Rattlesnake Hill

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Enjoyed the book a lot. The story of the mystery woman was very interesting and love the parallels drawn between her and Diana. I did find out who the killer was before Kathryn
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Rattlesnake Hill by author Leslie Wheeler is a mystery thriller with murder on the hill! Kathryn Stinson is on a quest to find answers in her family history. She is renting a large home in the Berkshires which is close to where her ancestors had land and a paper mill. Kathryn wants to find the identity of a beautiful young woman in a mysterious photograph and only one person has the answers, Emily, an eccentric historian of the area. She sends Kathryn to different areas on Rattlesnake Hill as she gives partial information which is supposed to help her understand the history of the strange people who live in the area. Katherine learns that Diana, the woman who had lived in this house and...

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Review: RATTLESNAKE HILL by Leslie Wheeler

A cozy New England mystery, simultaneously heartwarming and intriguing, RATTLESNAKE HILL is set in the beutifully scenic Berkshire Hills of Western Massachusetts. Kathryn Stinson, a curator at a private Boston library, rents a rural home on Rattlesnake Hill while renovations are under way at her workplace. She chooses the locale hoping to further investigate missing segments of her genealogy. The more she strives to uncover, the more it seems she is unraveling a nest of snakes, or poking into a hornet' s nest, and she encounters both truth and unexpected danger.
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