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Amazing!! I LOVE Willow's writing and this one did not disappoint!! The story was captivating!! I stayed up all night reading this one!! Could not put it down!! It is that good!! I highly recommend this book!!! LOVED it!!
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This was a hard one to get into. Honestly I didn’t connect with the characters at all. It fell likes chunks were missing. Like things were happening but not really explained. Sadly, this just didn’t work for me.
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This book was 5 Stars!  Willow's writing captivated me. Soti and Lili had the perfect amount of angst and swoony romance, with enough suspense to keep me turning each page with rapt attention. I loved every minute of this book and would highly recommend it.
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3.5 For Soti Stars

Lilith/Lili is a prostitute at her families brothel Maison D'amour in the french quarter of New Orleans. The brothel was started by her great-grandmother and passed down, her mother the queen bitch Madam now runs it.

No one plans to be a whore. Except maybe my mother. It certainly wasn't my life's dream as a little girl. 

Nico is a former lover of Lili's, when she finds out he was marrying someone else she walked away from him. Now 2yrs later he's back and Lili knows he has something bad up his sleeve and insists she will not see him, unfortunately her mother has other plans.

Shit hits the fan the next time Nico visits, with someone being murdered and a huge fire only to end with Lili being arrested.

Soti a man Lili has seen only a few times around Bourbon Street, he sees the incident at the brothel on the local news and when he sees Lili who he is captivated by he knows he has to help her.

I can't really go further into the plot but I will say I loved Soti he is a whole lot of Alpha sweetness. That huge surprise/twist Soti spits out did throw me a little as it was totally unbelievable (in my opinion) and left me like......................

So for a book with a name like Whore it sure did skimp in the sex department or what sex there was was vague. Overall I enjoyed this but it had too many unbelievable/unrealistic parts also a few mistakes in the plot but nothing major. I think I was just a little disappointed I had high hopes for this one, maybe that was the problem. You read it and let me know what you think.
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I was definitely excited to read this book, the premise sounded fresh and amazing. However, the story just didn't pan out for me.

I had a hard time getting invested in Lili & Soti's characters, as well as their relationship. The character development just wasn't there for me, and i never "got" them being together.

The suspense element didn't really jibe with me, either. Parts of it just felt so far-fetched and convoluted, it just didn't work for me.

Overall, the story was OK, but I really wanted something more from this one.
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I honestly was not expecting the story line that unfolded with Whore. It was a true emotional read roller coaster if I ever read one. The pace fluctuates between fast paced and slow and steady throughout the book. Lilith was both frustrating and admirable all at the same time. I did find myself skimming some in the beginning with Soti and Lili’s first interactions bc the pace was too slow for me. It was a really good book.
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Whore is my first book by Willow Aster and will not be my last. Whore is beautiful and heartbreaking, yet intriguing. It is a story that had me turning the pages to see what was going to happen next. Whore will take you on an emotional roller-coaster and you will enjoy every minute of it. With well-developed characters that pulled at my heart and a great story, I totally recommend you read it.

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This was an enjoyable story with a strong female heroine throughout the story.
I enjoyed this story form start to finish.
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I dont really know what I expected when I picked up this book- all I know is what was inside wasn't it. 

But what was in there surprised me- and although it took a few pages to accustom myself to the writing style- I soon found myself hooked on Lilli and Soti's story! 

A tale of prostitution, love, mafia and redemption- it was well enjoyed.
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Lilith is a high class prostitute, made to prostitute by her mother from a very young age and it's all she's ever known.  She's owned by her mother, she's owned by a mob boss, until one day it all goes up in smoke and she's 'free'.  Ensuing drama follows..

To be honest, this novel started off well and had an interesting premise to draw me in.  After a while though it fell flat.  I didn't believe any of the chemistry Lilith had with the other main male character (he kinda seemed like a stalker to be honest) and just generally found the whole situation totally unbelievable.  Did she have magic private parts?  I didn't get the appeal.  Also just found the writing a little jumpy and ended up becoming like a teen drama.  Not my thing!

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Dnf at 24%
I want to say that it's me and not the book, but then it would be a big FAT lie. 
Whore, an intriguing title that not many readers would want or may be dare unwrap its story, but I so wanted to.
When the ARC landed on my kindle, I was really really eager to read it. But I need someone to tell me what the hell was in there!!
I wanted to challenge my comfort zone with this book but my comfort zone turned out to have a limit I can't cross.

Full review on my goodreads page.
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This book from the beginning had me completely connected with Lilith from the moment I started her story. From page one you just want to know her and her story. It stays that way until the last page.

