For Castle and Crown

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Poops has been hiding at the convent since the accident that disfigured her. She hopes that she will be able to remain there, that is until Edmund comes home. When he arrives everything is thrown into disarray and her feeling for him have grown from that of a friend to love. As the feelings between the two intensify so to dontje dealings of the dukes cousin who wants to take the dukedom by any means necessary. 

Pippa must overcome her fear and help Edmund before something happens and he is killed....

I loved this book! I could not put it down and read it in one sitting! Amazing!
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Medieval romance with intrigue, good characters and story line. New author for me and will look up her other books.

Ebook from netgalley and publishers with thanks. Opinions are entirely my own.
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What a disappointment. Not well written at all. I had high hopes for this as a historical fiction lover and english and history student-but this was not what I was expecting. Poor execution of plot and characters. Had such a hard time that I wasn't able to finish this book.
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I saw the cover, read the synopsis and could barely resist this book (although I had some reservations knowing its a Mormon Publisher). I have a weakness for Medieval Fiction. It is a weakness because in my insatiable desire to snap up anything remotely Medieval in the inspy genre, I've encountered some novels that were very poor; silly, inaccurate, formulaic or cliched and others that just seemed like rip-offs from movies.

'For Castle and Crown' did not fall into either camp. It was a solid story, with an adventure and romance element, which remained sweet and mostly clean, except for one non-detailed reference to an attempted sexual assault, and some touching.
I liked the characters and the slow-burning relationship between the hero and heroine, who were childhood friends and neighbors and had basically grown up together. There was a lot of emotional depth, with two scarred characters (Philippa physically and Edmund emotionally), who had to work through their difficulties and traumas to help others and themselves.

What's more, it was not set in London, or some vague, fictional English county or forest as many such novels are. The castle and surrounding areas as fictional, but its set firmly in the region of the Welsh borders, and incorporated some actual geographical features of the region: and a few actual Welsh terms and phrases. I also liked the way that some historical figures were worked into the story towards the end.

The reason for the lower rating was that whilst this was a sweet and enjoyable story, it just wasn't a favorite. There were some situations and scenarios that were on the predictable and implausible side, and the villain was at times a little too obvious in his actions.
Also, there were a few glaring historical inaccuracies. The protagonists practiced dancing by doing the Quadrille, which originated in the eighteenth and nineteenth century, and I was very disappointed by the references to growing and eating potatoes. Potatoes are from the Americas and weren't introduced to Europe until four centuries after this novel is set. It's not the kind of mistake I would expect from an author born and raised in Britain.

Overall, this was a nice, short read and was not too taxing. Recommending for lovers of Historical Fiction.
I requested and received a PDF version of this book from NetGalley. I was not required to write a positive review and all opinions expressed are my own.
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A medieval romance set during the turbulent years of King Richard the Lionheart’s captivity in Germany, For Castle And Crown follows Lord Edmund of Hawksford as he returns to claim his ancestral home in the Welsh Marches. A younger son, Edmund never wanted to claim the title, but the death of his brother in a fire a few months previously has left him no choice. It’s a difficult time in England, though, especially for those loyal to Richard, as Prince John seeks to cement his claim to the crown.

Philippa was severely burned in the same fire that killed Edmund’s brother. Sequestering herself in a nearby nunnery, she plans to take vows, certain no man will ever be able to overlook her scars to marry her. Edmund’s return upturns her plans, though, because he doesn’t see her scars. He only sees the friend he could always trust, the intelligent woman who can tell him the truth about what has been happening at Hawksford… and the one person who may be able to help him save his legacy from the enemy determined to claim Hawksford for himself.

I absolutely loved Edmund and Pippa’s romance. They both have very clear trauma from the events in their past and neither of them are dismissive of the other’s issues, instead they are patient and willing to help do whatever is necessary to get through it and move on. The appearance later in the story of one of my all-time favourite historical personages, Prince Llewelyn ab Iorwerth of Gwynedd, really made the story for me, though. (Read Sharon Kay Penman’s magnificent opus Here Be Dragons to fall utterly in love with Llewelyn).

