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This was my first Brandi Reeds novel. The description yanked me in and made me want to devour the entire thing in one sitting. And I did!

I know some thriller/suspense novels have moments where they need to slow things down before they heat ramps back up, but I felt this book drag more than I liked. The characters were amazing and the story was written beautifully. The twists and turns were great, but those slow moments were difficult at times because I was so eager for the next twist. 

Overall, I really liked this book and will definitely read from this author in the future!
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I thought the plot of this one sounded interesting.  It did start of strong for me and I was intrigued and invested in the story and outcome.  I just didn't like the characters and I really hated the ending.
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I would like to thank NetGalley for the opportunity to review this book even though I did not finish this book.
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Suspenseful and twisted in the best possible way! Brandi Reeds is a new to me author, but I will definitely be checkout out more of her books in the future. 

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for giving me a much appreciated digital copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review.
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In an attempt to try to rectify my pathetic netgalley stats, I’ve been making an effort to review old titles. Trespassing is a domestic thriller that instantly caught my eye when I first came across it, but never made the time for it. Until now. And I’m kicking myself for letting it sit so long!

Veronica’s life seems to be ripping apart at the seams. Her latest round of fertility treatments has failed, her 3-year-old has a new imaginary friend that seems more evil than innocent, and her pilot husband has just left for a flight…and doesn’t come back home. Veronica tries to hold it together and not fret, but Elizabella keeps insisting her imaginary friend told her Daddy’s dead. What follows is a cat-and-mouse thriller, from fake paystubs to a fully-paid house in the Florida Keys. Veronica’s grasp of reality loosens as she realizes her husband wasn’t the man she thought he was – and is someone after her now?

Despite the size of this novel, I tore through it, fully invested and engaged. I needed to know what was going on, I wanted explanations from her husband nearly as bad as Veronica did! While the ended was a little overdone, I really liked this one and can’t wait for Reeds’ next novel!
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Trespassing by Brandi Reeds is not quite what I was expecting, in a good way of course. Veronica is basically at her wits end because of her inability to get pregnant, even with all of the infertility drugs she's ravaging her body with. Along with that, her three year old daughter Elizabella has a new imaginary friend-who seems to know a little too much for Veronica's liking. When Veronica's husband goes missing, the imaginary friend tells Bella that he's gone to God Land. How could she even know this?

Through being a suspect in her husbands disappearance and trying to understand the eery statements coming from her daughter's imaginary friend through Bella, Veronica must go on a very intricate cat and mouse game to find out what really happened to her husband. Is he dead or not? Does he have a secret family? What is God Land?

Not only was this book a hard one for me to pick apart and figure out the twist, it sent me on a million emotional rollercoasters. At times, I didn't like Veronica and didn't believe if she had anything to do with her husband's disappearance or not. Other times, I really wanted her to figure out what the hell was going on. One thing that bothers me, that I've seen in quite a lot of books lately, is that the author will use a woman's mental illness to portray her as unreliable. It's kind of a cop out these days, but regardless of that, this book really got me.

I had a hell of a good time reading this, I think I got it done in about 2 days, wishing and hoping I could find the answers myself and Veronica were so desperately looking for. The ending was interesting, and the whole ride was exciting. I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.
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Unfortunately, I was unable to get into this title. It just wasn't a good fit for me. Thanks so much for the opportunity to read this title. I will not be posting a review online, in order not to skew the ratings.
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Thank you Lake Union and Netgalley for this ARC.

I enjoyed this novel of suspense.  A great way to while away a weekend.
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oh how I enjoyed this book. With a plot that just kept twisting and turning in ways the reader never sees coming it makes you question your own life. The ending did leave me wondering what really happened though.
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I think it's telling that I read this one a couple months ago and can barely remember anything about it to write a review. And no, it's not necessarily telling of my goldfish memory ;) I actually have a pretty decent memory. Instead, it's telling of a psychological thriller that might have not actually been that thrilling. I'm giving three stars because I remember that the book was easy to read and that I definitely wanted to find out what was behind the husband's disappearance. I also really enjoy an unreliable narrator so Veronica's self-doubt and confusion definitely enhanced the mystery. If I recall  correctly though, I did not think that the events seemed plausible at the end. I just skimmed the last few pages of my kindle and I think there was a really cheesy aspect to the ending that would be more appropriate in more of a romance novel. Overall opinion: easy to read, but not a standout.
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A book you won’t want to stop reading! Every time you think you know what’s going to happen the story takes an unexpected turn!
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This is one of the best books I have read lately. I thoroughly enjoyed how small facts were thrown in at the beginning, so I wasn’t quite sure if the main character, Veronica, was losing her mind. There were also doubts about her daughter, Elizabella  and her imaginary friend, Nini.  Nini knew things before they happened, and even seemed to know of future events before they happened. What in the world was going? 