Lilith is, for every sake of the word, a whore. She was raised by her mother in her families whore house. Her mother sold her virginity and the man she sold it to is unlike any villain you have ever read. Then there is Soti. The man that you just know can save anyone. He is the light to dark in this book and really that is all I can tell you. This is a story where I can just tell you I loved it but I can’t tell you everything because it’s a puzzle that you have to piece together and let the story unfold. I want to tell you what a terrible whore Lilith is but honestly she is not and your heart will break for her. UGGHHHHH JUST READ THIS BOOK!!!
I literally could talk about Willow and her writing style all day and how she has this ability to just make words come to life. She is my author I can recommend and know for sure that person is about to fall love.
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Ok so this book was something I went into having zero idea what to expect!  I haven’t read Willow in a long time, butt I was super excited and since I talked to someone who’d already read the story that I trusted I decided I’d give this one a shot…. From the beginning I was super intrigued by the story line.  I was captivated by Lilith and her plight in life.  She was really dealt a raw hand being born into the life she was.  I felt so sorry for her.  After the first chapter or two I was completely sucked in by the story.  There were all of these congruent plot lines to be threaded throughout the story and Willow did an amazing job keeping you on your toes, not knowing what was going to come next.

When Lilith and Soti get together I kept thinking, it was all too good to be true, cause you knew there was a bigger plan for her.  I wasn’t wrong, but I loved the parts where Willow made us feel comfortable and confident that things might just work out ok.  Then pull the rug out when you least expected it.  I detested Nico… He was disgusting and vile.  However it was mostly because of his treatment of Lilith and how he handled her.  I was a little disappointed at the intended mafia side of the story.  I thought that side left a little to be desired, but that might be because I’m obsessed with the mafia and devour every book I can about it. But Nico was a good character representation of the bleaker side of humanity, and personally I think he had some mental issues….

This book wasn’t quite what I expected, but at the same time I was glued to the pages after the action gets going and truly flipped pages furiously till the end.  I loved Lilith and her strength and the way that Soti brought that out of her, but didn’t try to overwhelm her.  His heart is truly beautiful and you’ll fall in love with him instantly!  He was just the bright spot that this story needed.  I don’t want to give you any more details cause the plot would be given away in a heartbeat but know this.  I love books that twist you up and make you question everything you know.  I love books that keep you on the edge of your seat wondering what’s going to happen next. I love books that have a good ending but maybe not something you can totally predict either.  This book had all of that and more!  In the end I really enjoyed this unconventional read from Willow and can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!
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Not my cup of tea. It just didn’t do it for me. I wanted so badly to love it but just couldn’t finish this book. No review left anywhere. I don't rate/review DNF's.
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YUP. I just gave a book titled “Whore” 5 SOLID stars. Let this be a lesson to you... don’t judge a book by its cover OR its title. 

Inspired by the biblical story of Hosea and Gomer, this modern tale of a “first class whore”, named Lilith, who was born into a long line of whores finds her life turned upside down when her previous “love” and mob boss, Nico, pops back in demanding a life with Lilith. When his demands result in her life burning to the ground, she runs into a knight in shining armor, Soti, who vows to protect her with little promise from her in return.  

I know what you are thinking.......”this is your average smutty new adult novel with little to no substance and will make my brain rot.” WRONG. I swear I thought the same thing going in. I swear I thought the same thing about 15% of the way through. And then I realized that the writing was so powerful and unique and that this story isn’t something I’ve read before. It’s something that drew me in and made me believe in the power of a selfless love, not just “lust” or “possession” or “sex”. Like Lili’s selflessness with Soti and Soti’s (MY GOD SOTI IS AN ANGEL) selflessness with Lili was NOTHING SHORT OF INSPIRING. Then toss in a mob story that hooks you in AND set it in New Orleans and, you, my friend, WILL. BE. HOOKED. 

GAH! I just really loved the story, the characters were so developed and I found little to be frustrating within the plot. You end up truly caring and truly feeling the highs and lows alongside Lili and Soti. JUST FLIPPING READ WHORE.
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I was not impressed with this book,  it drug on I didn't honestly like or feel the characters, I just couldn't get into the story at all. The blurb sounded awesome and I expected alot more out of this story..
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I was drawn to this book based on the title and cover. Those two components drew me in. I was seeing the book all over the place. People were raving about it everywhere I turned. So I decided to dive in.

I get why many are over the moon about this book. However, I didn't follow their train of thought with the characters and the story itself. I just didn't connect with the characters. Lilith and Soti felt under-developed to me. I didn't really jive with either of them. The supporting characters... eh. I just couldn't be all-in.

I love the idea of a woman standing up and forcing her own path instead of letting others dictate it for her. Lilith is one of those characters I really wanted to cheer for. But her story just didn't pull at me. It felt forced. I felt like Willow was holding back; afraid to really delve dark into this story.

I was thrown when Soti's revelation hit. That one really made me do a double-take. Kudos Willow, you really got me there!

Overall, this isn't a bad book; it's just not a book I am able to rave about. It was missing a little something for me.
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I was very interested in reading this book. I love books where the heroines have unconventional lives. I did like Lily. You could tell she was pretty much a victim of circumstance. She didn’t want the live she had but it was all she knew and her mother made sure she stayed in her place. I liked Soti too. He just wanted to help Lili but it grew to more. The romance moved a little fast for me but it kind of worked. This was more romantic suspense than contemporary romance and this is where the story lost me. Nico is an ex-client/boyfriend of Lili’s who would stop at nothing to have her back. I just didn’t get his motivations, or her mother’s or any of the other players involved in this. I needed more in the suspense of the book. So while the romance worked for me the rest of the story didn’t. Even though it started to drag for me around the last half of the book, overall the book did keep me engaged.
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