Love the Wine You're With

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Maxie and Blanca have been best friends since they shared a cookie back in high school. Not only are they best friends but they are very competitive. They are always making bets and competing. Things in their lives start changing when Maxie falls in love with Chase. Blanca is scared of love, but when she starts spending time with Julien as a favor to Maxie, she starts developing feelings that scare her. But when a bet at writing a novel takes a turn for the worst, Blanca is faced with the reality that everything she has worked towards will be ripped from her and she will end up broken-hearted. Can Julien and Blanca survive her biggest screw up of all?

A Rom-Com of perfection! It is the perfect blend of romance and comedy that is laugh out loud fun. With engaging and fun characters this book is sure to grab your attention. Even though this is book two in the series, it can be read as a standalone. There is enough character and world building, that you will not feel lost. The story flows smoothly and at a steady pace.

I loved how the book did not just focus on the main characters all the time. The main characters in book on play a big role in book two. You get to follow them along in their happily ever after as well. The characters are unique and fun. I love the banter and chemistry between Blanca and Julien. They are a steamy couple that light up the pages. Don't worry this book may be PG-13 but it is still hot.

A worthy read that could be a wonderful Hallmark movie. . I highly recommend this book to all you cozy romance book geeks out there. So grab a glass of wine and Love The Wine Your With.
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It's okay I guess. Very unusual storyline to say the least. I don't think I would ever read this again.
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Love the Wine You’re With is the second book in the Vineyard Pleasures series and it absolutely can be read as a standalone book. There is enough explanation of what took place in the previous book that you are not left feeling like you’re missing the bigger picture, which is actually quite lovely. In this story, when Julien showed up to his cousin’s party the last thing he was expecting was to get sidelined with Maxine’s best friend Blanca. Julien and his cousin Chase have had a turbulent past, one in which Julien felt that sabotaging Chase’s relationships was fair game and he had his eyes set on Maxine. Maxine and Chase knew that there was a strong possibility that Julien was going to be up to some tricks and since they had just committed to a full-time relationship they wanted nothing to come in-between them.

Since Blanca was Maxine’s best friend and roommate she knew all about the Julien and was all in on creating the buffer than Maxine and Chase felt that they needed. It certainly did not hurt that Julien was easy on the eyes and that he was not going to be in town for long. Blanca was more of a love them and leave them kind of girl. Short-term relationships were her niche and by short-term we are talking hours to maybe sometimes a couple of weeks. Blanca had previously had her heart torn out by her ex-finance and ever since then she had played it fast and loose. Blanca was definitely jaded and unfortunately that was going to be something that created friction in her relationship with Maxine later on.

For Julien though, Blanca was more like a slight irritation, however beautiful she may be. He had a plan that involved Maxine but Blanca was not giving him a single opportunity to follow that plan through. Once he realized that there was no getting away from Blanca, he accepted defeat and turned his interest to that vexing little vixen. Julien and Blanca found that they easily developed a camaraderie of sorts and that they even enjoyed each other’s company. After they parted ways and Julien returned to France, Blanca figured that the friendship they started would fade and fizzle out but sometimes thing don’t happen as we plan them. When tragedy stuck the family of Chase and Julien, Julien called in a favor that he was owed by Blanca and she was compelled to follow through on her debt.

Julien didn’t know what he truly wanted but he knew what he needed and what he needed was to see Blanca again. He needed just to see what she was all about and on his home turf. He was going to get beneath the facade that everyone else sees and uncover who Blanca really was. When Blanca flew to France the last thing that she expected was her emotional reaction at seeing Julien again. It was everything she never wanted but she couldn’t help the feelings and longing that Julien stirred inside of her. Both Julien and Blanca had been casualties of love gone wrong before and they both had their reservations about any future relationship but what they couldn’t ignore was their feeling that what was between them deserved a “yes.”

Love the Wine You’re With was a very dense read that gave you all the details. It is spread out over time and you are privy to every thought and feeling that the characters are experiencing. Also, the story is not just about Blanca and Julien but Maxine and Chase as well. Maxine and Blanca’s lives are very intertwined and a portion of this story deals with the relationship between these two characters. There is a lot going on and for me I would have preferred a simpler take to the romance itself. I liked that Julien and Blanca were upfront about what their end game was from the start, there was a lot of transparency for what the characters were “bringing” to the table. The conflicts that arose during this story were due to fear of intimacy and a whole host of other feelings and concerns. That was so nice, none of the angsty drama that drives me mad. Overall, I thought that Love the Wine You’re With was a cute rom-com with all the feels!
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I must admit that I have mixed feelings about this novel. It's an unusual concept. 

