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Olivia Twist was a cute period romance. It was a bit predictable but I loved the twist on a classic story. Our love interest was tall, dark and handsome in the best way possible. Our MC was devoted to her family, both found and blood. I loved that she wouldn't give up what she loved most no matter what. There's a twist to this book that I was delighted with. It deepened the plot and brought a sense of urgency to the end of the novel. 

Overall, a fun and wonderful period romance. It didn't blow me away but it didn't leave me snoozing. I think it's a wonderful quick read. 

 *I received a complimentary copy of this book from Blink through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.*
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I was really hoping that I was going to love this one as I have loved Lorie's writing since she and her co author wrote the Doon series.  Unfortunately, this one just wasn't for me.  I went past my normal 100 pages because of the love I've had for other books from Langdon but at that point I just didn't care about the characters and their insta-love.  Yup this is one of those titles that has it and for me it didn't do it well. I understand that Olivia and Jack knew each other but they parted ways at a young age and haven't seen each other since then.  I think if a few more chapters would have fleshed out them falling for each other than the romance at least in my eyes would have made more sense.  

The flow of this one was pretty fast for the most part. But with the multiple storylines it just felt like this book didn't know what it wanted to be.  Was it about Olivia trying to save the other street kids?  Was it her and the marriage she didn't want?  Or was it about keeping her Uncle safe and not out on the street?  Or was it finding Jack and falling in love?  It just seemed at times that the story was being pulled in so many directions.  And then add a murder into the mix and a villain and I just didn't know what to do with it.  

Which comes to my next issue with this one.  There were SO many side characters that I was so confused and really just stopped caring about them or really reading about them.  I just kept the names of the Jack, Olivia, and a few others in my head and everyone else was just kind of there.  I will say that Lorie did a wonderful job bringing each character to life as they all felt well rounded.  But with the Ms. this and the Mr. that etc.  It was all very tedious on keeping track of who was whom.  I wished that the side characters would have been cut WAY down as most of them I don't think were even needed as they didn't bring anything to the story overall.  

In the end this one with the characters, the bad romance, and the story that just didn't know what it wanted to do just kind of overwhelmed me a little. And after 100 pages it just started to go downhill and I started to get bored.  

Go Into This One Knowing: Dual POV, Insta-Love, Multiple storylines, Multiple Characters
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The idea behind this novel is very appealing:  that the “Oliver” of Dickens’ novel was actually a girl in disguise.  The characters are well drawn and the plot is engaging.  The original characters and the new group of orphans add much to the story.  The love story is very well done.
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This book was super cute, and it's a very quick read. I do feel like the genderbending is a bit over-sold, considering that much of that is behind her. She dresses up as a boy a lot, but the love interest knows she's a girl, so some of the fun of that is missing for me. Still, it's a clever idea with a fast-paced and fun execution.

The ending's a bit rushed and anticlimactic, but the romance is pretty cute. Jack's definitely my favorite character, but aside from Jack and Olivia the characters run a bit flat.

I was worried that this came from a Christian imprint, but there's no religious stuff in here at all, and there's kissing, which makes me a bit more likely to give Blink another shot in the future.
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I love ,love,love this book.
A classic story we all know- or do we?
Oliver was a girl in disguise and managed to get off the streets and into a respectable life of a lady. A past like hers doesn't just let you go and neither does a great friend/protector like the artful dodger! The long lost half brother brought everything into sharp contrast.
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I absolutely adored this book. Loved the characters, the scenery, the plot! My only regret is that this book ended too soon! I ordered it off Amazon and the day it arrived, I read it in one sitting. Hah! Well, I guess I'll just have to read it again. Here's hoping Lorie Langdon writes more reimagined classics!

