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I absolutely loved this book. I really did - it was such an incredible read from start to finish. While it's an intense and heartbreaking depiction of losing a child to suicide, it's also an amazing story about the afterlife and very well written. "The Dreaming Road" is ultimately a hopeful book and one that I will highly recommend to my friends, family members, those interested in the afterlife, and anyone who has been affected by suicide.
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4 deeply spiritual stars to The Dreaming Road ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ 

The author, Elizabeth Moore, wrote this book after her daughter committed suicide, as part of her healing. From the start, the deep authenticity of emotions is present, and that can only be explained by the author’s first-hand understanding of her own grief. 

In this fictional account, Diane’s daughter, Callie, has taken her life. What happens after is an exploration of a mother’s steadfast search for answers, as well as Callie’s side of the story in the afterlife, which is where spirituality enters the story. Some wonder what happens when we die, and this is just one explanation of that. It sounds like it has the potential to be trite, but it wasn’t. The author handles this side of things with the utmost care. You do have to suspend disbelief to fully buy-in to the portrayal or maybe not- depending on your own spiritual beliefs. 

I know this story won’t be for everyone. Suicide is a taboo subject, and it’s not easy to read a book like this. I appreciated the thought and gentleness conveyed the by the author. Diane and Callie had a journey ahead of each of them towards finding peace, and the perspective on healing was hopeful. 

Thank you to Elizabeth Moore for her bravery and eloquence in writing this book. Thanks also to Turning Stone Press/She Writes and Netgalley for the copy.
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As a Mother this book hits a nerve. It is every Mother’s greatest fear that they will lose one of their children, add suicide and well I can’t even go there. This book follows Diane trying to maneuver her grief and find answers but it also follows Callie as she moves through the afterlife. The feelings of Diane and Callie are so intense it broke my heart. I won’t lie I found myself crying through this book but it didn’t stop me from investing in the story which I will add I read in one night. This is a wonderful book that really needs more than 5 stars
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I like to read something a little different every now and then so when I saw the blurb for this book, I had to give it a go. The Dreaming Road is a beautiful story of a mother's loss, grief and love over the death of her daughter. It was well written and delved into areas of spirituality which are of great interest to me. I found Diana's side of the story to be heartwrenching, gritty and very real. Unfortunately, I struggled with Callie's version of events. Obviously, I can't say what's true and what's not - who knows for sure whether there's an afterlife or not but I began the book with an open mind and was prepared to be enlightened but all I did was found myself disbelieving more and more as the book went on. It all seemed a little far-fetched and I began to think that Diana's communications with Callie were little more than a figment of her imagination but a positive way to deal with her enormous grief. 
I guess we all of fairly fixed ideas of whether there is an afterlife or not and if so, what it looks like and Callie's versions of the afterlife were just a step too far for me but that's not to say it wasn't a lovely book with some gems of good advice tucked away inside. It was definitely worth a read and it's a book I will return to again, purely for Diana's side of the story and the positive lessons that can be learned from such a painful life lesson.
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