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A multi-decade saga of the legacy of Judah's most renown king, Hezekiah, as told through the eyes of his wife.

I love the way that Mesu Andrews brings Biblical culture to life, and this book is no exception, as she shows the struggle of a king to set himself apart from his father before him. I like how this book brought a humanity to Hezekiah, and showed that while he was incredibly faithful in many ways, he was also far from perfect, and fell short.

This book also brought a humanity to Isaiah, God's prophet, showing his struggles, and how following God was far from easy, taking into consideration how it might have affected his family. 

I had high expectations for this book and it didn't disappoint, and crazy story but our pastor was preaching over Hezekiah's life for 2 months before I read this book, so I had pretty good background knowledge going in. Well constructed characters, and fantastic storytelling with respect to the history. This book did a great job of imagining the political and spiritual tensions, showing actions and consequence. Zibah struggles with fear, and the pressures of her position. I especially liked the friendship between Zibah an Yaira, as they support and encourage each other through many dark days. I loved the powerful message of God being the only true source of goodness and steadfastness. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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Mesu Andrews is a superb author and her books never disappoint. Rich in research and lush historical descriptions; the Bible comes to life in these pages.
Young Zibah is adopted by the prophet Isaiah. You follow her life as she comes to terms with the devastation of her family and finds peace.
Andrews includes a character map which comes in handy. While I enjoy her books immensely, they're 'thinkers' must pay attention to the story to truly enjoy it. She doesn't write fluff fiction.
I just finished the sequel to this book, Isaiah's Legacy, and highly recommend both of them.
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The amount of detail and research that must have gone into the writing of this book amazes me. Ishma and Yaira come into Isaiah's house with nothing. Ishma is an orphan and Yaira has only her brother, who is also a prophet. 
Mesu Andrews never gives the reader half the story. In Isaiah's Daughter, we are able to read about Ishma's life from the age of six, all the way up until she is well past maturity. The love story between her and Hezekiah is profound and not at all simple. 
Watching the characters grow and mature into the kings and queens of the past creates quite an interesting storyline, and I'm always waiting to see how the entire plot will work out. Although I've read the stories of Isaiah from the Bible, seeing them from this perspective holds a new light to facts I've known for years. 
There's a certain amount of vivid detail included in Isaiah's Daughter that I came to appreciate. Seeing the world through the eyes of the characters, feeling the clothing through their perceptions, immersed me in their world. And it was a world I was not ready to leave, even when the book ended.
I requested a copy of this book from NetGalley. I was not required to leave a positive review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.
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`Isaiah’s Daughter: A Novel of Prophets and Kings` is a historical fiction novel by author Mesu Andrews. I chose this novel to review so I could learn more about Isaiah. It did not meet my expectations of learning about Isaiah, however, I was pleasantly surprised that the two main characters were King Hezekiah and Queen Hephzibah.

        Mesu included a character list and a description of each character as well as a Palestine map. This novel reminded me of a series I read a few years ago: `God’s and Kings: Chronicles of the Kings` by author Lynn Austin. It was much like getting a refresher course.

        One of the quotes in the book that I liked was spoken by Isaiah. `If you do not stand firm in your faith, you will not stand at all.` 

        I recommend this book to fans of historical fiction.

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I love biblical novels because they help me to visualize in my mind what a person is really like when the bible sometimes doesn't always give us all the details about who a person is.  This book brought to life the person who is one of the most well known biblical prophets of all time, Isaiah.  This book brings the characters we know from the bible to life as real people with the story telling and the way this story is laid out.  Well done, and anyone who loves biblical novels will love this one as well!
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I enjoy reading biblical fiction and wonder how I could have missed Mesu Andrew's books all this time! Really enjoyed reading Isaiah's Daughter and it has forever changed the way I view King Hezi! I was surprised to learn that the paperback edition of this title is 300-400 pages. I literally breezed through the book without realising how  big it is! It was that captivating.  (I read on my Kindle.)