Readers from Young Adult and up will enjoy this reimagined classic full of adventure, a smidge of romance, and a wicked awesome heroine.
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I kept teetering between 2 and 3 stars on this one. There were tones I was engaged in the book and other times I found myself skimming pages hoping something enticing would happen to reengage me in the read. Olivia Twist is like a sequel to Oliver Twist, if Oliver had really been a girl disguised as a boy for all her years as an orphan. One day she gets caught robbing a man who turns out to be her uncle. Her uncle gets her out of trouble and adopts her into a ritzy upper class society. This is a story complete with characters from Oliver Twist like Monk, the Artful Dodger and of cours orphans. There’s family feuds, love and fisticuffs (I had to get that word in). However, I felt like the writing was a bit juvenile. Not as in YA, but that the author took shortcuts on dialogue that could have been better developed. She focused too much on setting the scene and descriptions at times making the book feel like it was dragged out. All the excitement in the book happened in the last 20% of the book. I wish she made the read more engaging from the beginning. 

I received a free ARC from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.
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Lorie Landon did an excellent job reimagining the classic Oliver Twist in a gender-bent tale that picks up after the original story's ending. Olivia Twist has well-drawn characters and the pace of the plot was excellently done- the story never felt slow. It made a quick and fun read for me, I also enjoyed the romance between the tow main characters, as well as the historical period.

Overall, I really enjoyed every part of this book. HIghly recommended!
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2.5 Once I got over the fact that this was entirely not the female Oliver Twist book I wanted it to be, despite the prologue implying it could be, this was an enjoyable enough Victorian romance light. I would have actually found it far more fun if the attempt to connect it to Dickens hadn't been there.   The prologue, in which Olivia was orphaned and her dying mother pleaded she be disguised as a boy for her protection, offered promise for an actually interesting gender based story of Victorian childhood.  The bulk of the book, however, was set after Olivia had been found by family and taught to be a young lady.  The love story and its complications based on her past and along with the returning characters were entertaining in the way that many romance novels of this plot type of are.  The action was paced decently well and the overall writing decent. This book was enjoyable in the way that many historical romance novels are and, as one written for a teen audience, without the sometimes clunky sex scenes.   That said, perhaps based on my own expectations and familiarity with Oliver Twist, I expected more than just somewhat bland connections to the original story and passing cameos.
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Refreshing 'twist' of the classic tale of young Oliver. Lorie Langdon has written an 'artful' story, putting her own spin on the well-known novel, and when it comes to our favorite characters, Langdon is no 'dodger'.

Oliver is now Olivia, and her story is worth reading. Romance, intrigue, danger, and some witty dialogue combine with crisp humor to make a very enjoyable book.

**some mild language and rather intense kissing**
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This book comes with a fun premise: a re-imagining of the Oliver Twist classic. I'm a reader with a possible problem: I never read Oliver Twist. Would I still enjoy the story arc?

I'm happy to report that yes, I really enjoyed the story. But I'm positive it would be a much richer read for someone familiar with the roles of people who appear in Langdon's book. That said, the plot is twisty but always accessible; the characters are obviously in the good-guy camp or that of the villains. But the evocative moments are great, and the villains do get their comeuppance.

There was a strong romance, which I didn't expect. In fact it holds the plot together. But I enjoyed that perspective as well. Others may decry the so-satisfying ending as being unrealistic. I call it just a fine way to resolve the characters' problems. Enjoy this tale for a fun weekend read.
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An absolutely beautiful adaptation. It perfectly connects to the original whilst also injecting some great new content. A perfect read for anyone, especially those who love the Dickens classic.
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Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for the chance to read an e-arc for free prior to publication so that I could review this charming story. I haven't been good about reading on my phone so I ended up buying a physical copy after publication, anyway.

This Oliver Twist retelling was a ton of fun to read. Its historical fiction but with romance and mystery intertwined. Olivia Twist lives with her uncle as a society lady but finds it hard to leave her life as a "street rat" behind. There's some flashbacks to her time as an orphan on the streets but the main focus is on her present. 

I thought the romance was a bit cheesy and I'm not a huge fan of love triangles but this one wasn't over the top. 

