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I loved the idea of this book. I just never quite connected with the characters in it. The writing was unique and witty. I really appreciated what this book was trying to do but I just never fell in love. I think plenty of people will love this book tho!
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I liked the concept but the writing didn't work and I gave up by 30%

The author has really done their research on film production (or works in the industry) but I really didn't need that many pages describing everyone on sets costumes, and how the 'blocks' costumes differ, the 'blocks' didn't even have name or roles in the story why do i need to understand what they are wearing?!

I also found it really repetitive, there were two chapters on what she did on her days off (site seeing with her mum). Both chapters gave an overview of this activity without details of places visited, it could have been accomplished with a few paragraphs in a section of a chapter with plot furthering information. 

I felt i wasn't getting anywhere with the story and wasn't enjoying it. DNF 30%
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***ARC received for an honest review***

You know that voice doing war propaganda at the beginning of old movies? That booming, hyperbolic, excited shout about "our boys" and "storming the beaches?" That's the voice in which I read this book. And it was unendurable.

"Ah, the exhausting heat of the tropics, where weather variety is reduced to only two monotonously-long season - the wet and the dry. This was definitely the wet!"

The idea was cute - old flames reunited on a movie set. Him as his career spirals downward - her on the cusp of stardom. But the writing detracted from the story to the point that I couldn't focus on what was happening. (Eventually I began counting exclamation points). Twice I thought maybe I was reading satire, but, alas, no.

It seems like the author has a healthy understanding of the movie business, and she worked that into the book - bringing the vibe from general and mundane to realistic. There would be a part in the book where Tash was preparing to shoot a scene and the author would explain lighting in its technical aspects. Which I enjoyed - but I also found it pulled me out of this story. After 3 paragraphs of explanation about movie-making we would be thrust back into the story - and apply movie-making to our characters. I think in smaller, refined, smooth doses this would have been fascinating - an absolute way to make your book stand-out. 

"Then there are the other aspects of being an actor. Time-wise, acting is the smallest part of what you do. The rest of it has nothing to do with performing a scene. The rest of the time you're acting like a fake you."

I like the idea of this book - in execution it was a little abrasive.

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The writing style wasn't my cup of tea. I tried but sentence structure and point of view were different for me. I liked characters and blurb spelled out a nice story line.
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