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I would like to thank NetGalley for the opportunity to review this book even though I did not finish this book.
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This book was very engaging and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I have not read anything by this author before, but after reading this, i have added a few more to my Wishlist.

This book got into my head and stuck with for a few days - a great book!
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Absolutely raced through this well written fast paced thrilling read! Definitely my favourite book from Natalie Barelli.
If you are looking for a book to immerse yourself in this page Turner will have you gripped from start to finish.
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I received an ARC copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for my honest opinion of it. When Molly Forrester was 9 years old, she witnessed the murders of her parents and sister. Now, 15 years later, she has changed her name and is working as a bookkeeper for a local newspaper. To boast up the ratings, the paper does a story of what happened to Molly as she ran away after she discovered the bodies of her family. Rachel has never told anyone, even her boyfriend, who she really is. This is the second book I have read by this author and it was another page turner.
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Molly Foster disappeared almost 12 years ago seemingly without a trace after the murder of her family. Now as a ploy to save their little newspaper they want to find Molly. Rachel doesn't want anyone looking for Molly. Rachel doesn't want Molly found but why? What is Rachel really hiding? And what will it cost them all to learn the truth?
This was a great read with many twists that keeps you guessing and surprised until the very end. I short but action packed story you will never see coming.
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I finished this book in one sitting.  I just had to see if the search for Molly yielded any results, and the twist right at the beginning of the book set the tone of the whole book! Recommended.  This is really worth the time and your effort. Just do it!
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I read the description and knew I had to read this one. I loved that it was revealed in the beginning that Rachel thought she was Molly. So many books would have tried to beat around the bush and make it a big reveal toward the end. I thought the flow of the book and the writing were solid and definitely kept me reading. I will be looking for more titles from Natalie Barelli.
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Missing Molly is a psychological thriller with a great premise that will keep you reading into the night.

Rachel Holloway has a secret... and she will do anything to see that it stays that way.

She works for a small newspaper that is producing a podcast on the disappearance of a nine year old girl, Molly Forster.  Molly's entire family was murdered, and Molly vanished, never to be seen again.  But Rachel knows where Molly is and has every reason to protect that location.

Natalie Barelli's writing is engaging and the story is laid out well, with some unexpected turns.  I liked Rachel as a character and rooted for her happy ending.  This was my first novel of Ms. Barelli's and I will definitely read her again.

Thank you,  NetGalley and Natalie Barelli for the opportunity to review the ARC.  My rating and review are honest and non-biased.
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A compelling thriller right from the very beginning. There are so many twists that I couldn't stop reading until I found out how it would end. Then I felt sad that the book had actually ended. I wish I could award more than five stars as this story deserves it
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missing Molly by Natalie barrelli. 
Rachel Holloway is good at keeping Secrets. but this one she keeps has her changing her name. but as the only Survivor from her family who was murdered. Will she be safe? the newspaper where she works wants to do a podcast on saving Molly. how can she stop it? what is her big Secret? 
Omg this was a fantastic read.  I loved the story and the characters.  except Hugo and his Son. what a read. Highly recommended.  5*. would give more if I could.
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This is one of those books that keeps you second guessing right the way through and by the time you are done with this book you'll have questioned yourself a few times on whether or not Rachel really is Molly or is she really just a crazy mixed up woman with identity issues. .A fast paced, page turning story that you will just not want to put down..
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Rachel Holloway’s community paper is in big trouble. If they can’t cook up some marketing magic to draw in sponsors, the paper will fold. (Pardon the pun.) 
When one staff member recommends a podcast, everyone is quickly on-board. They decide to focus their premiere podcast on finding Molly Forster, a girl whose entire family was murdered fifteen years ago. Poor Molly, having vanished, was never seen or heard from again.  
And now with the staffs’ podcast choice made, Rachel is suddenly griped with fear. She can’t let this happen! After all, Molly Forster is hiding in plain sight.  

“Have you seen Molly Forster?”

There were so many moments that I was lulled into the story, predicting with great confidence where it was going, only to ‘gasp’ as I was launched in another direction. (Touché!) The author has a gift for dispersing pleasant surprises throughout. This one’s going to keep you guessing right to the last page!

The second book I’ve read by Natalie Barelli with one more sitting on my shelf waiting for me. Can’t wait to get to it! Highly recommend!

