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First of all the warning if you don't like cheating in the book and did not read the blurb then this is not for you but if like me you don't really mind it then you should give this book a go.I have to admit I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would it was well written and held my interest all the way through.I would recommend giving it a go.
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This book surprised me. I was drawn in from page one and could not put it down. Captivating story and mesmerizing characters. Will not disappoint you.
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Very well done!! I don't think I've ever finished a book that includes cheating because they are typically written to very basic and carnal. Heartless, however, was a dual POV with so much depth and raw emotion that I couldn't put it down! Tastefully raw and real, I loved this book!
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R.C. Martin is a new author to Three Girls- but we really enjoyed this emotional story, so it's won't be our last!

Heartless was a bit of a slow burn, but it really gave you a change to feel the connection  between the characters!  R.C.'s writing was really amazing and she did a great job of reading a heartfelt story
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HEARTLESS by R.C. Martin

Infidelity…is it always wrong? And, if it is not…when is it right? What are the repercussions of infidelity and how is the fallout dealt with? Is acting on interest in another ever okay when married? These are some of the questions I asked myself while reading. The author states in the blurb that this is a book that has real characters who are not perfect and that is abundantly clear…this is a story that will linger and cause readers to ponder…at least that is my opinion. 

Blaine and Michael really seem to have nothing in common but definitely are attracted to one another. Both are in relationships when they meet but that doesn’t stop them from beginning an affair. A secret liaison that begins as lust but develops into more – and this is one reason I believe taking that first step into the forbidden might be “wrong” if your commitment to marriage vows is to be honored – this couple took that step and then had to deal with the repercussions. Michael’s choice impacted his wife, family and political career. Blaine’s choice impacted others but not quite so much as Michael’s choice did. 

I am conflicted. In some ways I don’t understand why the two did what they did since they seemed so very different and incompatible. In other ways I totally understand. I am happy the couple brought out the best in one another and eventually found a happy life together. I understand how those around them must have felt. I felt for all of the characters. I cared. I wanted to intervene. I wondered if Michael’s infidelity would be a one-time thing. That said...this book must be a good one to evoke so many thoughts and feelings. I am not fond of first person dual view books but in this story it provided context and background information that was important. The ending had me scratching my head but thankfully it all came out right in the end. 

Thank you to the author who gifted me a copy of this intriguing book through NetGalley – This is my honest review. 

4 Stars
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This book is about two people falling in love when they aren’t necessarily looking for love. There is cheating in this book, and whether or not you can handle that... is up to you, but I feel like R.C. Martin does a fantastic job of not making excuses for these characters. No one becomes a villain to make the events in this story ok. You know they are flawed, you know they are making poor choices, but if you can accept a love story for what it is, all flaws and mistakes included, then I think you will enjoy this book.

If you like your romance happy go lucky and following all the rules, Heartless may not be the book for you. If you’re open to a romance that has the flaws, the ugly, and the beauty of real life, then I would HIGHLY recommend this read.
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