setting of the book. Set in a dark and mysterious small town where things were bound to go wrong, I love how the author put a new twist on it. Because of her writing style, things just felt so much more real then they often do with other small-town set books.
      If you are a fan of spine tingling thrillers, this book is definitely for you. But be warned that there are scenes where blood and gore are mentioned along with graphic descriptions of animal abuse. Though, these themes are not frequent through the book, they do occur in a few significant spots. Because of this, I would recommend this book for older readers of at least 16 years of age.
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Released in the summer, “Blood Will Out” is a dark YA thriller that is sure to grab the attention of readers - both teen and adult.  Seventeen year old Ari is trapped in a cistern while the man who kidnaped her bides his time.  While Ari previously lead the life of a typical teenager with mean girl drama, crushes, and homework, our antagonist is the opposite of typical - he is a crazed serial killer.

Described as “Silence of the Lambs” for young adults, this teen thriller is an addictive and engrossing read perfect for the upcoming Halloween season.  With descriptive writing that tempts the senses and a fleshed out main characters readers can easily imagine and will grow to care for, this dark and at times disturbing book will unnerve even the most ardent dark mystery lover.
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I really wanted to love Blood Will Out by Jo Treggiari, like I want to love every book I pick up, but especially once I got to the end and read the author bio only to learn that Treggiari actually lives in Nova Scotia (ie: not that far from me). Sadly, I had a lot of issues with this dark YA thriller about a girl, Ari, who wakes up at the bottom of well and reflects back on the days leading up to in an attempt to determine who put her there and when they are coming back…

While there were some moments of intensity in Blood Will Out, overall the book really dragged. For a thriller, it felt like nothing was happening, it was just Ari in the well and a bunch of boring flashbacks. Ari herself was also pretty boring and hard to root for, though I did like the strong female friendship in the book. In addition to Ari’s perspective, there were passages written from the perspective of her abductor, which were incredibly graphic with a lot of animal violence. The killer felt like such a stereotypical serial killer it was really annoying. I mean, Ari even looks up a list of characteristics and it matches pretty perfectly. There is one main twist at the end, but it was just frustrating and out of nowhere in the context of the book. Unfortunately, overall, Blood Will Out was a disappointing read for me.
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A gripping, tormenting mystery from Page 1.  

Ari is a true survivor.  She goes through a truly horrific ordeal, suffered immensely, nearly gave up hope over and over, but somehow managed to get herself out of it all to make it home again.  Her heroism is so inspiring, because she refuses to be a victim.  Though this terrible, frightening thing has happened to her, though it threatens to break her, however much she may be tempted in the darkest moments, she will not back down.  She scrapes and claws her way up and out, such is her determination to go home.

While she is in the darkness, she struggles to remember what all has happened and how she came to be there.  The memories are slow to return to her, thanks to a traumatic head wound she received.  Her story is so compelling, the reader feels like they are suffering with her, and desperately reaching for that next memory, too, trying to create a whole picture out of jumbled pieces.

Once she gets home, a new horror begins.  Her best friend, who she thought of constantly during her ordeal, hasn't come to see her.  Why not?  She put out their secret message letting her friend know she needs her.  Where is she?  What's happened?  Nobody will believe Ari that something is wrong, though.  They attribute all of her worry and fear to PTSD after her trauma.  Yet again, though, she refuses to back down.

Someone has done this to her, and someone - probably the same someone - has done something to her best friend.  Ari takes a hard look at her town and her school and considers who it could be.  The only question, for her, is can she figure the mystery out in time to save her beloved best friend?

Blood Will Out is such a wild ride of a story, the reader will be left gasping for breath at the end.  The smallest details are so important, yet they're so innocuous as to be completely overlooked until it's almost too late.  Treggiari has sculpted an absolute masterpiece here.
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I had an advanced ARC of this book which I finally read when I had some offtime. The book is published now and in stores all over. It was cool to see it on the shelf when I was taking a stroll through book heaven.

I really loved this book. It starts with the main character trapped in a cistern and just keeps the suspense coming. I pictured myself in this situation and I give props to Ari because she is a beast for everything that she goes through. It was easy to relate with her because she is a swimmer/lifeguard and we both love the smell of chlorine (I have so many lifeguard sweaters that I have lost count).

I don't see how this book only got a mediocre rating on Goodreads. I thought it was so good. It was a story full of layers that kept slowly unraveling as you went. I thought I knew who the killer was and changed my mind 3 different times to still be surprised at the end.

Jesse was a character I related with. He was the creepy dude that was kind of just did his own thing and was just a blip in the main characters life. A shadow that is there but not seen. Lynn was really fun too. She just stood up for herself and what she believed in and didn't let anyone tell her otherwise. She and Ari have a strong bond and a friendship that you know will last.

If you wish to see my reaction to the ending, check out my blog post where I have the spoiler viewable. You can find it at this link:

I would recommend this book to anyone that wants a suspenseful, intense, action-packed adventure that will scare you to your core. It actually made me feel like I was watching a scary movie in my head when I was reading this masterpiece. Haters can hate but this book was phenomenal! Enjoy it bookworms. Seriously, buy this book! You will love it. Or get scared but it will be worth the thrill.
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