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Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 15 Jan 2018

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You know that voice doing war propaganda at the beginning of old movies? That booming, hyperbolic, excited shout about "our boys" and "storming the beaches?" That's the voice in which I read this book. And it was unendurable.

<b>"Ah, the exhausting heat of the tropics, where weather variety is reduced to only two monotonously-long season - the wet and the dry. This was definitely the wet!"</b>

The idea was cute - old flames reunited on a movie set. Him as his career spirals downward - her on the cusp of stardom. But the writing detracted from the story to the point that I couldn't focus on what...

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The writing style wasn't my cup of tea. I tried but sentence structure and point of view were different for me. I liked characters and blurb spelled out a nice story line.
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