Blanca has just moved to Napa Valley with her best friend Maxie. She is single and has no plans to change her status anytime soon. If ever!

Julien lives in Champagne where he helps to run the family business. He is on a visit in Napa Valley for his cousin’s birthday celebration.

Julien and his cousin Chase,  have been in this battle of wit ever since there was a "misunderstanding" between them. When Maxie asks Blanca to distract Julien in order to  avoid further conflicts between the cousins, she is happy to oblige. He is only around for a short stay before he jets back to his own country. They have a tryst with mutual understanding. No harm done!

Blanca and Maxie have made a deal and Blanca finds herself contacting Julien for advice. The long distance friendship works fairly well until she is invited to Champagne for Christmas. They become friends with benefits, but Julien wants more. In his zeal to win her over, he takes it upon himself to take her project further. Is he doing the right thing or will everything go pear shaped?

I can't say that I am a fan of Blanca.  She is deceitful and that green eyed monster of hers is incredible. It causes no end of problems. I find it hard to believe that she carries this façade for so long whilst calling Maxie her bestie! Julien is a fun guy with the patience of a saint. Even though Blanca redeems herself at the end, I still can't get my head around her mentality. I enjoyed most of the story and could relate to the characters, except for the heroine. This might appeal to fans of romantic comedies, but unfortunately I didn't find it funny. Quite likely my sense of humour or lack of!

I was kindly issued with an eARC via NetGalley and the views expressed are my personal opinion.
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So this is my first read from Brooke E. Wayne and although this is the second book in the Vineyard Pleasures Series i had no problem reading as a standalone. It did leave me wanting to read Whine with Cheese #1 because i wanted more of Max and Chase's story.

For me this starts off quite slow, but the more and more you read the more depth we get from Blanca and Julian in this this quirky fun read. Love the Wine You're With is packed with detail that you really don't want to miss. It's a read you can curl up with relax and just enjoy the the ride of Blanca and Julien its full of smart and sassy wit and twists and turns i didn't expect.

Brooke E. Wayne is definitely an author i would love to read from again her detail in writing combined with wit and humour was definitely a hit for me.
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I loved this book! When the story first started out I really was just so unsure if I was going to like it. As I continued to read this book not only was it a swoon worthy romance but it also made me giggle quite often. I loved the characters and thought it was well written. This was the second in the series but that's okay because this book can be easily read as a standalone. At the time I read this book I was down in the dumps but this hilarious and sweet romance is just what the doctor ordered to lift my mood. 

If you are a rom com fan, I highly recommend this story! I can't wait to get the chance to read the author's other books and I won't soon forget Love the Wine You're With by Brooke E. Wayne!💖❄
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Read this book, this is one author that needs to be on your TBR list, I actually liked this book a little but more than the first one. Blanca was such a great character she was Sassy, witty, and just a delight to read! and when you kept reading and seeing more and more of her insecurities it made you love her all the more. We all have something that just eats us up that we don't let others see. and that plot twist DID NOT see that one coming! Such a great read
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A big thank you to NetGalley for the ARC. I am voluntarily reviewing this book. This is the 2nd book in a series, but it reads well as a stand alone book. First time reading this author. I gave this 4 stars.I found it quirky, and fun-a different storyline. I didn't love it but did enjoy it. I just didn't click with the characters.  I feel most romance readers would enjoy this book.
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I'll be honest, when I first started reading this, I almost didn't finish. I'm not sure what it was but it really was getting on my nerves. I think maybe because Julian seemed like a cartoon character to me. But I don't like not finishing books so I plugged away at it and was pleasantly surprised at the depth that Julian AND Blanca finally were given. There was so much more to their indecisiveness and their freefall into love. I enjoyed the premise that sometimes, trying to do something great for someone can really go awry in the most difficult and unexpected ways. Max and Blanca are great friends, but I'm not sure I could stay friends with someone who can so easily get jealous and wash their hands as both did throughout the book. All in all those I liked the story and would read the author again.
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