I admire the author's ability to write this great story on Queen Zibah though I believe her name was only mentioned once in the Bible. What a wonderful skill of research and imagination! I was totally unaware of the queen’s existence in history until now. 

Thank you WaterBrook & Multnomah and Netgalley for the ebook. This is my honest review.
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Title:   Isaiah’s Daughter 
Author:   Mesu Andrews
Genre:   Biblical fiction
Rating:   4.5 out of 5

After she loses her family to war, Ishma—desolation—is a child grieving and frightened when she is taken in by the prophet Isaiah and his wife. She grows up in their home but fear still lurks when she sets eyes on a soldier. Since Isaiah is out of favor with the king, he has been tasked with teaching the young noblemen, and Ishma is introduced to young Prince Hezekiah when he is traumatized from his brother’s ritual sacrifice.

Ishma and Hezi are close friends as they grow up, but his father’s evil reign separates them for years, despite their love for each other. Until Isaiah adopts Ishma and gives her a new name, Zibah, delight of the Lord, which also makes her one of the nobility—and eligible to marry the prince. But Zibah must overcome her fears and learn to trust in the Lord if she is ever to end up where she truly wishes to be.

I’ve only read two of Mesu Andrews’ books—so far—but I love how she brings stories from the Bible to vibrant, breathing life! As Ishma grows from a frightened, traumatized child to a loving and faithful adult, the reader is drawn along on her journey—and learns truth along with her. I cannot recommend Mesu Andrews and her novels enough!

Mesu Andrews has been writing since her chronic illness over 20 years ago. Isaiah’s Daughter is the first in the Prophets and Kings series.

(Galley courtesy of WaterBrook via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.)
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Isaiah’s Daughter is a beautiful story recounting the life of King Hezekiah and Queen Hephzibah. The kingdom of Judah will come to life as the reader delves into the familiar stories of Isaiah and the God fearing King “Hezi” who wipes out the pagan worship set up by his evil father. The main theme running through this inspiring story is the faithfulness of Yahweh for his people and for a traumatized little girl who became the “delight of the Lord”. 
If you enjoy reading Historical Biblical Fiction, Isaiah’s Daughter is one of the best.
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Hepzibah in the scriptures is the adopted daughter of Isaiah, the wife of Hezekiah, Judahs's most righteous king and mother to Manasseh, who becomes  Judah's wickedness ruler.
How is it possible to become a Queen when you are but an orphan? Hepzibah and her friend Yaira are all that remain of her household. They are taken to Judah where they ate taken in by Isaiah and his family. Isaiah is a prophet. He has brought prophecy to King Ahaz about worshipping idols. The king didn't like the prophecies so demoted Isaih to royal scholar. 
There he teaches the young royalty and other high class boys about the prophecies and worshipping Yahweh.
Hezekiah and Hephzibah met when she is five years old. Hezekiah has been in  catatonic state since he witnessed his older brother sacrificed to Molek. Hephzibah was able to bring him out of that state. They study together and play together. They fall in love. The regent king cannot marry someone who is not of royal birth. Isaiah and his wife adopt Hephzibah. Then she is able to marry her best friyand rule by his side.
There is a lot more to this story. You will have to read the book to be able to truly appreciate these characters. Thos is an excellent read. Interesting and mind shattering and it's based on fact.
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This was my first Biblical historical fiction read, and I really enjoyed it! I was fascinated with how the author played on the history, and created a character that left me wondering how much of her was truly real. Andrews is such a great story teller and historian it was difficult to see where the fiction was woven into the truth. I loved our characters and their love for God, but also their struggles to stay close to Him. Tragedy’s would hit and our characters would have very human reactions, and because of grace were forgiven. I do wish that there was a trigger warning for miscarriages and infertility. I myself suffer from infertility, and because of that the last part of the book was extremely hard to get through.  Overall I really enjoyed this read, and I look forward to reading more from Andrews.
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I really enjoyed reading about this in time in history,and it's all true! Wonderful characters in the book and some of people in this story are true to life! The story has you smacking your head on why somethings were done now far as have come since this time in their history! God is present all through this story showing you any thing is possible if you believe!! 😌. You will enjoy this book if you like Christian stories!! This story goes along with the Bible!!
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I've wanted to read this book (and try out the author) for a while now, so when I was approved to receive a NetGalley copy of the book, I was pretty pumped. Below I'm going to give three pros and three cons, then let y'all know why I decided to stop reading the book. 

