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This is a fast-paced thrill-ride of a story! 
Full of action and twist, this is an excellent debut thriller!
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No Stone Unturned is a missing persons agency owned  by Lee and Jo, it has only been open for 5 weeks with no sign of a client.

First client Susan Wilkins is looking for her son Jack who is 22. This appears to be an easy case to solve  as his mother has an address to the squat he has been living at.

When they start investigating they realise Jack was into drugs and owed people money. Is that why he has gone missing?. It doesn’t help when people around them are unwilling to talk and Jack’s mother is not who she says she is!!

I really enjoyed this book. Loved the fact the 2 main characters are strong women with their own backstories and the best of friends that watch each other’s backs when they are repeatedly in danger. This could be easily made into a series as I would love to know more about them and have them take on new investigations.

A book that is full of action, humour and twists that kept me reading late into the night.

Thank you to Netgalley for my copy in exchange for a review.
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A fun and enjoyable crime read about a Private Investigation Agency searching for a young man named Jack.  I really liked the characters of Lee and Jo, and I felt the first-person narrative style worked well.  There were lots of twists and turns and the pace was good - I also really enjoyed the ending.  An easy, gripping read and I would read more from this author.
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If you enjoy crime thrillers, this is a book you will love.  It’s fast paced, twisty that makes for an enjoyable read

A missing persons agency has reecenltu been set up by Lee and Jo. They set to work on finding a missing son. And all is not as it seems as they set to work.......

I don’t usually read mystery books but this one was exceptional.
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So No Stone Unturned is a private investigators/detective agency who are new In business and have had no work for 5 weeks until a lady walks in looking for her son 

Right from the get go this is a page turner with “Mum” ending up dead and loads of shady characters coming out of the woodwork 

This is an intriguing and fast-paced novel with likeable characters 

This is Ali Harper’s debut novel and has earned herself 4 stars from me 

Keep them coming this could so easily be turned into a series
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I received a netgalley of The Disappeared by Ali Harper, in exchange for an honest review. Lee and Jo have just set up a missing person agency and the first case is to find a missing son. This case proves more dangerous than either thought possible. If you are into crime mystery thrillers than this is the book for you.
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Nothing is what it seems in this début thriller from Ali Harper, which is published by Harper Collins Killer Reads digital arm. If you remember this then you can keep up, well just about. This is a pacy, racy (in both senses), action packed story which sweeps you, the reader, along for the ride.
The backdrop is, unusually, the city of Leeds- more often its underbelly and its denizens; there are many local references throughout, like ‘the Spy Shop on Kirkstall Road’ (I googled it, and it exists!).

The two leading characters are a pair of female private investigators, (a gender job turn-around there in itself) who having just set up their new office premises, are desperate for a client. Lee and Jo are the PI’s who are very different in character, but have each other’s backs- often in extreme circumstances. They are likeable, relatable women who want to earn a living doing what they love. The dialogue between them is one of the book’s strengths- funny, caustic, affectionate and real. The narrative is told from Lee’s point of view and clearly she is carrying a car load of emotional baggage, some of which is explained later in the story. There is a surprising twist regarding Lee, three quarters of the way through which caught me off guard. Another occasion when Ali Harper pulls the rug from under the readers’ feet, very skilfully. (Won’t post a spoiler though).

When their first client, Susan Wilkins, walks through the doors of ‘No Stone Unturned’, Lee and Jo think they’re in luck. Susan just wants them to find her missing son, Jack. He is one of ‘The Disappeared’ which the title references. There are others in the tale to whom this epithet could be applied as well. The two P.I’s think – simple gig, easy money. Except of course it’s anything but. It uncoils like a ravenous dangerous snake around our heroines.

Minor characters, with names like Pants (love that moniker) and Brownie cross their path. I loved the grounded common sense of Aunt Edie. And the chase is on- everyone wants to find Jack- but why? A 17 year old mystery, involving Jack’s family, is intertwined with the current story, adding to the layers.
There are car and foot chases, abductions, break-ins, hand to hand fights, violence, drug taking but also there is courage, loyalty and love. The plot unspools filmically; you can visualise the story being enacted in front of you. I would love to see this as a TV series- maybe one day.

