Dark Genius

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 31 May 2018

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Dark Genius is an interesting techno-thriller, with no weapons (except the very end). While the overall plot was expected, it definitely has a couple good red herrings.

Andrew Lawrence is a genius that got to MIT at 14, but he had a nervous breakdown and basically flunked out of every class because his parents started fighting, one wanted him free for his pursuits, the other believed he wasn't pushed hard enough. When his parents divorced, he was the weapon they wielded on each other. Eventually, his grandma took him in and sent him to Stanford. Years later, he's back at MIT, studying theoretical physics, and came to know a young woman, also a doctoral candidate, working on...

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This is a science based adventure story with some relationship intrigue thrown in. It is a fun read but a little too stilted in places to be a great read.
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