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Many twists and turns to this intriguing story of love, lives, and loss.  A great read.
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Twisty and misleading, just as good thrillers are supposed to be.  I did not see the end coming!  This author sure has a gift for pace, hiding clues and big surprises. Whole paragraphs can be read a certain way, and then mean something entirely different in retrospect.  Keep them coming!
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Firstly, I'm going to apologize for how vague this review is going to be. This is for two reasons. 1) I don't want to give too much of the plot away, and 2) The very last line threw me for a complete loop and I need someone to talk me through it.

I've mentioned many times that while I love psychological thrillers with a passion, I am HORRIBLE at guessing twists. I am so easily impressed by mysteries and thrillers because I am consistently shocked. This book was no exception. I changed my mind about where the plot was going way too many times over the few days it took me to read LET ME LIE.

The 411: Anna Johnson is still reeling from the deaths of her parents the previous year, both from apparent suicide, months apart. She is now a mother herself, having gotten pregnant by the shrink hired to help her through this troubled time. Oops. Then on the one year anniversary of her mother's suicide, she received a card in the mail that simply says, "Suicide? Think again."

...and that's all you're gonna get, sorry.

So, clearly, Anna starts digging into the circumstances around both of her parents' deaths and finds some stuff. You think the story is going in one direction and then swerves and then swerves again. And then you think's it's done and it swerves again.

While I did enjoy both of Mackintosh's previous books, I LET YOU GO and I SEE YOU, I always felt kind of let down by the ending. I was completely invested and into the whole story until the reveal and they both fell flat for me. That was not the case with this book. I was constantly on edge, I actually got the shivers during part of it.

But, I will be honest here...I'm not completely positive that I understood the ending. I sat and stared at the last sentence for at least five minutes because I was trying to piece together what the hell actually happened. The way that I took it, I was pleased with the ending. However, if it's a completely different ending than the one I'm picturing, my thoughts might possibly change.

Basically this is a plea to anyone who reads this book to please contact me because I NEED TO TALK THIS OUT.

MY RATING:  ✰✰✰✰
RECOMMENDED FOR: lovers of mystery/thrillers and unreliable narrators
MAY I ALSO SUGGEST: the works of Karin Slaughter and Ruth Ware

Thank you Berkley Publishing Group for my galley. LET ME LIE is available March 13.
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Multiple voices try to lead you through the multiple (multiple) lies as this story of a young mother's grief and deep suspicion comes to life.
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Both parents committing suicide at the same exact spot seven months apart seemed a bit strange.  Anna extremely missed both her parents but didn't know how much until a horrible reminder arrived in the mail.

This horrible reminder had Anna rethinking the possibility that her parents really didn't commit suicide but had been murdered.  She never thought her parents would kill themselves and leave her without them.

Anna asked for the case to be reopened, and a retired policeman, Murray, was taking on the job.

No one knew Anna had asked for this case to be re-opened, but it sure seemed as if they did.  Strange things started happening that even her husband dismissed.  Was she in danger too?

Meanwhile we have another voice being heard in the book.  The voice is the voice of Anna's mother watching Anna and being elated that she has a grandchild and also not very happy that Anna was digging into papers that might put Anna in danger depending upon what she would find. 

Anna’s mother does some odd things like going into the house when it is empty and looking for things and specifically a key.  What could the key be, why is it important to her, and how is she in the house if she is dead?

After this, the intrigue began...secrets were being revealed, impossible things happening, ghosts, seeing things that couldn't be there, feeling her mother’s presence, and the reader wondering what Anna’s mother was looking for and what she was trying to protect Anna from or protect herself from.

LET ME LIE has GREAT twists and is another Clare Mackintosh book you won't want to miss.  You won't see it coming and ask yourself how you missed it.

The tension at the end makes this one her best yet.  5/5

This book was given to me free of charge by the publisher and NetGalley in return for an honest review.
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Clare Mackintosh has done it again! You will devour Let Me Lie in the same feverish way you (hopefully have already!) devoured I Let You Go. While her debut novel continues to outshine the others, this story of suspense, heartbreak, love and the forever bonds of family will keep you reading late into the night.  
Many thanks to NetGalley for the preview.
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Anna has lost her father to suicide and then just a few weeks later she loses her mother to suicide in the exact same way. Heartbroken, she has sought a counseling and is trying to sort out her life without her parents and not understanding why either of them would have committed suicide. What follows is a suspenseful story which causes Anna to question whether her parents' deaths were suicide or murders. There are several twists and turns. Some I figured out. One I totally missed. Great book!!!
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Ok, I need a minute to let my pulse and heart rate calm down.  First book of 2018 down and I absolutely loved it!! I became a huge fan of Clare’s a couple of years ago with her gut punch twist right in the middle of I Let You Go, and she does it again and again with Let Me Lie.  (I have not read I See You But will be doing so shortly...). Some may argue that there were too many twists and lies to decipher in here, but I disagree, I loved them all, it kept me guessing, and I did not figure this one out, which I loved.  

We start with Anna Johnson, who is grieving her parents’ suicides, which happened a year apart, and identical in manner.  On the anniversary of her mother’s death, she receives a note that questions whether she committed suicide, and it all begins from there.  The other beautiful narrative is the story of Murray and his wife Sarah.  Murray is a “retired” detective that helps Anna look into the note.  Sarah suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder and has been in and out of hospitals most of their married life, but on her good days, she loves to be a sounding board for Murray and his cases.  Their dynamic is just lovely, and Clare did a great job of accurately portraying their struggles.  

