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Meh. I keep hoping these books with promising titles dig in to God’s word. They end up being “here’s some funny stories about my life, with hysterical pop cultural references and oh yeah this is supposed to point to the God of the’s a few bible verses for you!” 

However this is the type of book most women just eat up!

Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for allowing me to read and review this book.
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I believe this book was written for such a time as this. Women today of all ages had or have dealt with shame, brokenness, feeling unwanted/ left out all sorts of insecurities. In In Bloom, Kayla Aimee shares personal stories of her life of brokenness, shame and feeling unwanted, but God makes all things new and that is what He did with Kayla. This book gives a great message that you are a new creation in Christ. That He alone makes beauty from ashes. And He can use your past shame and  brokenness for His glory. 

I received an e-copy from netgalley in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.
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In  Bloom is a beautiful, hilarious, and thought-provoking book; a book women can certainly relate to. Kayla Aimee is a gifted storyteller who draws you in to her funny stories and life. I highly recommend this wonderful book.
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I really enjoyed this book because of the way Kaylee shared her struggle with self esteem through snippets of her life. She shares the joys and pains on being a teenager, mother and wife in such a humorous and impactful way.
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High hopes for help in this book, given the promises in the description. The cover is beautiful, and the promises of digging into figuring out inadequacies, etc. was a great hook. What woman doesn't feel those things? I love authors who are relatable, and even better when they are funny. Kayla is both of those things. Her writing style is engaging and fun. 

However, what fell flat for me was the fact that she doesn't go into any depth about how to get over these issues in our lives. Jesus and the Word of God have to be our focus in overcoming any type of perceived shortcoming. Funny anecdotes of her life are great and relatable, but ultimately the book reads like a memoir, and not a devotional, or even a self-help book. There just wasn't enough basis in scripture for me, and some quotes from sources outside the Bible are fitting, but cannot be long-term help in overcoming struggles. Our relationship with God has to be the foundation, and she shares that, but she doesn't go any further. That was disappointing for me.
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In Bloom is an amazing book about overcoming our insecurities, depending on God to find our security and how to do that. Kayla shares from her own experiences and her own insecurities, bringing you intimately close to her heart, and her story. 

The book is well designed, well thought about, well put together. 

This book is more of a self-help book and if you're looking for something with scripture spread throughout, this isn't that, but she loves Jesus and brings her faith into it constantly. I mean, if you want a devotional, buy one of those. 

I love how Kayla shares her heart and life with us. I love how she shares how she overcame insecurity and found truth in who she was as a person. Kayla makes you laugh a lot too, and relate, to her stories and words. I think you will enjoy this book, too, if you like things like this!
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I've been a reader of Kayla's blog for some time now. And after reading her first book, Anchored, I was very excited to learn she had another book coming out. This book was fun, like getting coffee with a friend and just sharing your heart. If anyone needs a bit of a pick me up, or needs to see they aren't the only one who struggles with insecurity, this book is a great read.
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Do you know a woman that is not insecure about something?  Let me answer that for you.  No, you don't.  Women are insecure about many things, but we usually won't tell you that.  I go to the gym and work out with some pretty amazing women who compete in body building competitions, and they are insecure about their bodies too.  Let's be honest, I could give each of them part of my body fat and they would still look good!  But they see flaws in themselves that I just don't see. We are insecure beings.

Kayla Aimee reminds us of several scriptures that God says about us, such as: "I am a place where God's Spirit lives. (1 Cor. 6:19)  I am God's incredible work of art. (Eph. 2:10)  I am a whole new person with a whole new life. (2 Cor. 5:17) I am greatly loved. (Rom. 5:8)

She tells it like it is, but in a way that we can all relate to.  She doesn't make you feel bad about yourself.  In fact, she shares some of the moments in her life that we have probably all experienced but, don't have the nerve to talk about in public. I can see myself hanging our with her, and being able to let my hair down.

There were several times that I laughed out loud.  1) The cheesecake skidmarks. 2) When she yelled, "Stop, drop, and roll, Mom!" and 3) When she stuffs her bra using balloons filled with Jell-o pudding.  I can't help but giggle as I type this.

