In the Heat of the Tropics

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This was a pretty good read with lots of action it held my interest and although the storyline was nothing new I still enjoyed it and liked the characters I would definitely read more from this author
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I voluntarily read this advanced readers copy of this book.  Strong characters and a great story line.  I can't wait to read more work from Christina either.  I just couldn't put this book down once I started reading it.  I was very well entertained and excited reading it.
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I received an ARC from Netgalley. This book had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. I also felt the chemistry between Rick and Ingrid. Great read.
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This was a good enough read, there just wasn't anything in it that really gripped me. Ingrid and Rick seemed like nice people and the bedroom seemed hot but there actual interactions were a bit too lukewarm for me.
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I like the instant attraction between Ingrid the report and Rick the undercover cop at the very beginning and then the immediate problem that arises. It was refreshing to read a book that pulled you in almost immediately.  An added bonus, Elliott allowing is in the mind of the serial killer to witness his plotting and planning and mostly his depravity.

This was a very interesting and suspenseful plot not just with a serial killer, but with the dynamics between Ingrid and Rick. There is a conflict of interest with Rick being the lead detective and Ingrid being the blood thirsty press always on his tail.  They each hold doubts and fear the other are using them and have a hard time working it through. While at odds a pivitol discovery is made that can bring danger or even death to one or both of them so their trust issues are essential at this point.

I really enjoyed Ingrid and Rick's attraction personalty wise and physicially. My only issue would be with the awkward sex scenes- not the Ingrid or Rick were awkward but I found some of the descriptions and words use to just be a little different that what I usually read. I think sometimes in an attempt to make a scene not vulgar an author might use restraint in their words when it's best to let the walls down and keep it hot and sexy and vulgar! That's just me!
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OMG!! If it weren’t for laughing so hard (and not in a good way) through most of this book, I would have DNF’d very early. I can’t believe the 5 star ratings on Goodreads. 

There are going to be many spoilers in this review because there is no way to explain how bad this book is without them.

You know who the killer is right from the beginning because we’re told things from his POV, so there’s no real mystery. We also hear both Rick and Ingrid’s POV. 

Rick Gonzalez is an undercover narcotics officer who blows his cover by being videoed near the police chief during a press conference. His cover is blown because he’s more concerned with Ingrid seeing him and making sure she doesn’t leave before he can get to her after the press conference? First TSTL moment. 

Ingrid Sorensen is a journalist who recently moved from New Jersey to Miami. Normally she covers the Suburban Beat but caught a break one evening when the police beat story came in and the regular police reporter was still working on another project.

One year later, she’s now the police reporter and runs into Rick again. He now a detective. He’s still mad at her because of his stupidity. They get past this and of course, the interest is still there. 

They are on their first date and he has to cut it short because he has been called into work. However, he has time to make out and feel her up while she plays with his dick in her driveway? He eventually stops her, she gets out of the car and he immediately drives away, not going to the door with her or even making sure she gets in ok?

She goes late at night by herself (another TSTL moment) to Hooker Alley to interview the hookers for possible information on the killer. Rick and his partner come by, discover her by herself, berate her for putting herself in danger, then drive off without a backward glance?

Repeated internal whining and insecurities going on in both their heads due to past bad relationships. Lots of jumping to conclusions. This led to a great deal of eye rolling on my part. 

And the sex scenes? So much cheesy B film porno language I laughed out loud, even snorted at the words and phrases used: 
Clench of her velvet rise
Stimulating her orgasmic center
She detonated in a gush of love juices
Sex tang
The orchid of her sex
Glistening with pearly drops of his virile essence
Her pleasure patch
Her knot of ecstasy
Licked her portal
The damn broke on her feminine nectar
His ramrod
Fleshy folds already slick with love juices
She wanted him inside her nest
My sides hurt from laughing so much!!

And then the author pulls out the word putrescence. Seriously?! You pull this $20 dollar word out yet use such cheesy language during the sex scenes?

Ingrid pulls another TSTL moment by going out to a store in the middle of nowhere, with no cell reception, and then decides to follow a man she knows nothing about even further away?

The book doesn’t flow well. The writing feels clumsy and awkward. I didn’t feel their connection or any heat. Nor did I like either main character. It just fell flat. I won’t be looking for other works by this author.

I voluntarily reviewed an ARC provided by NetGalley and the publisher.
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Ingrid Sorenson is a crime beat reporter who is haunting the police department for news of a serial killer .. once who worked the same area last year and was never caught.  Whoever this killer is, he's targeting the men looking to hook up with ladies of the street.

Rick Sanchez is the lead homicide detective and he's finding it really hard to concentrate.  He looks are her and sees pretty ... but she's also pushy, brazen, yet dedicated to her work.  She looks at him and sees handsome, but antagonistic and rude.  Yes .. they are attracted to each other.

As the cops follow the clues, Ingrid follows the cops for the story of the year .... and when she gets an anonymous phone call with a tip, off she goes ... right into the heart of a cyclonic storm.

The imminent danger she faces isn't coming from the storm .....

Highly suspenseful and fast-paced, I found this story to be riveting and engaging.  The main characters of Ingrid and Rick interact sometimes with humor, sometimes with anger, but the heat is always there between them.  There are several intimate moments described in great detail.  

Many thanks to the author / Melange Books Satin Romance / Netgalley for the digital copy of this well-written Romantic Suspense.  Opinions expressed here are unbiased and entirely my own.
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Romantic suspense.  Cop vs reporter, both trying to solve a serial killer case.

This review is based on the ARC provided by the author and/or the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion.
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I believe this is a debut and it is not bad at all. But not great either. The first chapters were a bit hard to get through, but after a while the writing was so much better. I think I expected some love/hate story but Rick and Ingrid quite easily connected after some first hurdles. The storyline was fine.
Although I normally woukd not mention it: the sex scenes were a bit strange. It was as if the author was using all known synonyms for male and female parts, but in a strange way. 
Maybe the author should adjust some of these scenes as it seemed comedic instead of sexy and hot.
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In the Heat of the Tropics, is a great suspense romance novel. I love a good who done it book. However one of the last sex scene was written in a way that I laughed through it. Using words like "the orchid of her sex" and "feminine nectar". And for Rick's part words like "pearly drops of his virile essence" and so much more. I'm just glad that all of the sex scenes weren't written so poetically, or I would have had a hard time taking it seriously.
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