I really loved the mystery elements of the story. The plot had me hooked wondering what was going on. I found my self surprised by several twists I hadn't entirely seen coming. Nothing mind-blowing but it made for a fun, quick read.
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A gender-bending take on the classic Oliver Twist, this delightfully frothy romance set in a comfortably recognizable London has well-drawn characters and excellent pacing and plotting, making it a quick and fun read for fans of period romance, as well as fans of historical fiction.
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A beautiful and gender-swapped twist on the original Oliver Twist. I really loved the romance and the cyclical nature of the story. In the end, neither abandoned the other. Very heartwarming.
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I received this eARC in exchange for a fair review!
Oh wow! This book captured me from page one and didn’t let go. I adore historical romance, and this filled that requirement beautifully. I also adore retellings, so taking the classic Oliver Twist tale and working it into this fabulous romance resulted in a book I’ll revisit time and again. Olivia is awesome; feminine and lovely but also totally badass. Her fighting skills made me chuckle with glee. Jack was totally swoon-worthy and has the bad boy with a heart of gold quality we all love. Well done!
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Olivia Twist, by Lorie Langdon was definitely an entertaining story. It's a retelling of the classic, Dickens story, Olivier Twist, but it casts the starring role to a young girl, orphaned at birth, and raised to pass herself off as a boy.  She spends her younger years on the streets learning how to survive after being taken in by the Artful Dodger.  After finding her family in an unexpected way, she grows up to become a young lady of society, but she's never forgotten her roots, or the other young children who are growing up alone on the streets.  When she and the Artful Dodger cross paths once again, sparks will fly and they'll have to work together to save the children of the streets from the dangers they face.

I enjoyed Olivia Twist.  I have not read Oliver Twist, though I am familiar with the basic story line.  I appreciated the fact that you didn't have to know the story well to appreciate this book.  It was a fun and clean read.  It's definitely something I can recommend to my middle school students.
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Olivia Twist is a gender bending retelling of Dickens' book Oliver Twist. This book makes many references to the original work of literature and reimagines the story from a girl's perspective.
Olivia Brownlow grew up on the streets of London as a boy to save herself from the horrible life of an orphan girl. She escapes the workhouse and is taken in by Jack, the Artful Dodger. One day they unwittingly pick her uncle's pocket, and her uncle takes her in as his own. Many years later, Olivia is reunited with Jack in polite society, and attraction and disagreements ensue. Soon Olivia and Jack are pulled into circumstances beyond their control, and they must fight a dangerous criminal in order to protect themselves and those they love. Will they be able to bring the criminal to justice and get their happy ending?
What a different sort of retelling! I enjoyed it even more than I expected to. There was just the right amount of danger, suspense, emotion, and humor to make it a great read. I loved the main characters, especially Olivia, Jack, the orphan boys, Brom, and Mr. Brownlow. I loved the ending as well and was very satisfied with the outcome. One thing I didn't care for was the use of profanity, but other than that I enjoyed it very much and definitely recommend it!
I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.
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Favorite Quote: Lesson one: Friends are just enemies in disguise.

Olivia Brownlow is no stranger to danger. Orphaned at birth and raised in a workhouse as one of the boys, Olivia eventually made her way to the streets and was taken in by a gang of thieves. When a crime goes wrong and she’s caught, she and the intended mark are shocked to discover they’re related and he takes Olivia into his home to finish raising her. Now a part of of upper society,  Olivia spends her days being proper and her nights helping a group of orphans living on the streets.  When Olivia sees a familiar handsome face in a posh drawing room she is shocked but positive he won’t remember her or how they met.

Jack MacCarron started out as a street thief but soon found his way into the home of a rich society matron as her “adopted nephew.” Once known as the Artful Dodger on of London’s East End, Jack helped to keep the little ones in the gang safe. Now he steals from the neighbors on a regular basis. When Jack stumbles upon a beautiful and familiar young lady on the wrong side of town, he follows her and soon discovers her secret.