The ending is a surprise too, which isn’t always the case for thrillers. Ali Harper keeps the twists and turns a coming right upto the end. She never stops delivering. So no petering out here.

I would recommend this début thriller for anyone who enjoys the thriller genre, but with the added interest of a northern city backdrop and two female P.I’s who more than hold their own.
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A distraught mother…
When Susan Wilkins walks into No Stone Unturned, Leeds’s newest private detective agency, owners Lee and Jo are thrilled. Their first client is the kind of person they always hoped to help—a kind woman desperately worried about her son, Jack.

A missing son…
The case seems simple—kid starts college, takes up with the wrong crowd, forgets to ring his mother. But very quickly, Lee and Jo suspect they’re not being told the whole truth.

A case which could prove deadly…
Their office is ransacked, everyone who knows Jack refuses to talk to them and they feel like they’re being followed…it’s clear Lee and Jo have stumbled into something bigger, and far more dangerous, than they ever expected. Will they find Jack, or will their first case silence them both for good?

This is a story that seems just chock full of twists and turns, but maybe a little "wordy".

However, even with the wordiness the story does move right along. 

I admit I had a bit of a hard time keeping the charactures straight. Maybe I got confused because the characters had a name that is now being used for both males and females.  Ultimately though once I got the gist,  it wasn't that big a deal. 

This may not a book that everyone will enjoy, but if you read it in what I assume is the author's intended spirit you might like it.  I did stop and have to go back over several pages a time or two with the charactures names throwing me off at first. 

I liked the book overall.  I especially liked the two characters,  Lee and Aunt Edie.  Brownie and Pants I loved.

It seems to me this could easily be the first book in a series because the kind of cases the investigators can work on seems unlimited. 

I'm giving this book four stars.. For the wordiness as I mentioned above, as well as the confusion with the names.  However,  that confusion is all my own and the author isn't to blame.
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It took me awhile to get into this book but as the characters became more familiar and Lees back story opened up it made for a good read. The No Stone Unturned private investigation agency has opened their doors and has their first case. They specialise in finding people and are tasked to find a young student named Jack who has been dabbling in drugs and may have gotten in over his head. The person who is looking for him says she is his mother, but is she? What follows is a race that weaves in and out among various people and places.
This is a first chance to meet Lee and Jo. They started off a little niaive but they will grow up! I want to read more about them and see how they get on. I am looking forward to hearing Jos back story and meeting Aunt Edie again.    
Thanks to Netgalley, the publisher and author for sending an ARC in exchange for an honest review
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WOW - This is a fast paced,action packed,roller coaster ride. A twisty tale of deception,addiction,lies,manipulation,secrets,car chases,kidnapping and murder with large dollops of dry wit,cynicism and humour scattered throughout.

Amateur Private Investigators and best friends Lee Winters and Jo first case had sounded so straight forward - find Susan Wilkin`s missing son Jack.He's a student,he's obviously living the student life,partying,having fun and forgotten to call his mum. Only nothing in life is ever as simple as it seems,what starts off as a simple investigation into the mystery of a missing student swiftly descends into a deadly game of cat and mouse with some very nasty people.

Will Lee and Jo find Jack for will their first case also end up being their last?

The story is narrated by Lee,a complex character who had a few issues and a hidden secret that wasn't revealed until towards the end of the book.Jo was a gadget geek who was also a feminist and political lesbian. They spent most of the book butting heads,being sarcastic and chucking barbed comments back and forth but they had a strong friendship and could rely on each other when they found themselves in danger which they did a number of times. Throughout the course of their investigation Lee and Jo encountered a mixed bag of vivid characters,some trustworthy,some not so trustworthy.My favourites were Pants the squatter,Martin Blink the retired Jounalist and Lee`s wonderful aunt Edie.

This is a really well written debut thriller that had me hooked in from.the first page right through to the last. I would love to read more of Lee and Jo`s adventures and have my fingers crossed that this is the first book in a new series.
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No Stone Unturned is the detective business owned by Lee and Jo.

When a mother requests their help in finding her son, they find themselves in danger. 

This is a novel where everyone has secrets, it is well told and I was biting at the bit for the reveal. It s a dark read and there is a lot of topical threads running through the story. It really rang true to my own life so I was interested in how i turned out. 

