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The Little Brooklyn Bakery

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I really enjoyed this book!  A great story line that kept me hooked and excellent main characters.  I would highly recommend this book.
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I had TOTALLY FORGOTTEN I had this on my kindle! But, in making up for that, I so very much enjoyed it, which is not a surprise when it comes to this author's work. A wonderful setting, I always love the charm of New York, a strong lead character and lots of scrumptious food that will have your mouth watering. It's clear from very early on where the love interest is in this story, but it's a friendship to lovers tale that gradually moves along which I really enjoyed, A wonderful series.
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Unfortunately it was a DNF for me.
I couldn't connet to any of the characters and the plot didn't do it for me.
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Thank you Netgalley for the Electronic Advanced Copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

Sweet, lovely, and fun! Chick Lit at it's best.
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what an amazing book. Loved it from beginning to end 
I loved the authors style of writing and will be looking for other books by this author. 
I would recommend this book to friends and family
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This was a very charming story told with the perfect amount of description. I particularly enjoyed the way the author brought the setting to life. It truly felt like I was dropped right into the tale. Highly recommended.
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After reading The Little Cafe in Copenhagen I wasn’t sure whether this would be as good but I’m so pleased to say it was fantastic too. 
Once again the thing I enjoyed about this book was the great descriptive writing. I felt like I was in Brooklyn, visiting Central Park and eating all the yummy cakes described, in fact at times my mouth was watering reading about the cupcakes and cheesecakes.
A great collection of characters, wonderful story, full of food and frolics and a real page turner. I can’t wait to read the next story in the collection.
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I adore Julie Caplin and what a lovely cover this book has. I love books set in shops, cafes etc and this is one such book. It is written well. 

Full review to follow.
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I really enjoyed this book I lost my reading mojo during the summer but as soon as found it again I was back into this book. 

Sofia and Todd were very cute together and I am glad they figured things out. 

I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series which I will be starting soon.
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Having originally turned down the job swap in Brooklyn New York, Sophie makes a quick decision based on emotions and events that happen to her and arrives in a city which is fast, brash and noisy - everything that Sophie is not.

Sophie is a food editor for a magazine and she throws herself into her job wholeheartedly to stop her actual heart from shattering.

Sophie is sworn off love.

So is her colleague Todd, who also works on the magazine and happens to be on the next desk to Sophie and the cousin of her landlady, Bella.

Spending unnecessary time with Todd thanks to helping out in Bella's bakery, Sophie begins to see what she might have been missing in London and that perhaps she should have a bit of fun....she is only here for 6 months after all.

The two strike up an interesting friendship as Todd helps Sophie see the real Brooklyn and Sophie helps Todd discover what food can be really like.

Sophie was a secondary character in Caplin's first novel set in The Little Cafe in Copenhagen, I vaguely remember her but not much. You don't need to have read the first novel to get any sense of the characters. This works as a standalone and for me was better than the first book.

Like the first book, the plot line perhaps is a well-worn one, but sometimes they are the best and that is not a criticism, merely an observation. Even following a heartbreak, love and warmth can be found again and if food and the simple pleasure and joy it can give is incorporated in the story you have everything you could possibly want in a book.

A delicious read without the added calories!
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I enjoyed this book. All the characters worked well together and it was a good story line. I really liked the strength that the female lead developed thru this story.
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What is not to enjoy when you have a cute story, colorful characters, food and a great location with a tour of Brooklyn and Manhattan. Add that up and you get a great book to read.
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I love how the original in Copenhagen brought all the characters together and this is the next instalment of the group.
But skillfully Jules has written it so that you can read this as a stand alone. 
I liked the characters, Todd sounded dreamy and I liked the family saga twist too. 

Great description in the writing, looks like a trip to Brooklyn and the cafés, after I have been to Copenhagen.
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Summer is 100% the season where I just want to read romance all. the. time. And as a general rule? I do read a lot of it. After a while, though, some of that chicklit can get a bit predictable. Not only is it usually pretty obvious who will end up together, the road to that "magical moment" is often pretty predictable as well. Not so much in The Little Brooklyn Bakery though!

The story
Take a trip to New York and the best little bakery in Brooklyn for bagels, bakes, and more than a sprinkle of romance!

