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This book is great! Whether you are a caregiver or heading for this situation personally, you NEED the information in this book. As seniors are desiring more and more to age in place, this book should be read by everyone. Even if they will be moved into the caregivers’ homes, there are MANY things to think about to prepare the environment. Not only did it provide information I was already aware of (since I often provide counseling to caregivers of elderly people), but there were additional things I did not think about. Great job by the author! It deserves 10 stars!

I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book. Thanks to NetGalley and Bull Publishing for making it available
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I wish I had this book a year ago when we were faced with my mother’s declining health and her strong desire to retain her independence and continue living in her home.  Unfortunately, many of those in her situation hide, or try to hide, their increasing disability. It makes it very difficult to help them stay safe.  I strongly recommend this book as a very useful and practical sourcebook.  It is full of good advice and worthwhile suggestions.
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Author Lynda Shrader states in her new book which is filled with helpful advice and useful information for planning ahead for the inevitable decisions that must be made as one ages, that "although the language of this book is directed toward caregivers, it is my hope and expectation that many seniors will pick up this book as well and proactively work toward improving their own situation without bothering 'the kids.'" She offers suggestions for the many challenges that face the elderly in their homes, including decluttering, rearranging furniture and pantries, making some easy structural changes to the house that may provide more stability and safety, keeping track of meds and bills, arranging for power of attorney and a living will, etc. A very helpful guide to keep on hand for when the need arises.

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Filled with good advice about how the reader (or someone else) can adapt their living space so that they can continue to live there after their physical and/or mental abilities begin to deteriorate.  Topics range from general information and tips, through each type of living space (the exterior, living, dining, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and the smaller ones - stairs, hallways, basement, laundry), and on to the issues of how to decide if someone needs help, how that help should be provided, and how the work of providing that help should be split up.
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As an aging Baby Boomer with a 91 year old mother and a disabled best friend, I found this book fascinating. Filled with helpful, practical, room by room suggestions for living in one's own home through the challenges of aging and health problems. Clearly written, expert advice. One of the best I've seen on this topic.
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Age in Place delivers useful information for families of seniors and seniors about home modifications that can assist a senior in remaining in their home safely as they age rather than being institutionalized. Lynda Shrager is an experienced Occupational Therapist who has worked with seniors, their families and other carers. She addresses concerns specific to each of these groups. She's also included a series of useful checklists to help people make the changes needed to keep their senior loved ones safe.
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Age in Place is an excellent tool in dealing with aging parents, which is my case. Of course it would be helpful with any aging person. It fit my situation well as I am currently adapting my parents home to allow my mother the freedom to live at home safely. It gave excellent tips on how to arrange furniture for specific rooms, entry, exits and outdoors. In addition, it gave tips on coming up with a plan and how to approach topics with the aging patient.  Sometimes we see something that needs to be done and want to take action. We do not always take into account the persons feelings. It was a good reminder to be sensible, but gentle in our actions.
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Aging in place is becoming more and more important in my life -- and those of all the other baby boomers entering our later years.  How we do it safely, with dignity, and sustainably remains to be seen -- however, this excellent, thorough guide is one way to learn how.  With kind, compassionate, realistic eyes, Shrager leads the reader through the nuts and bolts considerations of enabling an older person to remain in their house and home for as long as possible.  Excellent examples, creative and kind solutions to baffling situations fill the book and make it one that demonstrated how to realize the heartfelt desire to age in place.  Now that I have learned so much, I want more information about how to manage through difficult to impossible situations where a person denies the reality of ceasing driving and countless other challenges -- obviously the topic for a companion volume -- no doubt this calm, capable author has faced her fair share of these and handled them gracefully and well.
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AMAZING. That is how I would describe Age in Place in one word! I am preparing to organize and update my elderly parent’s home to keep them safe and make life a little easier for them. You will not find a more helpful, comprehensive and practical guide! I HIGHLY recommend this book if you find yourself taking care of or worrying about aging parents who wish to retain their independence.  Some of the tips are absolutely brilliant. Lynda Shrager takes a daunting and overwhelming task and makes it focused and manageable. The health care notebook guideline and focus sheets are much appreciated.
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I received a DIGITAL Advance Reader Copy of this book from #NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  From the publisher
A practical step-by-step, room-by-room guide to simple modifications that can help seniors make their homes safer and easier to navigate, this reference offers readers clear and practical solutions. Author Lynda Shrager is a registered, national board certified occupational therapist, a master’s level social worker and a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS) with more than thirty-seven years’ experience in the field of geriatrics and more than thirteen years working with seniors in their homes. It is this mix of qualification and experience that makes her an expert in adapting the environment to increase patient safety and independence. This book is designed to help seniors and their caregivers address these new challenges together to make life at home safer, more manageable and less stressful for all.

Features include:
• Room-by-room walk through to evaluate and modify safety of the home
• Photographs of modifications from patients’ homes
• Recommendations for the best home medical equipment
• Where to obtain services and additional helpful resources
• Checklist for the reader to complete their own room by room walkthrough with a quick and easy guide to making each space safe and manageable
• “Hacks for Health and Home” at the end of each chapter with occupational therapy tips
• Vital Documents Guide for easy retrieval of important papers in case of an emergency. 

Oh, I wish that I had had this book when I was downsizing my parents from a big house to a big apartment but I am SO HAPPY that I have it to take them from an apartment to a retirement home! The steps on how to stay sane in this process are set out smartly and rationally and are helpful for both parent and child. as it does not seem like you are bullying the parent but HELPING THEM.
I would recommend this book to ... well ... anyone with an older parent (or a hoarder of any age) in their life!
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Excellent book on the issue of making it possible to "age in place," allowing seniors to live at home safely. The bulk of the book covers the house itself, going room by room to asses it and with practical suggestions for making staying at home possible. 

The second section of the book covers discussing the situation, putting together a care plan and team as well as different practical aspects of life. It too is full of wonderful, practical advice.

Having and using the information in this book can ease your mind and make life easier for your parents.
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