Hunted by the Cyborg

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I took this book as I felt I needed to try science-fiction - not read any since the day of John Wyndham and the Midwich cuckoos! I enjoyed it as an easy read but it won't tempt me to the genre!
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This is the sixth book in the series and a really enjoyable read I have enjoyed the previous books and this one did not disappoint it  pulled me right into the story and had plenty of twists and turns I just loved the chemistry between Carter and Beth although I did not like the way he was with her, in the beginning, he did grow on me as the book went one.
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This is my first book by this Author but the 6th in the series . Where has she been hiding .....if you want Cyborgs , Romance , Villains , fast paced action , fights against all odds then this Author is for you .

Billionaire Carter Aymes, is director of Cyber Operations, a covert cyborg force .His ultimate mission is to hunt down and eliminate Lamani, the alien terrorist mastermind, before he conquers the galaxy .
Beth O'Shea applies for a job in Carter's Security Operations .....upon meeting her he realises she is bears more than a strong likeness to an old flame , long dead .
Trying to fight against their instant attraction Carter must put his duties first and discover who Beth really is ............. A clone of his lost love , now rejected by her family .
Is she as innocent as she seems or is her presence in his company and life a move by Lamani to infiltrate/sabotage efforts to find and eliminate him ?
When Beth is attacked, they both realize how short life is, and their mutual attraction becomes too powerful to resist.
The urgency to capture Lamani before he can unleash a stealth weapon at a critical planetary Summit meeting heats up. With time running out, Carter discovers that stopping Lamani may require sacrificing Beth’s life............... can he really sacrifice her for the greater good ?.

This tale of innocence , love and sacrifice makes for a very enjoyable read .
I will reading the other books in this series and try those of other series the Author has written .
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Fun, exciting, hot, and out of this world.  I loved it
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Lisa Thoughts – I had not read this series when I grab it off of Net Galley -but the cover,title & Blurb looked like something I would enjoy. I had little problems picking up the story of Carter (Cyborg) & Beth (clone). Beth is the clone of a women that Carter new in college but she is her own person. As Carter is with his enhanced changes – its an exciting story with a romance but also shows acceptance of each other is important in everyone’s life.  If you are looking for a little space adventure look no farther – now I need the rest of the series.   Lisa
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A very good WiFi cyborg romance, not just sex scenes the story has a real backbone!
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I voluntarily read this advanced readers copy of this book.  Strong characters and a great story line.  You won't be able to put this book down once you start reading it.  I can't wait to read more work from Cara either.
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What’s it About? As the director of Cyber Operations, billionaire Carter Aymes devotes his energy and money to saving others from desperate situations but when he hires Beth O'Shea he finds his attention and interest drawn to her. As a clone, Beth was rejected by the people who cloned her and is determined to live a normal life despite her interest in her boss. When Beth is injured, Carter realizes life is too short to hesitate so he and Beth begin a relationship that quickly heats up but when the terrorist bent on distroying a planetary summit meeting makes a move, Carter is faced with the possibility of losing Beth in order to stop the terrorist.

Overall reaction to the story? I keep thinking I don't read enough sci-fi romance and I don't know why when books like Hunted by the Cyborg are out there. Author Cara Bristol blends enough science fiction into the romance to make it exciting and other wordly but not too much to where it overwhelms a first time reader. I found the plot interesting and easy to follow. The characters were likable and I loved how emotionally driven they were. I will say that because I jumped in at book 6 I was lost at times and a bit confused as to who was who and what role they played in this story. All in all though I'd love to read the previous books in this series.

Describe the hero in five words: Serious. Protective. Loyal. Intense. Intelligent.

Did you like him? Yes.

Why? Carter may have been part cyborg but that didn't take away his human emotions. He had a lot of responsibilities on his shoulders and that made him come off as grumpy and all too broody but he was really the opposite. I loved that gruff exterior because it hid a side of him that was only visible when Beth was around or when his friends needled him and he forgot to be Carter the fierce cyborg. It was in those moments that he showed his human side and I loved that only a few people got to see it. His fierce devotion to the people in his inner circle made me like him even more. It's always those gruff, grumpy ones that make the best heroes.

Describe the heroine in five words: Kind. Fiesty. Funny. Innocent. Lonely.

Did you like her? Yes.

Why? Beth's life has been one of rejection and isolation so she's naturally cautious about letting anyone get close enough to break her heart. At the same time though she wanted to find someone who would accept the truth of her existence and still care for her as an individual. I had a soft spot for her because of that. She's kind of like a wounded puppy, you want to help her but you don't know what exactly to do with her. Because of her life, Beth is kind of innocent but she doesn't let that get in the way of telling Carter when he's overstepping boundaries.