When Sophie Bennings arrives in New York, love is the last thing on her mind. Still reeling from a painful break up, she throws herself into her work as a food editor on a top-notch magazine.

Columnist Todd McLennan is everything that Sophie wishes she didn’t want. Like the gorgeous bakery below her Brooklyn apartment, he’s as tempting as the sugary cupcakes on daily display. Surely a little of something you fancy can do you good?

As Sophie and Todd get to know one another, a love of food isn’t the only passion they share. In the city that never sleeps, has Sophie finally met the man of her dreams…?

The opinion
So, first of all I really love the fact that there is so much detail to the food descriptions in this book. The different types of recipes, the descriptions of Sophie's job, the fact that the editorial meetings were included, the food labs, ... These are the types of things that I - as a foodie and journalism major - really need to see in a book like this.

As far as the romance goes, it was very clear from the start which two characters would end up together But it was actually really nice to see the development from a really nice friendship into a romance. Too often, people tend to go for the "insta-love" and the build up in this novel was definitely a nice change from that. Plus, you know... It made it just that much better when these two actually do get together. (this doesn't count as spoilers, by the way - it's romance, there's always going to be people getting together :p )

I also really liked the element of the secondary romance - especially because it was fairly well developed as well. And, a very big and: it had such a different set up to the main characters' romance.

As a general rule, actually, I liked all secondary characters. I would definitely like to know more about Wes' mum, about Kate and her story, about Marty and Todd's relationship to their parents... I mean, even "just" Sophie's parents seem like they would have an amazing backstory! There are actually more books in this series, so it might be interesting to go back and see who exactly those other books are about. But even the characters that only made brief appearances? I kinda need more!

Finally, I really liked the tone of this book. It read very easily, thanks to the light tone, the excellent use of descriptions of the environment, ... Sophie wanting to visit New York based on the places she's seen in movies? So me! That aspect of seeing myself in her actually lasted throughout the book and made me just that much more invested into her happiness.

The rating: 4/5
This is absolutely a very predictable story. However - the combination of the narration as well as the secondary characters and the attention paid to detail made it into a really fun read. The author manages to give this "classic" storyline some new flavor in a beautiful way. I thoroughly enjoyed myself reading this and if you're looking for something fluffy, yet intelligent with a decent build up? This might just be the book for you! (Goodreads)

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Loved this book! You don’t need to have read the first in the series as this is good as a stand-alone. You do have to love cakes and food as the description in this book are mouth wateringly yummy! The story line has a great structure and you get sucked into the whole cosy set up in the book which I love! I hated this finishing this book and wanted to stay with Sophie, Bella, Wes and Todd for much longer!
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This is a lovely heartwarming book, about a heartbroken girl,who is reeling after a very painful breakup. Sophie puts all her energy into her job as Food Editor.  Then comes along Todd.  Todd is everything that Sophie doesn't want in her life after her recent breakup, but he is soooooo  tempting, just like the bakery below her apartment.

As Sophie and Todd get to know one another, a love of food brings them closer, but is he all that he seems and has she met the man of her dreams…?
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I loved this book. It is incredibly romantic, has brilliant characters you just love and the location is just perfect. Oh and did I mention the food in this.. oh my goodness my mouth was watering.  I just wanted to visit the bakery and try everything.
This is a real feel good happy romance book and it is so easy to read.  
I found myself smiling the whole time I was reading this! 
I think I am Julie Caplins newest fan!
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I voluntarily reviewed this after receiving a free copy.  Sophie takes on a work exchange program for her magazine after finding out that her boyfriend has a wife and a baby.  She moves from London to New York and rents an apartment over a lovely little bakery.  In her new job, she meets Todd who is a fellow columnist.  Sparks begin to fly between the two.  Love is found in the big city!  A great read!
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I loved the Little Cafe in Copenhagen so when I saw this one on Netgalley I had to request it. You don't need to have read the first one to enjoy this one but I encourage you to do so as the author is just so good. While the plot isn't anything new it is well done and the characters are engaging and likeable. The story flowed well and it was an easy and happy read.
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Lovely romance book that makes a great read for the summer when you want to read something light. This makes for an amazing read for any age.
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