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Thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for a free, digital, ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. 

This book was not what I was expecting, but to quote the author, "Expectations are just that - what you expect. They are ideas. God's reality is much richer than that. God will always give you the right version of your life."

I did not know that this book was mainly about the author's struggle with infertility and then the birth of her special-needs son. If I had known that, I probably wouldn't have chosen to read it, because I would have thought that her struggles weren't the same as my struggles as a mom. I was shocked when I discovered that although our circumstances were different, she learned the same lessons that I needed to learn as a mom and a Christian. 

Each chapter tells a portion of the author's struggle tied to a character in the Bible. The author does a wonderful job of choosing just the right characters to emphasize her spiritual truth. I have bookmarked several pages in this book that I know I will go back to often.
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It's been such a treat to see Jamie gain recognition through her book. She and her son have been recognized in Target marketing materials, she's been on several TV shows, interviews. Because her story is that hard, and good. She fights long and hard to become a mother, struggling with infertility, and when she does have her first child, he develops a unique condition that changes their lives forever. She glorifies God through the hard, the messy, the tears, the anger, the unfairness. It's a pretty special book.
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Motherhood is one of a kind thing for me. It was a miracle to become a mom, and everyday I think about that. Also it is one of the santification tools God uses in my life every day. I feel a lot that it is a test for me.  And to be honest I fail. And when I fail I feel miserable and then guilty and it keeps happening. I wish to get to know more often other moms that are willing to lift you up in this journey and that are willing enough to be raw honest and telling you the hard stuff in love. I want to grow up free about other people's expectations and I just fant to be faithful to God. This book remind me that I can have a message even if I feel in a fishbowl.
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Unbound follows Jamie Sumner's journey through infertility into motherhood without sugarcoating the bumps and lumps received along the way. 

I was initially drawn to this book because of the title. I have been struggling with many unrealistic expectations of motherhood, most placed on myself by myself. I was hoping for a story that would help me relax my hold on what motherhood "should" be. This book did not disappoint! I was moved to tears walking with Jamie through her journey. It helped put my experiences in perspective and reminded me that even though motherhood isn't what I dreamed of during the rosy days of pregnancy, it is so worth every minute.
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This was an extremely heartfelt book and at times was difficult to read. As a mother, my heart goes out to Jamie and Jody and there struggles. Reading this book made me even more grateful that I didn't have a fertility problem and that my son was born healthy and able to come home right away. 

I loved how Jamie compared women as mothers to women in the bible and how strong we really are, but not in our own, only through God's grace and mercy.
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A great read for mothers of all stages, including those trying to conceive. I loved the variety of stories Summer pulled from the bible, and the ties she provided to today's mommies. As a mom of two little boys, I found so much I related to and much that was applicable to my current everyday, as well as things I'm sure I'll be happy to know in the future. Recommend it!
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