A Traveling Sister read with Brenda🤗

Thank you to NetGalley, The Last Bureau and Natalie Barelli for an ARC to read in exchange for an honest review.
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3.5 Stars
Little Molly Forster has been missing since that awful day when her entire family was murdered. People wonder where she is, but the town has kept that night and the secrets that came with it quiet. Until now. A small newspaper is determined to grow their numbers through a podcast focused on finding the missing girl. Their bookkeeper, Rachel Holloway, fight to keep the podcast from kicking off, but soon she too is caught up in the hunt to find Molly. Only, she knows exactly where Molly is, it's a secret she's kept to herself since the day she ran away.

I hated the blurb for this book, it gave away far too much, but ultimately I couldn't stay away from a book that featured a modern day mystery story told through a podcast. Podcasts are all the rage and this made those stories I'm just used to hearing through my headphones come to life. I enjoyed the background of how it all worked, really appreciated Rachel's story as she fought to keep her secrets, and definitely felt shock and surprise as the true story of that evening unraveled. Parts of it were predictable, as most mysteries are, but parts of it did truly surprise me and how it was written made it interesting even when I knew what was coming. There's quite a lot of suspense and a nicely done psychological twist, the novel becoming all the more enjoyable as Rachel became more unstable and less reliable. I liked reading the mystery from the future and appreciated that the glimpses into Rachel's past didn't reveal everything, but rather left more questions.

Missing Molly is an entertaining psychological thriller that features a pile of unique, well developed characters and a current theme that fits with the times. Some of it is unbelievable and at times the relationships fell flat, but I was swept up in this story, desperate to know why Rachel had left her name behind and had done so much to hide it. I really appreciated her weakening resolve to keep it quiet and loved how the mystery finally was revealed to the characters only at the very end.
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Natalie Barelli has delivered a taut compelling thriller that grips you from the start.
Rachel Holloway is a young mother with a big secret who will do anything to protect her partner and 3 year old daughter. She is a bookkeeper for a small newspaper whose dwindling sponsors threaten the future of the paper. 
On return from her annual leave Rachel discovers a new member of staff Jacob, has suggested they do a podcast to try to improve sales and in turn sponsors. The problem for Rachel is not the podcast itself but the subject '' Missing Molly'' about a 9 year old girl who disappeared 15 years ago the same night her entire family were murdered and who has never been found. 
This storyline will grasp you immediately great read.
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Really good suspenseful book. As a fan of true crime podcasts I really liked the idea of this book.  I was worried it wouldn't live up to my hopes for it.
It did though.  If felt like it was really well written, the story moved quickly and was well thought out.  I really liked all the characters and enjoyed the little twists and turns in the story.
The suspense was strong enough a few times that I had to put the book down for a minute. lol

I really enjoyed reading every moment of this book.
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A clever and different take on the psychological thriller. Well written and engaging, an enjoyable read
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Having to disappear at the age of nine after being traumatized by the murder of her parents and older sister. Molly is about to face her worst fear people looking for her again including a murderer! Her life as Rachel loving companion and mother is about to collide with her past as Missing Molly ,Who can she trust .A must read for everyone who loves psychological suspense!!!!
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I really enjoyed Missing Molly.
I struggled to put it down I just had to find out how it would finish.
Loved it from the start to finish, and found the twists and turns kept me hooked.
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Missing Molly was a good book the start of the book was very slow and then picked up and became a page-turner. I love how the author kept you wanting more. I would recommend this book for others to read. I was not expecting the ending. It left me wanting to read more by her and made me sad that the book was over.
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Thank you to Netgalley for the chance to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

Missing Molly follows the story of Rachel Holloway. Rachel on the outside seems like a normal Mum working at a local paper doing the bookeeping. However Rachel is hiding a dark secret. This secret is threaten to be exposed when the paper she works at decided to run a podcast on a local girl who went missing some years earlier. Molly went missing at 9 when her entire family were brutally murdered and she was the only witness, no one knows what happened to Molly many presumed she was also murdered but as you will see this is not the case.

I have to admit I did find the inital pace a little slow but quite soon I was hooked. It had lots of smaller twists and turns and certainly had me gripped right until the end I will certainly be keen to read more books written by Natalie.
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