Let’s talk about the romance: Initially Carter fought his interest in Beth because she worked at his company but that didn't last long. Then things got pretty hot between them. Carter's intense personality transformed into an alpha male passion that didn't feel suffocating or controlling. For her part Beth held her own and gave Carter the unique experience of having someone care for him. She balanced out his intense personality with her gentle but funny nature. Carter and Beth not only built a strong romance but an equally strong friendship as well.

How about that supporting cast? Carter has a group of friends who are loyal to him but at the same time like to tease him ruthlessly. I liked them well enough but since Hunted by the Cyborg is my first time meeting them, I was a little confused when past events were referenced and I had a difficult time remembering who had what history. It didn't put me off though, it just made me more curious about them.

Click It or Skip It? Click It. As far as sci-fi romance goes, Hunted by the Cyborg was a fun one.
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Holy plot twist, Batman!

I've highly enjoyed every book in this series so far. No lie, when I saw this one available on NetGalley, I squealed and requested it immediately. So glad I was approved to review it because it sure was a great addition to the series. And in a way, it even upped the game with an intense plot and lots of twists and turns. More than one scene left my mouth on the floor.

We've met Carter in previous books so I knew a little of what to expect with his character. He was still the mission-oriented man in control that I thought he would be. There was also a softer side of him we haven't seen before now. And Beth was a mystery to me from the first page. I tried to figure out who she was and just when I thought I knew her...bam! The story flipped and everything was chaos. It was pretty awesome.

The plot is busier in this one than the other books, I think. We get a lot closer to catching our bad guy here than in any of the previous stories. I won't give away what happens, but I do hope the series won't be over after the villain is dealt with. This has been a fun ride and I'm greedy. I just don't want to see it end.

As for the romance, I enjoyed this pairing quite a bit. They were both scarred people with secrets to share and hurdles to get over before they could be together. The love scenes were the standard steam that I've come to expect from this series. Just because the plot is full doesn't mean that the author skimped on any of the romance. This book was well-balanced, fast-paced, and a whole lot of fun!

In closing...
Another fantastic story that really sets the bar high for Sci-Fi Romance! 5 suns!

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My fave cyborgs are back!

Carter may be the boss at Cy-Ops an Aym-Sec but he still has needs.  He is rocked when he meets the "twin" of his ex-college girlfriend.  Its been almost 15 years and he still wonders what happened to Liza.

Beth's run in with Carter shook her.  Her ID is forged and she is not who she claims to be.  She is trying to make a life for her after her "parents" wash their hands of her.  She is supposed to have an interview at Carter's firm but her interview is cancelled when her ID is flagged.  But Carter and the crew take a leap of faith and she is soon working with them, and gaining their trust whilst solidifying her skills.

Her tenuous relationship with Carter is flourishing but there is still danger ahead and a political  summit may just be the ignition to a major incident.  

Beths past is so mysterious and Carter just sees her, not her past!  Great read and so happy with the ending!  The Lamis ODG is finally dealt with...even if it may only be temporarily.  Great plot and truly loved getting little glimpses of the other cyborgs and their other halves.
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I received a free copy from Netgalley.

This is my first read in this series and it felt like I was missing information at times when at others background information was redundant.  Regarding the title, she is caught in the first chapter lol.  The heroine is 'exceedingly educated' yet very innocent emotionally.  The hero is a secret cyborg and fighting terrorism.  

I rolled my eyes a bunch at the heroine's behavior.  For example, she says she won't get in the way of emergency medical treatment for the hero while begging to stay in the room and then in a couple paragraphs asks to hold his hand. Gah!

There is a huge formatting issue with the cyborg telepathy. It switches back and forth from being italicized, even in the same conversation.  Trying to figure out what was dialogue was frustrating.  Hopefully that will be fixed once it is published and my review will go up a star.

If you like sci-fi romance and don't mind the formatting issue, you will be entertained.  I did mind but grimly forged through to the end.
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This was a really fun read - a lot of action and exciting, but it's not action without plot, and it's not so fast paced as to go overboard - it was a perfect mix of plot with action. 
I got extremely eager reading this book, because the story line pulled me in, and I had suspensions regarding some of the plot twists, and was eager to confirm those suspicions. And in the process that confirm my predictions accurate also revealed additional plot twists. (Some of those twists give a good punch to the gut, but the ending is a happy one!)
The two main characters bond over their unconventional origins/composition, and also their need to be seen for who they are. Beth is eager to be recognized and love for who she is, rather than the individual from who she was cloned, and Carter is a man whose life-mission necessitates secrecy, and he longs to be able to be his entire self with Beth. 
The character of Lamani is the most interesting one, though one we don't get a lot of information about. There seems to be a side of him that longs for a universe of equality, but that goal is ultimately overridden by his sense of superiority and above all, having set himself up as a god to the population of his home planet!

I will add that I read this as a standalone - I have not read the books that preceded it in the series - but after reading this installment I intend to go back and read those as well!
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Another winning Cyborg story by Ms. Bristol. Love a good sci fi romance and she delivers all the time.
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