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I am seriously conflicted on how to rate/review Follow You Down. On one hand, it's well written and engaging on almost every level so I was thinking 4 stars at first. On the other hand, the relationship between Vesper and Tristan is so completely messed up and toxic and Tristan is a level of jerk not seen very often in fiction, that I was thinking 1 star. I rarely 1 star, though. If I can't get behind the main relationship in the story, nor do I like (actually, I seriously hate) one of the leads, then I guess 3 stars will have to suffice.

Vesper is a college student and waitress when she meets an entitled jerk named Tristan, a customer at the restaurant where she works. He's a complete and total dbag to her, but he gets under her skin. I hated the way he treated her right from the beginning. Even the way he thought about her before they started their relationship was just downright sleazy and wrong. He thought to himself that she wasn't even hot and didn't have a banging body. Um really?!?! And yet, he finds himself drawn to her for reasons he cannot fathom. And when he finds himself falling in love with her, his treatment of her increases in negativity. God, can I just say once more how thoroughly I despise him?! Even when it's revealed why he's the way he is, it didn't endear me to him nor did it redeem his ridiculous self. Yuck. Just yuck.

Anyway, their relationship spirals out of control, with his treatment of her continually worsening, until Vesper finally kicks him to the curb. I applauded the fact that Lazeema had Vesper get some professional help because she clearly needed it. Tristan needed professional help, too, and had he gotten some early on in the story, it just might have saved him from remaining the jerk he is.

But, though I despised Tristan, and hated his and Vesper's relationship, I am oddly still interested in knowing what happens next for the two. I'm hoping it's something positive, because there's not much that is positive in Follow You Down until close to the end. Also, there's a cliffhanger, and a note at the end saying that Vesper and Tristan's journey is not over, so be forewarned.
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I really could not get into this book at all.  Some of the language turned me off and the story was not interesting.  I did not finish this.
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This is the first book I have read by  Lazeema Haq and I am looking forward to reading more this was a very good book it was well written with a good storyline that pulled me in and kept me reading right until the last page.Vesper & Tristan are complete opposites but both are damaged in so many ways I just hated the way he treated her and also the fact she allowed it and while I wanted her to smother him in his sleep I just could not stop reading it cannot wait for the next one
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First off....cliffhanger (sort of)  Don't expect any resolution in this book. 

This book just pissed me off on so many levels that by the time I hit the end there was no hope of me continuing with this series.  

First off...both characters are incredibly immature.  I just cannot wrap my head around Tristan as a hedge fund manager given how incredibly immature he is.  He rarely seems to work, instead spending more time out eating and hanging at clubs when in reality if he did this he wouldn't have a job.  He went from a strong character in the beginning to a weeping immature little boy by the end.  I just couldn't....nope not happening.  

Vesper was just as bad; she's a college student by day and a waitress by night.  She starts off with this I don't give a **** about the world attitude but then like Tristan becomes an immature person by the end.  Her less so then Tristan who I admit was the character I hated the most in this book.  

Second off....there was a lot of useless info in this book.  Paragraphs and chapters that really served no purpose.  It was as if the author just wanted the book to be longer as an excuse to turn the true story into two books.  I literally skimmed pages of the book because it was so boring.  

Third...the end just sucked.  There was no closure, no completion of the story.  I hate books that are broken into two books just to make money and to me that's what this book was about.
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Follow You Down is a hard book me to leave a review on..... I liked that some of the story was unique & raw but there were other issues that turned me off. Characters used racist words & some of the sexual encounters bordered on things being done without proper consent.

I liked the author's writing style & I'm willing to read more.

Be warned that while an interesting read this book has some hot topic buttons.

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
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I have mixed feelings about this book. At first, I really enjoyed the witty banter between the main characters. Their interaction kept me going even when I noticed small issues that bothered me. Both characters are troubled but managed to make a life for themselves in spite of their hard past. 
But as their relationship progressed, the book turned into something I didn't expect neither enjoyed so much. It was hard at times not to dislike Tristan even when I knew where he came from. He got quickly obsessed with Vesper and it was a little disturbing. And it was even harder not wanting to shake some sense into Vesper every time she forgave him and ran to him despite knowing she deserved better. But that's the thing about abusive relationships, it's easy to get into them but hard to get out, especially when there are love and manipulation involved. 
At the end, some issues were left unresolved. But since Vesper and Tristan's story isn't finished yet, there is hope for their characters.
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Not so sure on this, too much racial tension for me.
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DNF at 28%

I can always tell that I am going to DNF when the number of paragraphs I highlight increases exponentially as I read, with my highlighting becoming increasing jerky and irritable. Alas, so it was with this book. I picked it up and put it down several times but in the end I found the characters too irritating for words and I have absolutely no idea if there was supposed to be a plot.

