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Although this premise has been done countless times before, I enjoyed the way J.M. Stewart voiced it. Marcus and Mandy were both very likable and it was easy to root for their relationship.
A SEAL's Honor was a relatively quick, sexy and enjoyable read.
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The many sides of a talented author are put on display with A Seal's Honor. JM Stewart dives right in with a boldness that is sensually sweet. Marcus and Mandy are caught in a masquerade of their own making. Will the reward prove worthy of the risk? From masquerade balls to close calls, their wicked two step keeps readers on their toes as Ms. Stewart guides them through some heartbreaking woes. From light and flirty to down and dirty, A Seal's Honor delivers seduction with a message. This series is proving to be a match made in heaven.
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Sparks fly when the military dating app connects Marcus Denali with Mandy Lawson.  Dating Mandy breaks all of Marcus' rules.  She's his buddy's little sister for starters.  Not aware of who she is on their first date that's to the costume they wore for the masquerade ball Marcus has a great time and definitely wants more from this woman.  Until the masks come off.....

These characters were fantastic together.  I could feel the chemistry and couldn't help but root for these two to find a way to work things out.  The story may have been done before but it felt fresh and new.  Definitely a book I recommend.
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Older alpha male vs coworker and friend's little sister.  Nice contemporary romance.  New to me author and I came in the middle of the series and could still follow along.

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Mandy Lawson has reached the point where she is very secure in who she is and what she wants from and for her life. She doesn’t back away from a challenge and generally speaks her mind. She isn’t your typical female romance lead. She is intelligent, feisty, a tomboy, loves football, and can fix her own car. I liked that she isn’t your classic beauty and a take charge of her life woman. She has had a crush on Marcus since she met him. 

The only consistent/stable person in Marcus Denali’s life is his grandmother. She raised him from the age of 10 when his mom dumped him and his sister on her doorstep and never returned. His dad ran off when he was 7. Marcus is former military, has dealt with some PTSD and continues to have issues with his sister’s suicide. He has a small, tight knit circle of ex-military friends that work in the garage he co-owns with one of them. He’s lusted after Mandy since meeting her but she’s a friend’s little sister and he doesn’t do relationships. 

When these two, after dancing around each other for so long, give in to the inevitable, and kiss, sparks fly. They fight it a little longer and then agree to a month long affair and to part ways as friends when it’s over. There was actual intelligent, heartfelt, two way communication going on during their time together. No extraneous angst or side stories just because. Very descriptive, hot, steamy sex scenes. You can feel their connection. 

She was a balm to his soul and had a calming, centering, influence on him. She was able to look past his stoic façade to the wounded, big hearted, kind man beneath. He was able to open her eyes to her inner and outer beauty. 

Loved the epilogue!

While this is a well worn trope, this author’s writing packs an emotional punch and I will be looking for more books by her. This is the third in the series but my first. While it made me want to go back for the first two books, I easily read this as a standalone.

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A basic summery Boy meets Girl. Girl likes boy who is older brothers friend. Boy can't get enough of her but plays hard to get. Just once will be enough line and than lots of sex in crazy wild places and a cute little dog for humor.

Nothing stands out that would keep me reading the series it is your basic set up of a romance with military twist which is currently popular.

Thank you to Netgalley and Forever Yours Publishing for the advance copy.

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3.5 Stars I liked reading A SEAL's Honor. I found the interaction between the Marcus & Mandy and the storyline quite enjoyable and will read more by this author.
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Mandy is a wedding planner and Marcus is former SEAL and owns a garage with some buddies. He doesn’t date friends sisters and he only does a night or two. They are paired up, when they both sign up for Military Match dating service. Marcus is older than Mandy but age doesn’t matter to her. She has had a crush on Marcus and is not giving up this chance to be with him.
They come to an agreement, she plays his girlfriend for his grandmother and she gets one month with him. She knows she’s risking her heart but she goes for it anyway.
Girl meets boy. Boy plays hard to get but eventually gives in. Cute little dog.  And sex in some wild places.
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I received a copy of A SEAL's Honor by JM Stewart from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

I was intrigued by the summary and really wanted to like this novel, but the storyline should have been pulled together better and the characters developed (less flat/one dimensional). 

Not a book I would recommend.
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This book is my first of the author and she didn't disappoint me at all.  This story is about a sister that fell in love with the older brother bet friend. Is well written although was in third person, that is not my original pick up book but it was worth it. Is a little slow in the beginning but then the connection with the characters and the story was amazing.  Cannot wait to read more. 

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Pretty much the usual. Girl had a crush on brothers friend when she was younger. They meet again and guy is astounded how she's changed. He doesn't do commitments, the "off-limits" is forgotten and they agree on a sex-only relationship for  a period of time that becomes complicated when one decides to pull out of the deal when feelings have become involved.
The story is nicely enough done. The only differences usually are the characters themselves and Navy SEAL Marcus with Mandy were an interesting couple. And this plot does have it's surprises.
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A SEAL’s Honor is book 3 in the Military match series.  I thought it was a fun, engaging read. Enjoyed it. Will go back and read books 1 and 2.
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You’ve heard this story before: girl has thing for guy who typically doesn’t do commitment, both get into an agreed sex-only fling for a period of time, girl convinces herself to keep it only physical, but fails, but takes it anyway because he’s what she wanted for so long. It all leads to a climax—sometimes literally—where someone breaks it off, which also happens to be a kick in the arse or an epiphany for the other party who then wakes up and grovels for something he/she had always wanted but denied. 

It’s a formula that has worked in romance multiple times despite how often this has been repeated in different contexts, with the details and names differing. ‘A SEAL’s Honor’ is yet another iteration of this, so there are no surprises here, only in how J.M. Stewart steers her characters and the circumstances that shape the coming together of this particular pairing. Stewart however, does throw in some surprises here—and with assured writing that keeps the pages turning—with a steel-spined heroine as the driving force behind the action and a male lead who isn’t afraid to talk. 

Older brother’s best friend or not, it was more than impressive to see Mandy Lawson taking charge, insisting on keeping her end of the bargain and pushing for what she wanted the whole time as she pursued Marcus Denali relentlessly the way the heroes in romantic fiction normally do—age gap, differences in outlook be damned. And in the end, it was Mandy who bailed on the arrangement as well, after realising she couldn’t have more than what Marcus was (not) offering. Still, with both protagonists talking an honest game, both Mandy and Marcus were easy to sympathise with—and even like, no matter who took point in steering the development of the relationship. 

I did struggle however, with the ‘flip of the switch’ type of ending and this isn’t a struggle that’s confined to this story alone. Can someone’s decades-long belief of not ever being good enough or good in a relationship really change at the snap of the fingers, or after a good talking to? Can years of resentment and accumulation of emotional dirt just fall away when epiphany strikes? Romance stories don’t necessarily always provide a convincing way of showing this when it happens; romantic moments (typically accompanied by waves of emotion) tend to overshadow this niggling bit tends to stay a loose end. 

‘A SEAL’s Honor’ nonetheless, is definitely a decent read. It faltered here and there for me, but the maturity of the protagonists was the biggest draw of it all.
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It seems risky to meet a stranger like that.

I'm sorry about his sister.

there's a lot more sex than I was anticipating.
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I think that Mandy is a great match for Marcus. She brings out his youthful side. He was worried about the age difference, but it really wasn't a factor. There were a couple serious parts, but most were fun and sexy.
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