When it appears someone is out to destroy Olivia, Jack steps in to help her unmask and defeat her faceless tormentor only to realize that he may not be able to save her this time.

Olivia Twist is an adventurous reimagining of Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist. Fans of the classic are sure to see the similarities in here as Langdon uses Dickens’ version as a primer, taking some mild liberties as she reshapes certain scenes and characters to make this story her own. Far less bleak and dreary then the original, Olivia Twist picks up where Dickens’ left off and entertains with an inventive female protagonist, a friends to lovers romance, and of course, the mystery.  As most of us have read the original, I’m not going to bore you with a recap.

Set in Victorian London, Langdon builds the atmosphere with a deft hand, creating a London well worth exploring. The story opens with Olivia’s birth and we learn how and why she came to be raised as a boy. We then flash to the present where we meet Lady Olivia Brownlow. An eighteen-year-old debutante whose great uncle took her in after he learned of her existence.  Langdon does an excellent job of melding the present with flashes from the past to show us how Olivia survived growing up on the streets. She now spends her time going to parties, caring for her uncle, and stealing in order to care for a band of orphans who live on the streets.

A triumphant grin spread across Olivia’s face. Solid silver. The idiotic trinket would bring a fair amount of coin at market. “No one shall miss you, my darling.”

Olivia’s high spirits, compassion, and sense of adventure draws you in instantly. She’s fun and it shows in her witty narrative and mischievous actions.  She holds no shame over her past. She understands she was not at fault for the circumstances of her birth and did what she had to do to survive. Her compassion is bottomless and her love for her uncle and her orphans boundless.  She does what she must, even at the expense of her own happiness.

That small inner voice that most women ignore because they’re too concerned with living the life others expect.

Jack Macarron comes off a bit of a rake in the beginning though as you get to know him, you see a genuinely good guy who is trying to better himself and help his benefactor. Smart and kind with a rough around the edges appeal, his romantic nature soon comes alive as he steps into Olivia’s orbit though he comically bemoans his fate.   

How had he gone from a happily unencumbered bachelor with nothing to lose to this sniveling mess, pining over a young miss whose baggage included an ailing uncle and a gaggle of orphans?

I loved that Jack never attempted to leash Olivia or confine her to his version of a lady. While his protective instincts raged to the forefront around her,  he doesn’t do anything to break her spirit or make her feel as if she is inferior to him in any way. He always treated her with respect and admiration.

Jack and Olivia are a delightful couple whose chemistry sparks laughter and mayhem as they reacquaint themselves with the adults they have become from the children they were. There is a mild sense of antagonism that holds threads of competitiveness and some jealousy. They are falling in love though it takes both a while to see it. They must first repair the friendship they once had. The growth of their romance is slow and steady, punctuated by delightfully sharp banter that had me giggling.

“What a flattering hair ornament, Miss Brownlow. But I do believe I prefer that ruffled cap ye wore the other day.” Jack paused as if to search his memory. “Cream with green ribbons, I believe?”

Olivia sucked in a breathe. “Why Mr. MacCarron, how observant of you. I had no idea you had such a burning interest in fashion.”

“Nor I,” said Topher with relish. “But it explains quite a lot.”

Their attraction for one another is a wonderful foil to the dangerous work they are involved in affording them some respite. I found it bittersweet that they started out as thieves and rescued off the streets only to be forced back into the life.

An engaging cast of secondary characters decorates the landscape. While Langdon keeps them true to their roles, I did enjoy the personality and enthusiasm they brought to the story. The mystery blends well with the romance as Langdon follows familiar paths. I was a little put off by the paranormal aspect that was introduced. I understood the significance but felt like Langdon was stretching toor to hard there. Steady action speeds the story along at a respectable pace as the various conflicts weave their way in and out of the story. A strong hand guides us to the end and we cheer the growth Jack and Olivia have experienced since the beginning; each learning to face their individual fears head on and overcoming together the obstacles meant to defeat them. The ending comes quickly with Langdon leaving us off with an enjoyable epilogue.

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