Vesper Malik is a part-time waitress, Tristan Winthrop is a poor little rich kid. When they meet its instalust on his part. Although the characters are supposed to be mid to late twenties they read as much young. Vesper worries that Tristan will be mean to her gay friend? Really? 

Vesper has secrets and doesn't want to reveal them. Tristan has family issues. Blah, blah, blah.

Then, after blowing hot and cold and not being in touch for a month Tristan arrives at Vesper's home after midnight, drunk and demanding she listen to him. He comes into her apartment uninvited, physically restrains her and refuses to let her go - at that point I tapped out. Why doesn't anyone see this behaviour is just wrong?

I liked the cover but the contents left me cold, too YA, too many "issues" thrown in, I felt like the author was trying too hard to show her liberal tendencies and it read more like ticking off a YA shopping list: silly name? Check. Rick kid with family issues? Check. Down on her luck waitress with secrets in her past? Check. Gay black friend? Check. Best friend from foster care/ children's home with (probably) a bad ending? Check.
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Follow You Down is a book unlike any other I've read, and that isn't necessarily a great thing but its also not terribly bad. This book shocked me more than once, especially with the racist name calling. I really wanted to stop reading the book at that point, but I feel that if I review a book, I should at least finish it to the end. This book remind me of the song "Make Up To Break Up" because Vesper and Tristan would break up to make up every 5 to 10 minutes in this story. At one point I really wanted them to go their separate ways. I wished Vesper was a stronger character because Tristan disrespected her repeatedly, and yet she was willing to drop down to her knees or give up her virginity to make him forget his worries and as a way to comfort him. WTF? I wanted her to throat punch him!!! He didn't deserve her, he had such a terrible attitude and I don't mind a character being cocky; I actually love that, but he was a straight a-hole. I did however enjoy Akil's character and I liked how things worked out for Latonya and Vesper. This wasn't a bad read and if you can get over a few shocking moments you might even enjoy it more than I did. There were moments I liked and disliked in this book. The flow was consistent, the ending was sweet in a way and some of the conversations were repetitive but this story isn't the end of Vesper and Tristan's journey.
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This book – gave me all the feels.  So much feels!

The beginning of this book is quite light hearted and sweet – you start off with both Tristan and Vesper meeting and exchanging witty banter – and hilarious banter – and getting to know eachother and what makes them tick.

Then the fun starts – well, not fun, then things start getting REAL – I mean I totally did not expect this book to get so down and dirty with the realness and moments in the book – given that I want this to be spoiler free I won’t get into details but I guess it could be somewhat triggering to some, but boy the story was powerful and wonderful to me.

I think even though Vesper had her issues and clearly she had issues – Tristan was the one that really needed the most help in the relationship in my eyes – I just really wanted to reach through the screen and knock him upside the head more than a few times.

The ending did not end how I figured it would – and I was really upset thinking that this was a stand alone book and I was going to be disappointed that I felt nothing was tied up – but it seems more is to come from dear Vesper and Tristan and I’m all about it – I cannot wait to read more – a must read from me
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wasn't quite sure what to expect with this one, but Ms Haq tackles just about every difficult subject out there and manages to do it with style and grace.
I'll keep this short, I don't do spoilers but I'm going to hit the highlights.

Vesper works and goes to school. The club she works at is where she meets Tristan, a seemingly spoiled rich and ill tempered snot who holds court there with his so called friends. Tristan has more than baggage, he's got the full set of luggage and along with his insecurities and hatred for his father, has anger problems. When he sets his sights on Vesper, she's not quite sure what to do. She's got her own history as well but have moved past a lot of her past and is moving forward. Vesper is a beautiful woman of color. Tristan is as white bread as they come. The thrust of the book is watching their relationship evolve and spiral out of control, over the course of time. It happens frequently. He says he's sorry and he uses sex and cajoling to bend her to his whim. Interesting character he is and Lazeema did a great job writing him, as she did both characters. The supporting characters are great too. The dialogue between the two gets repetitive, but that's because of the behavior. You have to stay with it.
The title for this book couldn't be more perfect because that's exactly what she he began to spiral as much as she tried, and she knew in part how she felt, she slid right down the tube with him.
She had a good support system and she was smart enough to know she needed help. And help she got.
This really is a must read. It touches on sensitive subjects cutting, verbal/emotional abuse and there is a physical violence scene. Brief but nonetheless it happens. 
Bravo Ms Haq!! Well done. And happy to know we will see more of Tristan and Vesper!!
4.5 Stars

*arc from NetGalley and Xpresso in exchange for a fair and honest review**
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