The author,  Brandi Reeds, peels back the layers and tosses out tidbits a little at a time. That quality definitely kept me hooked and reading well into the night when I should have been sleeping. It’s almost impossible to put this book down, so don’t read it when you are swamped with work responsibilities.
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This book was so confusing. The story comes together a little at a time through the unreliable perspective of a woman who suspects she is losing her mind. Throughout the book, it is never clear what is really happening and what she may have imagined. 

If that weren’t enough, her 3-year-old daughter comes up with bizarre ideas that reveal clues and seem just way too far fetched for my taste. 

It does seem like a crazy coincidence that the last two books I’ve read both have women who question their sanity as main characters.
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This book was an interesting mystery. A woman who has a history of mental illness in her family explores the mysterious disappearance of her pilot husband. 

Full of suspense, the reader is forced to question the narrator, her husband, and what may or may not be reality as the main character deals with her husband, a found deed, the past with her former college roommate, fertility treatments, and her daughter's spooky invisible friend who is beginning to make some dire predictions. 

I really enjoyed the writing style of Ms. Reeds and the move of location to Key West. 

I will be looking forward to her next book. 

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for providing a free review copy of the book.
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This was quite brilliant for a debut novel. It was interesting and yes, thrilling. The pacing was consistent and it was well written. I read it in one sitting because I ended up wanting to see how it ended.  I did find this one to be quite similar to the other thrillers on the rise, the whole “borderline” insanity thing was pretty prevalent here. Still, a good read all around.
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Wow! I can't even explain how much this book brought me down an emotional rollercoaster. It's so good and I couldn't put it down.

Veronica Cavanagh's world is slipping before her eyes. She's trying for a second baby and her young daughter Bella has an imaginary friend. Veronica isn't happy about it.  Her husband doesn't think it's a big deal but he's never home anyways. He travels a lot as a pilot.

Micah goes on another trip and he never returns. Bella says he's gone to "god land" and Veronica thinks she means that he has crashed his plane and died.  

Veronica is left wondering where Micah is and how to take care of Bella on her own.  She finds all of Micah's secrets and goes to investigate herself why he was living a double life.

This book is very good. I never expected the ending at all.
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Wow! So glad I got the opportunity to read this book. So much suspense and intrigue I couldn't put it down!!!! Loved the smaller chapters that kept me flying thru the book. This book definitely had me guessing. Get this book today you will NOT be disappointed!!
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This was a great mystery that kept me hooked throughout. The plot was good, spanning from Chicago to Wisconsin and Key West which I really liked. Veronica's quest for the perfect life is counteracted somewhat by her resentment of Claudette. It seems she thinks she wants the life but deep down feels more comfortable in a city/more lively area. 

However, I felt the "am I going crazy" inner monologue was quite weak and could have benefitted from a little more depth. 

Also, Elizabella and "Nini" were pretty annoying. I understand children have imaginary friends but I'm not convinced they would talk about them quite as much as Bella does.
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A great quality read. I was engrossed in the story line. I hope you all got this from the Kindle First deal. If not, it's definitely worth the purchase and read
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Veronica is dealing with infertility, treatments, a husband who is normally gone a lot and is now missing, a handful of a 3 year old precocious daughter, worries that she and/or her daughter may have inherited her mother's schizophrenia, her daughter's imaginary playmate, and a myriad of other problems. With too much on her plate, Veronica and her world, are falling apart. Then along comes a police investigation into her missing husband and shadowy figures that seem to be stalking her and Veronica feels like she has nowhere to turn for help during a time when her life may be in danger. If her missing husband is dead, the police consider her a prime suspect in his disappearance and/or murder.

From the start of the book, Veronica is not a happy person and it was hard to feel invested in all her wants and needs. But then I began to understand where her sense of unfulfillment, frustration, and fear of going crazy, was coming from. Her mostly absentee husband didn't really seem to be very understanding of her feelings, when we meet him, she has been isolated from former friends, never really got to make more than one friend in her new home, and has no family of her own. Even her husband's family is overseas and when in the states, she only has contact with her mother-in-law. 

I began to feel her paranoia...her fear of the things her daughter was spouting, the fear that the investigative officers were zeroing in on her for the disappearance of her husband, and/or insinuating that she knew more than she was telling about where he was and his activities. When she knows she is being followed, she escapes with her daughter to a new location and this seems to land her in even more hot water and her safety becomes even more elusive. Can she trust anyone? Can she trust her fragile mind and memories? Has anything about her relationships and life been real? I could not put this book down until the is very much worth reading.

Thank you to Lake Union Publishing and NetGalley for this ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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