Second Coming

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I was looking for a humorous book to lighten my mood and Second Coming did not dissappoint. I highly enjoyed it and can't wait to read it again.
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This book was certainly an entertaining read, but a little too on the silly side for my taste. I think whether or not this book will work for you completely depends on if the humor is your style. The humor didn't really hit for me, though I rarely find books laugh out loud funny.
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Second Coming is the perfect alien arrival science-fiction with loads of humor to top the fact that one of the two aliens is a carbon copy of Elvis Presley. 

I loved this book. The general idea about it was so refreshingly edge that it won my heart right from the blurb. Overall plot revolves around two aliens--Lawrence an Elvis--who have descended down to Earth second time. Their previous trip to Earth was in 1950, so obviously everything around has changed drastically over the decades. While they're feeling lost amidst the vast changes and new, incomprehensible, surroundings, the fact that Elvis is described to flaunt physical features exactly the same as Elvis Presley only tops the humor content. 

On a parallel scene, Hank has nothing better to do and works as the best abductee the two aliens can land in this trip. His life is going all downhill, in fact it's almost monotonous with only bad-er things occurring once in a while, so accompanying these two aliens is better than anything, even if he's marked as kidnapped. The way these two plot lines merge and the three commence their journey is so well-drawn, it's hilariously unbelievable but nothing would stop you from continuing reading it. 

The writing is different form the usual direct and light prose I read, but soon the story interested me more and the detailed, descriptive scenes worked. So the start might not immediately hook many readers but if you can stick a tad bit longer, the story would prove itself well. The genre is yet another amazing thing about this book. I thought humor would take the spotlight but it was pleasantly surprising to find some great science-fiction too and overall, I got what I was expecting...maybe a little more. 

Moreover, the way this story tackled the modern changes, social media and our human race that blows up everything minuscule, is so comically frustrating, I became a fan. For example, when the public notices this Elvis Presley's perfect lookalike, the media gets hyped up. All in all, this book is a really good read and I would recommend it to all those who are looking for aliens, 1950 comparisons and loads of humor. .
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Thank you Netgalley and Boomerang Books for this  ARC.

Worried about nuclear proliferation?  So is D B Borton in this fun book.  Very engaging characters (especially Larry and Elvis),  Well paced story of anachronistic comedy of errors
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