You have to read this book! I could go on, and on about this book, but I will leave you with this... You are not alone in your insecurities.  Many of us have the exact same ones, and we are just too embarrassed to talk about it.  I have talked to friends, after reading this book, about some of our insecurities.  Some different and some the same.  If Kayla hadn't opened that door, we might have walked those crazy paths alone.  I have to say, it is much more fun when someone else is on that path with you.
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As I began reading this book, I had this feeling that the author must have been looking into my own head, reading my mind. That is how much I could relate to what she was saying! Yes! I've struggled most of my life with feelings of insecurity. I suppose I've always been what's considered "too sensitive". Someone made a comment, and even though it might not have been meant as an insult, it sure felt like it. A comment about my looks. Or something I did. Or feeling pushed back, not included with the other girls...and so it goes.

Reading this book caused me to recall some of those feelings...things that might have been pushed down under for years already. Things that I need to uncover and give to God.

We all have a deep longing to belong. To be wanted. Needed. Loved. We cannot allow things done and said to us by other human beings, especially immature ones, to influence us for the rest of our life, or even our eternal destiny. And yet, way too often, we tend to rely on those actions or words rather than trust God and believe in His Promises that can be found in His Word.

This book is written in a way that resonates way down deep. It's especially geared for younger women. I found it to be fresh and easily related to, and yet, also a bit humorous and sarcastic. Very inspirational and hope-filled!

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Definitely an uplifting read! I found myself laughing out-loud so many times while reading this book! The subject matter is something so relevant to our current culture and something the majority of women struggle with. 
Can't wait to read Kayla Aimee's other books!
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I don't mean to sound too harsh, but I just don't think this book works. I wanted to read it because the title says it's about insecurity and confidence - but I didn't get any help from what I read of it. To be honest, I didn't even finish it.

I really liked the author's personality, but this book is REALLY not what it claims to be about. It's supposed to dive into the root of our deep-seated feeling of inadequacy, but all I read were cute stories of her daughter. Not really what I (or many other women probably) expected.

Another problem I had with it is that it seems A LOT like a sort of watered down version "Uninvited" by Lysa TerKeurst, just not as in-depth.

I really don't mean to sound harsh, just trying to give helpful advice on how to maybe improve the book?
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Such a wonderfully encouraging book. I often struggle with insecurity, and I'm thankful for a loving God who draws me close to him instead of hiding behind my insecurities. Great read.
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Wonderful book for women and young ladies! Kayla has a way with words and helping readers find confidence and self-worth with her humorous stories and tales of growing up. I look forward to letting my young daughters read this book as well!
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First, I LOVED the humor and wit of Kayla Amiee! It made the book for me. ❤️ Her honestly in sharing how she’s sorted through life’s challenges was refreshing and beautiful, and her ability to say what we all think but can’t say is spot on. I enjoyed her constant centering in Scripture as she made sense of many issues people face, and her book was an encouragement. 

I received an advanced reader copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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When you were growing up, did you feel like an outsider in school – someone who longed to be one of the cool kids, part of the “in” crowd, but was never able to be accepted into that elusive insider’s club? Did you grow up with feelings of insecurity and shame that erode your sense of self-confidence and self-worth to this very day? Are you ready to leave these things behind you – to step into the fullness of life that God has planned for you – with a little help from a friend?

Consider author Kayla Aimee that friend and her new book, In Bloom: Trading Restless Insecurity For Abiding Confidence your roadmap for how to transform your thinking and your life.

Kayla is an authentic and relatable author who shares many personal stories that readers will resonate with as they read In Bloom – but what I like most about this book are the truths she shares from her experiences. This is a book filled with take-away after take-away that you will want to underline and reflect upon – read this book with pen and highlighter in hand!

Most importantly, In Bloom is a book filled with promise and hope. No matter how many ways and times you’ve been disenfranchised in life, through God, you can flourish.

In Bloom includes a Study Guide in the back of the book so that you can explore this book in greater depth in your journal, with a friend, or as part of a small group.