I loved the twists and for a debut it is a really good start, I can't wait for the authors next read.
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With thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for the book in exchange for an honest review.
This was a first novel by Ali Harper and whilst it was rough and ready in parts was a really good read.
It mentioned parts of Manchester and Leeds that I knew and recognised and had plenty of stories to keep the reader interested.
 I would read more books  if the No Stone Unturned Limited was to be a series featuring the two women.
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The disappeared by Ali harper. 
Lee and Jo own no stone unturned. They Hunt for missing persons. Susan Wilkins is their first client. She wants them to find her missing son Jack. But as they start to investigate they find that she is not telling the truth. Soon Susan ends up dead. What have they got into? Lee feels she has to find the murderer and find Jack. Col turns to them. He's a police officer. Working under cover. They find out that Susan is Megan an undercover police officer. 
An absolutely fantastic read.  I loved the story and the characters. A twister of a read. I didn't see that coming.  I loved Lee and Jo. 5*. Would give more if I could.
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Lee and Jo have set up their own private investigating agency - no stone unturned, after 5 weeks of no clients walking through the door they get their first case. A man is missing seemingly vanished off the face if the earth. All that is left in his room in the squat is a bag of his belongings, a bag of drugs and a load of money. Lee and Jo are thrown into a dangerous world!

Set in my hometown of Leeds it is easy to visualise the setting. The characters become more relatable as you get further into the plot.

It took me a while to get into this book but I am so glad I persevered as I ended up loving it!
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Lee Winters and her friend, Jo just opened a new detective agency in Leeds. No Stone Unturned. They plan to specialize in finding missing persons. After five weeks and a few days of no real business, their first customer walks into the office. Susan Wilkins wants the duo to find her son, Jack. He's 22 and Susan thinks he's fallen in with the wrong crowd. Seems like a simple enough case. Little do they realize how complex and dangerous their first assignment will turn out to be. Drug dealers, hidden cash, dead bodies....not to mention lies....lots and lots of lies. 

I enjoyed this book. There is plenty of action, some humor thrown in, and serious sleuthing. The main characters are strong, intelligent women. They get in over their head fast, but they don't run. They power through and stick with the case. The pacing is perfect and the story kept my attention from start to finish.

The Disappeared is Ali Harper's first novel. I will be on the lookout for more from this author. This was an enjoyable first book. Can't wait to see what else she publishes!

**I voluntarily read a review copy of this book from Harper Impulse via NetGalley. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.**
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It was a struggle to be honest,  I wasn't particularly keen on the main characters, they seemed very shallow and not particularly believable, as if they were playing at being private investigators.
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I very much enjoyed this book. I have to admit that it was not what I was expecting. I thought it would be a much more serious crime fiction novel. Instead this was a really humorous story despite its focus on addiction and drugs.

I really liked the characters of Lee and Jo. They are fun and strong characters who play really well off each other. Definitely a great addition to crime fiction.
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First, let me say that I did not finish this book, while reading over half of it. Was it the junkies that I didn’t care for, because their conversations were endless and messy and meandering. There was a lot of narrative about their sadness and despair while getting high, and that just did not interest me. The description of the action was very blocky, very talky, as in, this is what is happening now. Not a lot felt organic or stylish or real; it should check a box and stick with it, but instead, out of left field, would be a wink-wink  about what is going to happen, directly made to the reader.  It felt out of character for the tone of the story, and the tones just kept changing up.  I read a lot of great reviews and really wanted to like this, but in the end, I just didn’t want to put anymore time into it.
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Good book and characters. This would be good as a series on tv or saga in books. Interesting, lots happening,
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Positives: quite a quick easy read (though clear from the time it took me to read it that it just didn’t engage me as other books have recently) and there is definite potential in the series. 
Negatives: the main characters don’t feel rounded enough for me - you don’t get to know much about them and their history and I don’t know whether that is intentional but it meant I struggled to connect with them. The feminist aspect felt clunky and gimmicky and I found some of the dialogue really annoying - one character would ask a question really pertinent to the plot and the other character would totally ignore it. Thanks to Netgalley, Killer Reads and the author for an advance copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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