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F Is for France

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Last updated on 19 Jan 2018

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You do not have to be a Francophile to enjoy this entertainingly delicious quirky A to Z miscellany of the uniqueness and essence of the French. Fascinating and amusing with so much trivia and genuine information conveyed this is a light and informative read and certainly some of those facts will certainly be remembered.  As can be expected much of the content is of a culinary nature but other themes include literature, history, paintings and of course Paris.

You do not know what is coming next as you turn the page, one moment you are actually reading the longest sentence in literature composed by Marcel Proust and the next you are reading how to make a Salade Nicole. As you go from one theme to the next you begin to realise the contribution that the French have made. It's a book that can be dipped into and returned to and would be an ideal starting point or accompaniment to further reading.

An ideal book for the lovers of all things French or for those with a sense of curiosity.

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