There were one or two minor niggles that bothered me in the book - a Marcher lord would have at least a few words of Welsh in his vocabulary, and English nobility of the era spoke Norman-French, not English. The biggest error was geographical, however, when Edmund and Pippa ‘accidentally stumbled’ across into Wales while making their escape at one point. One does not accidentally stumble into Wales from Herefordshire. There’s a very large geographical barrier called the Severn River in the way.

However, these are pretty small niggles in the context of the story, and only a massive history nerd (and someone familiar with Southern Welsh geography) like myself would even notice. They didn’t stop me from awarding this book five stars.
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Fun romance filled with knights in shining armor and damsels in distress!  Great escapest read. I love duke Edmond and Pippa!
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3.5 Stars. I chose this book because I noticed she was an LDS author and I hadn’t read anything by her before. I’ll be sure to read more from her now, it was enjoyable.
This is set during medieval times. Edmund comes home from fighting beside King Richard to discover his home and castle have changed over the years. His older brother and wife died in a fire destroying a wing in his home, and Edmund is now the new Duke. His childhood best friend, Pippa also changed while he was gone into a beautiful woman. However, she hides in the Abby self conscience of her skin that was damaged in the fire. He tries to convince her that everyone has scars, even himself. 
It doesn’t take long to learn someone wants Edmund dead so they can steal his dukedom. He has to learn who it is, how to stop them (if he can), and figure out this new love for his dear friend. Is she willing to leave her safe Abby or would she prefer to take her vows?
It was a very cute and clean read. I would recommend it to anyone who likes clean romances set in a historical time period. The characters were good people you learn to love, without being fake.  I also enjoyed the authors notes in the back explaining the time period and traditions at that time.
I received a free copy of the book from the publisher via Net Gallery for my honest review.
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A well written engaging book with just the right amount of romance and intriguing to keep on utterly engaged until the very end. I loved the main characters and how their stories played out and how their romance grows throughout the book.
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This was such an amazing book! From the very beginning I couldn't put it down. There was such a great mix of action and adventure with a sweet clean romance- I loved it!

I really enjoyed the two main characters, Edmund and Pippa. Each had their own personal struggles and trials to overcome, but yet their first thought was always of others. 

One can only imagine what Edmund must be feeling and going through as he finally arrives home but with such sad and heavy news. To add to that, he must bear the weight of being the new duke and living a life he never planned on.

Pippa was another favorite. She was smart, spunky and brave, despite everything that happened to her. While her particular trials didn't disappear overnight, she tossed her fears and worries out the window in order to protect and help those she cared about. 

Their romance was sweet and I enjoyed it immensely. It was a great transition from friendship to love. There were a number of supporting characters that were also built up well. It was so fun to see them throughout and the roles they played. 

In all, I can't say enough good things about this book! Definitely a great one that I will be re-reading soon!! 

I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.
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The book has a nice clean story. Both characters are interesting as well as the secondary characters like her father and Sister margarert.  The pace of the story was good all the way to 3/4 of the book. It was then that the book got slow .  But if you are looking for a good book that doesn't have steamy scenes this book is a good choice!
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I was very pleased with this book. I've read other books from this author before but not in this genre. 

The narrative was compelling, the history and time period were fascinating, and the main characters thoroughly engaging. I liked how both Pippa and Edmund stood on their own, and well they completed each other together, They helped each other and those around them, and brought the villains down as well. They went through many trials and totally deserved their happy ending. I loved how their relationship picked up and developed sweetly into something more. 
Great ending. 