I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars.
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In Bloom Is a beautiful book. It is a book about insecurities. Many women face this problem in their life. It is a hard thing to deal with and hard to get over but there is one way to do it - you leave it in GOD's hands - you have to see yourself through the eyes of JESUS - our loving SAVIOR - HE loves us just the way we are and HE thinks we are the most beautiful person inside and out - you just can't beat that period.
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This is a beautiful book that lets you know you are not alone. All those things you feel insecure about, well there are many other people who have felt the same way and totally get it. The way we sometimes compare ourselves. The way we want our friends to include us in everything they are doing. The hesitancy about inviting people to our home because we fear we may be judged and found wanting.
And then it opens your eyes to how you can enjoy the gift of friends and family without feeling inadequate. I can't say enough about this book but to recommend it heartily.
Kayla's writing style is awesome. She's really funny. 
Please read this.
Thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for this opportunity. This is my honest review
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I enjoyed reading this book, and I really connected with the author, being a rather "awkward" person myself at times who has experienced insecurity often. Some points that stuck with me from this book were:
"Defining ourselves by the narrow perspective of another person limits us to only a small portion of our potential."
"The only words that truly define us are the red-letter ones, the capital letter Word who 'became flesh and made his dwelling among us' (John 1:14)."
"I loved learning to reframe that chapter (Proverbs 31) of Scripture as a blessing, allowing it to name the value in me and virtue in my work. Without the binding constraints of chastisement that I had so often heard in the preaching of those verses, I was able to fully embrace the beauty in the poetry."
"Our identities are not defined by our responsibilities."
"Oftentimes overcoming doesn't mean we no longer experience fear, it just means we keep going in spite of it"
The author included a lot of personal stories, which were often funny, very meaningful, or both. I would definitely recommend this book, especially if you are working through feeling insecure or less than, and are looking to find your identity in God.
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I don’t know about you, but I am pretty sure that if there were pictures in the dictionary, you would find mine right beside the word “insecure“.

So, it’s no surprise that I was thrilled to read this book as soon as I saw the title, because, who doesn’t want the Biblical kind of confidence in this thing called life?!

So, within even the first few pages of this book (I am reviewing the digital version), I knew this book was written for me. Kayla is so completely honest in this book about her life, her fears, her insecurities, her mistakes, from adolescent age to adult…that any mom cannot help but relate to something within the pages of this book. But, most likely, you’ll be like me…laughing…crying…nodding your head…and wondering how she could possibly know so much about you when you know you have kept it hidden well beneath the walls of your life.

She mixes her life story, her testimony, with lots of witty humor and with God’s word, and how she’s learned from it over the years.

It’s one thing to know you are insecure, but this book takes it to a whole new level as it challenges you to learn that God didn’t make you to be insecure…to set unrealistic expectations for yourself and your life as a mom/wife/employee/homemaker/etc. And how to change.

I read this book pretty slowly. Much due to the busy life I have with the three kids and all that we are uncles in as a family, but I decided I liked it more in short sessions–a little laughter with a challenge during my little one’s nap time. I personally wouldn’t recommend rushing through it, though it is not a hard read at all!

The Word is our metamorphosis, coming to life within us, and we emerge stretching damp gossamer wings of grace.

If you are a woman/wife/mom, this book is for you. I am not sure that I have ever read a more open and honest book. It was refreshing to feel that I’m not alone in my innermost thoughts and fears, and that there are others who not only have been there, but have found their way away from their fears and insecurities and straight to God’s grace and confidence in who He designed them to be.
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I won't say I got this book for some profound reason. What immediately caught my eye was the cover photo. I mean that beautiful floral art with its simple touch of femininity and beauty just grabbed my eyes. As I continued to browse the cover I spotted that the book was called In Bloom and its focus is about "trading restless insecurity for abiding confidence." Before reading the synopsis I was hooked! The cover just really grabbed me and then the title and subtitle just flowed seamlessly with the artwork. This is indeed one stunning book.

Now that I'm done raving over the gorgeous cover, lets talk about the "meat" of this beauty...the content written inside. One thing to note is that this book mainly uses the CSB translation with references to the ESV, NLT and MSG occasionally. For some it may be a bother. I am not a huge fan of these translations as I prefer the NKJV but I find that having my Bible or even Bible App handy works wonders in reading the scriptures shared in this book. 

I've never read any work written by Kayla Aimee so I was extremely excited to dive into this book head first with a pen, journal and highlighters (yesssss, I highlight and write in my books!). This book goes into what all women have, but don't want to discuss which is insecurity and Kayla dives into it in such a humorous way so that it's not all serious to make you cry your eyes out.

Is this book rooted in all scripture? Not at all. There are many points where she focuses on her own personal life and experiences to help connect with the readers and it contains few scriptures for reference. For me, I wish there was more scriptural references as I prefer to be able to connect a persons thought and/or experiences to the Bible. Does this fact dilute the effect of the book? Not at all. This is definitely a book I enjoyed reading and fell in love with Kayla's writing.

I love the study guide at the back of the book that helps to make the reading experience more hands-on. Do I recommend this book? Yes I do. I think it's a good one to read. It will help you get insight on yourself and make you want to search scriptures for yourself to understand more about yourself.
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