New York City Bum

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 03 Oct 2018

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Thanks to NetGalley for the ARC.  This was an interesting book.  The writing was engaging.  I would recommend it.
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This book is well written, vast and heart-breaking. I will not fault it for the fact that I failed to connect with it. I simply have no frame of reference to the kind of New York described here. I have watched a lot of movies and shows about the city, and have read a lot of books, but I feel like in order to grasp this particular book you have to live there. You have to know what the city is about to really feel the contrast between the life that most people experience and the life that the marginalized minority get to experience.
So if you are from New York, or have lived there for a period of time, you should read this book. It is definitely worth it, and it IS well-written, so that will help with the dark subject matter.
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This book describes the author's fall to a life of crack addiction and homelessness on the streets of New York City.  The language is strong and evocative, ruthless in its clarity. The book gives us a look at who those panhandlers and bums really are - and allows us to feel empathy for people we often just dismiss. I highly recommend this book.
Thank you to Net Galley for providing me with a digital arc in exchange for my honest review.
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I grew up in NYC around the time Boglioli is writing and I think that is what drew me to request this book. A peek into the life of one of the people who I ran into in subway stations or on street corners with the question- "What is his story?"

This is Boglioli's story about having a pretty high end job, losing it because of a crack addiction, finding himself on the streets, living that life for quite a while, and then his discovery about his personal life and how he wound up where he did.

This is a raw look at the life of a bum.

What I noticed while reading this book was the length of the book. Boglioli's stories moved well, but at just shy of 500 pages, there was a breaking point where I was done with the book, yet I was not finished with the book. The stories drew me in, but the language around them was a bit distracting. At times, Boglioli writes simply and straightforward, but at other times there are odd vocabulary choices or syntax choices. It wasn't anything super bad, but while reading it threw me out of the story being told as I wondered- why did he use that word there? About 300 pages in, I was ready to be done with the book.

I always honor one's story and I think most readers will enjoy the time while reading. I just wish it was a tad shorter.

I want to thank NetGalley for the early copy. I received it in exchange for an honest review
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