Alien Captain

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An entertaining science fiction romance with some nice twists.
A quick read which seemed to fly by.
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Title: Alien Captain - The Psy-Brothers Book 0.5
Author: Ariel Jade
Publisher: Ariel Jade
Date of Publishing: October 15, 2017

This book was offered by NetGalley and the Author in exchange for my honest review

Xaviara has worked hard to achieve her position in the diplomatic core and only her rivalry with another aid, Piotr, seems in danger of jeopardizing her continued advancement.  Yet when the delegation from Kadyyza arrive, it seems only Xaviara notice something amiss.  For some reason, the prince and the Captain of the Guard have switched places.  Are they playing some sort of game?  Is something sinister in play?  Then the real prince and her boss are stranded on a hostile planet due to sabotage. It is up to Xaviara and Nicholsen to uncover the truth before time runs out and an interstellar war breaks out.

Fast moving and smoothly written this story is filled with suspense and intrigue. Suspects are uncovered, each more cunning and hostile than the last.  Fighting their forbidden lust and attraction has the pages scorching with desire and stolen moments.  The respect each has for the other's intelligence reminds us that attraction alone does not make romance, but Alien Captain delivers it in spades.  I found all the characters well developed and loved learning of the little foibles that kept them from being too perfect of serious.  I would have loved to work with Xaviara, she had a smashing sense of humor.

I gave "Alien Captain" a 4.75 out of a total of 5 stars.
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This was a pretty good romance and a fun read.It had an interesting storyline and great characters this is a good quick alien romance that held my interest all the way through.I am looking forward to reading more from this author
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This is the first book I have read by this Author and after this it won't be my last !

I liked this book by the fact that it was a quick and simple read. I also loved the fact that the sex scenes weren't overdone . The characters were well drawn and the plot believable with just the right amount of sex thrown in .

Xaviara is a human diplomat for the Sol Alliance Coalition who’s determined to prove herself to her superiors .Nicholen is the sexy alien captain of the guard sent to escort her team to his homeworld to complete tense negotiations of an important treaty.
But Nicholen has a secret , he is not who he seems- and when their ship is sabotaged asks Xaviara to work with him to find who is responsible and why .
Matters become more complicated when Nicholen's Prince's ship is also sabotaged and makes a crash landing on a nearby planet .............
Liaisons between Humans and Aliens are frowned upon in Diplomatic circles but that does not stop Nicholen and Xaviara falling in love .............overcoming betrayals by those they thought they could trust...... to ensuring that the Prince and the Treaty are also rescued .
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Xaviara is a human diplomat trying to prove herself to her boss. She is part of a diplomatic mission to sign a peace treaty with the Kadyyza. Nicholen is the Captain of the alien guard sent to escort the team on the trip to his planet. When sabotage occurs and Nicholen’s Prince is trapped on a hostile planet, Xaviara and Nicholen must put their sizzling attraction aside to rescue him.
Yes, I just said sizzling attraction and I don’t even feel bad. Because it was sizzling, I loved it. This was a fun read. I was just planning on reading a chapter or two and putting it down, but hell no! Once I started I had to finish it.
The characters were what I would consider typical of this type of romance, but I think what stood out for me was that Nicholen was respectful, it was a mutual connection. There was no behaviour from him that I would consider questionable. Yes he is a total alpha, who is protective of those he loves, but he doesn’t stop Xaviara from being herself in order to “protect her”. I didn’t feel like I had to question whether I needed to hand in my feminist card at the end. Xaviara is a smart, strong woman and she works hard for her career. She doesn’t accept being treated as lesser and that includes by men, which I really liked. She says what’s on her mind.
Onto the smut. Can we get a hell yeah!!! Sex wasn’t used as a weapon or a threat at any point in the story. Damn that’s refreshing. Full points!!! Also the smut wasn’t the only thing happening. We had a decent plot, interesting side characters and I hope like hell Piotr gets his own book. He has such a tragic past that he needs his own sexy blue alien and some happiness. The actual smut was pretty tame and didn’t over power the romance. The writing style was solid and the book wrapped up so perfectly it left me with a big grin on my face and hunting out book one in the series.
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DNF @ 20%
I didn't get very far with this one. Why put them in space and make them different colors if they sound and act just like regular people. The author could have just completely left the whole alien aspect out of the story. The writing wasn't bad. It just didn't flow very well and was curt in the delivery. I thought the idea of the captain taking the place of the prince was good. The heroine seemed very silly and reacted like a child in the beginning. I liked the captain but the whole instant lust thing is just getting old.
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Sexy and oh so hot, a great easy sifi romantic read! A keeper for me!!!
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This a love story between a diplomatic aide and the captain-of-the-guard for a negotiation team!  The fact that she is human and he is an exotic alient just adds to the wow factor.  As does the fact that he is masquerading as someone else with the help of some fairly sophisticated magic, but she is the only person able to see through his ruse.  Add to that a deadly plot against his prince and her boss, and it all makes for a very intriguing tale!

The investigation into the sabotage plot also produced some intriguing information about other characters and their goings on, showing a lot more happening behind the scenes than one would have imagined for such a professional diplomatic endeavor.

I absolutely enjoyed the two main characters, Xaviara and Nicholen.  Their interactions were priceless.  That each seemed to make the other a better person was amazing.  And that they still had difficulties, despite their intense attraction, but spent time working through them, was a real reality-based addition.  

There are some real spicy love scenes between these two, as well as some colorful language throughout, so if you prefer a sweet read, this probably isn't your thing.  But I definitely found it an enjoyable tale, and look forward to hopefully additional volumes in the series.
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for the most part a good sci-fi romance. Interesting story concept.
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Enjoyable story, I wish it had been longer and developed the storyline a bit more but entertaining nonetheless
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This was a fantastic start to a new series that I can’t get enough of.  The action, excitement, and passion kept me on the edge of my seat.  I can’t wait for more!
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Xaviara is a human diplomat for the Sol Alliance Coalition who’s determined to prove herself to her superiors. Nicholen is the sexy alien captain of the guard sent to escort her team to his homeworld to complete tense negotiations of an important treaty.When I started reading I couldn't put it down I read the book is one day.Ariel is magnifysent writer.I cannot wait to read more of her books.Keep up the great work.
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