Highly recommend.
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For Castle and Crown is a historical novel. It is based in fact and some if the characters actually existed.
Written during the crusades when King Richard was taken captive and held for ransom. Meanwhile his younger brother, Was trying to switch allegiance to his side.
Life during that time is as described. Nuns did help the castle with medical assistance. 
A book that has people that actually existed, history interwoven with a back story, tfir me are some of the best novels. This one is exceptionally, and excellently written.
5 Stars
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Engaging plot, realistic conflict, and relatable characters in a medieval backdrop where the hero is righteous yet not without flaws and the heroine refuses to be a damsel in distress. A childhood friendship made stronger by their emotional scars and that eventually blossoms into love. For Castle and Crown is a clean historical romance laced with the intrigue and discord of Richard the Lionheart’s time. Llywelyn the Great makes a cameo, and Prince John is as unlikable as ever.
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This book was amazing! the story line, the twists, the turns, & never knowing for sure who the bad guy was until close to the end. It kept me reading most of the night & most of the next day. The story line was the basic hero saves damsel,  but told in such a way that it is unique & different. 

The historical aspect of the story was well researched & you could actually feel the tension that would have been present during that time in history between Prince John, King Richard, the Dukes, & the Welsh. It was done, though, in such a way that it was interesting & kept you hooked in the reading.

If you like historical romance novels or even just historical novels then I suggest you get this book & read it. It kept me hooked to the end & wanting more. I will now be adding Sian Ann Bessey to my "watch for new titles" list.
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Another fabulous story by Sian. Her stories of Wales and the Welsh people are wonderful. Makes me want to visit these places!
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I loved this Christian medieval romance. Childhood romance blooms into true love...sigh. A foundation of friendship is always the best for lasting love, so it's satisfying to see it written into romance. Having both characters able to relate to one another's pain was effectively dramatic, and having them find relief from their introversion by truly helping others is important. I loved that Pippa quite forgot her own scars when someone else's needs became forefront in her thoughts, however it seemed a tiny bit far fetched that she was able to merge back into full society so quickly with her marriage -it would have been a bit more realistic if she had hesitated a bit more over it. Also I would have liked it more if her father had survived to attend her wedding...

I received this book from NetGalley for an honest review.
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I received an ARC from NetGalley for this book.

Unfortunately, I did not realize this was an inspirational/religious-centric and therefore I do not feel qualified to give an unbiased review of this work.
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When Lord Edmund returns from fighting alongside King Richard in the Crusades, he finds that his brother has died in a fire and he is now the duke. He also finds that his childhood friend, Pippa, was injured in the fire, and while she has relocated to a nearby convent to heal, Edmund finds himself hoping she won't take her vows to become a nun. As he sets about to rebuild his burned castle, Edmund also must defend his right to be duke from those who are hoping to replace him. As the dangers around them increase, Pippa realizes she's stronger than she thought and that, working with Edmund, she can contribute more than she believed.

This is my favorite of Sian Ann Bessey's books; I was really drawn into the story. I loved little details about the characters, like how Edmund is bad at dancing and Pippa is good at throwing knives. I also really liked the setting--I haven't read very many medieval stories, so it was really interesting to take a look at that time period, including the relationship the Welsh people nearby. I really liked Edmund's and Pippa's developing romance, set in the larger story, and I appreciate the fact that the conflict in the story wasn't (like so many other books) mainly about each of them believing the other could never possibly want to have a relationship. I loved seeing their loyalty and strength. This was a really enjoyable book!

I received a free review copy. All opinions are my own.
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I have to say historical books are kind of my thing. I just love been transported back into a time I can not experienced in real life. Bessey's medieval romance set in the backdrop of the political uncertainty England faced while Richard the Lion Heart was held prisoner.

One aspect of this novel that I really appreciated was that the main protagonist Phillipa is not cookie cutter perfect in the looks department, in many ways this is a refreshing change. Pippa's struggles with her disfigurement felt real, you feel her pain and anguish that people won't accept her. Her and Edmund's love story was a joy to escape too. 

The only real issue I had with this book was that the main bit of action of the book took part in only a few days but took up 40% of the book. I felt like it could have been drawn out a bit longer so it didn't feel so rushed.

Everything else aside it was still a lovely quick read and I wouldn't mind turning the pages of another adventure of Pippa and Edmund's.
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