Yes the plot is twisty, yes there are lies upon lies, but they weren’t unreasonable, and guys..... y’all just WAIT for that last line of the book.  I literally gasped.  You think you are done and can rest, and then Clare gets you all worked up again and then she ends the book.  It was worth every minute,  

Thank you to NetGalley for an electronic ARC of this book.  Scheduled for a release date of March 8, 2018.
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Anna Johnson’s parents both committed suicide by jumping into the sea from a high cliff within months of each other. Now, with a new baby, Anna still finds it hard to believe that her parents would leave her. When she receives an anonymous note saying “Suicide, Think again” on the anniversary of her mother’s death, Anna becomes obsessed trying to prove her mother (and father?) were murdered. But nothing is as it seems.

I struggled with this story early on and seriously thought about giving up on it but because I loved Claire Mackintosh’s previous stories, I kept reading. About one-third into the book, the pace picked up and I had a hard time putting it down. Everyone became a suspect and every time I thought I had things figured out there was another twist.
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'Let Me Lie' was just ok for me. I didn't love it, but I didn't totally hate it. I really disliked the first part of the book, but when the author revealed what was actually going on, I enjoyed it quite a bit more. Still, there was nothing particularly memorable about most of the characters or the plot points--nothing that makes it stand out from the ranks of other, similar books. However, I did really enjoy Murray's character, especially his interaction with his wife, Sarah. If Mackintosh wrote a follow-up book focused on his character, I would definitely want to read it.
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I really loved this book. The author has a way of making you question everything you already read! The psychological twists and turns throw you every time! You never know which narrator to trust, but while you are reading you believe every word each character is saying.  I loved her previous books and was hoping that this would not disappoint.
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I am
A huge fan of Claire Mackintosh and have loved her two previous books. I was so excited to get approved by NetGalley to read this ARC and I loved this book just as much as her previous ones. 

I was worried when I was halfway done that the mystery had been solved way too early but of course it was not. I am slightly confused by the very ending.
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Good thriller. Kept me going until the end. I really enjoyed the characters, and although I suspected what was going on, it was not totally revealed until the very last line of the book. Can't beat that. It is set in Great Britain, but could have easily been set in other places. Not much more to say. I would certainly recommend it, but I don't want to tell you too much about it, since with thrillers, the truth is always the secret you work to reveal, and it sure does get revealed. If you're keeping track, this was another read aloud book, and it worked very well. My wife and I both agreed to the 4 stars.
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A twisty thriller with some surprises along the way. In the attempt to throw the reader off, the writing was a little too confusing. I understand that the current trend is to have a wow moment that the reader doesn't see coming, but this book went way out of the way to do that and I feel that it was too much. Still it was a good read, and I would recommend to any suspense/thriller lover.
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Now this is the stuff thrillers are made of. You know that creepy crawly feeling when something is just not right but you can’t exactly pinpoint what that is? That’s the feeling I got while reading this book. The whole time. It’s like having that word you can’t remember at the tip of your tongue. Or that uneasy feeling that you left the stove on at home. What is it about Clare Mackintosh’s books that keep you reading? You know there will be a twist at the end. In fact, you know that twist will also have a bigger twist. A subtle one. So subtle that if you’re not paying attention and thinking “ok, well that’s that. That’s what really happened.” you might just miss it. Anna’s parents both jumped off the same cliff. But then Anna gets a note that makes her think otherwise. Suicide? Murder? What really happened to Anna’s parents and why? This twisty turns rollercoaster of a book will keep you engaged cover to cover.

Thank you to Netgalley, Clare Mackintosh, and Berkley Publishing Group for my ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Let Me Lie by Clare Mackintosh was a bit of a disappointment.  I really liked her first novel and enjoyed the second one as well, but although I was engaged at the beginning of Let Me Lie, subsequent events were too contrived and my interest waned.

There is definitely a twist that has been hidden throughout most of the first half of the book, but....perhaps attempting to be too clever the novel's conclusion left me flat.  

Read in November; blog review scheduled for 3/10/18.

NetGalley/Berkley Publishing Group

Mystery/Suspense.  March 13, 2018.  Print length:  400 pages.
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While I have liked the author’s previous titles, I was disappointed in Let Me Lie. It didn’t have the tight suspense I was looking for and have come to expect from the author.
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I've really enjoyed Clare Mackintosh's books, and while this was a fine read, I don't think it lived up to her other books.  I almost gave up halfway though, thinking everything was unspooling in a predictable manner, but there was a twist at the end worth waiting for.  I will keep reading Mackintosh's books, but this one just fell a little flat for me.
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As with her last book, “I See You” it took me quite awhile to get into “Let Me Lie.” Once it picked up though, I couldn’t put it down. At that point there were so many twists and turns that at times it was difficult to keep up and seemed to leave me with many unanswered questions. Often the story line was such a stretch that it made it disappointing yet addicting at the same time because you want to find out the whole story. Some parts seemed predictable and some twists and turns kept you guessing until the last second. 

I would have loved more time spent on Murray and Sarah- or even a book just about them. They were my favorite characters by far. 

Although slow and unbelievable at times I really was enjoying the book for parts 2 and 3 until the very end. I am sorry to say I was deeply disappointed in the ending! I found it completely unbelievable and disappointing.  And just frustrating, give poor Anna a break already! This just left too many unanswered questions. 

Thank you to Netgalley and Berkley Publishing group for the ARC copy in exchange for my honest review.
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Anna, a new mother, cannot reconcile the facts of her parents' deaths.  First he father commits suicide by jumping off a cliff into the ocean and then a few months later her mother does the same thing.  Anna starts getting letters question that these were suicides - she thinks [perhaps they were both murdered, but for the life of her cannot figure out why.  Everyone tells  her to forget it, they committed suicide.  Anna is a bit on the stubborn side and begins to go it along until she finds a policeman who will look at the case again and help her. find answers. This book is a page turner from beginning to end, I felt a sense of doom. but oh what a ride!
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