*It made Isaiah's time period in the Bible become so much more alive to me. Recently when I was reading the Bible I was like "Oh! I recognize these names!" and they felt so much more human to me
*The writing really is well done and it seems like the author did a huge amount of research 
*The plot was interesting and the characters likable 

*The writing style isn't one I found easy to delve into - I was constantly being pulled out of the story to try and catch up with the style. This is obviously totally personal and therefore something a lot of y'all wouldn't deal with 
*The book is really heavy. There's a lot of bad stuff that happens and I found myself somewhat dreading picking up the story to continue
*The story is 400 pages long, and a lot of bad stuff can happen in 400 pages 

Those last two points in the "cons" list is why I DNFed the book - it was just too heavy for me to want to continue. I want to make sure I note, though, that I don't feel like the book was too heavy. Isaiah's time period had a lot of bad stuff happen, and so this book was realistic. I also don't feel like it went into too much detail. It was just too much and too heavy for me at this time. 

Still, I'm rating the book three stars because I think that it will be a great book for some people. 

I'd be delighted to hear your thoughts - have you read any books by this author? What did you think of them? Should I give her another try? 

Also, do y'all like hearing thoughts periodically on books that I don't finish?
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Isaiah’s daughter is a wonderful biblical fiction novel by Mesu Andrews. She brings to life lesser known figures in the Bible while not being afraid to describe the struggles and challenges they faced. This book makes readers want to open their Bible after reading it. I recommend this book. 

I received  a complimentary copy of this book from WaterBrook & Multnomah through NetGalley and was not required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are mine.
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A successful book pulls a person into the world the author had created within the story. You don’t realize you’re reading a story, because you’ve become so part of the story. Mesu Andrews has accomplished this with Isaiah’s Daughter. 

From the moment I met five-year-old orphan Ishma and her friend Yaira, I was intrigued and wanted to know what would happen to them. Would they recover? Would the scars heal, outside and inside? What do they have to do with Isaiah’s daughter? 

Mesu Andrews cleverly describes the horror of the trauma they experienced from the perspective of a five-year-old. Without giving the grizzly details, the reader’s heart goes out to Ishma and Yaira. I appreciated the way he dealt with gruesome events; the reader knows and ‘feels’ without having to read the awful details thereof. 

I enjoyed the way he used Bible verses at the beginning of each chapter to set the tone. The Bible verses help the reader to know when in Bible history the historical events took place. It also backups his story and gives the reader something to think about. I found the Bible verses created anticipation of knowing how the story would unfold in that chapter. 

Historical fiction based on the Bible is one of my favorite genres. Sadly, many historical fictions are only another romance story with a historical setting. Mesu Andrews weaves love as part of the threads into the story, but it’s not all the story is about. Isaiah’s daughter gives the reader more than a love story based in a historical setting. His story is intertwined with history in such a manner that, although you know it’s a story, it seems likely that it could’ve happened this way. What I appreciated from the author is that he distinguishes between the two in the Author Notes at the end of the book. So, for those who don’t know the history of King Hezekiah of Judah, these notes will help to separate history from fiction and clear up any confusion or misunderstanding. 

I highly recommend Isaiah’s Daughter to readers who enjoy historical fiction, to those who enjoy stories based on the Bible, and most of all to the believers whose faith gets challenged. They’ll recognize situations, circumstances, and problems the characters must deal with; the choices they make, and the consequences of their choices. How one’s action has good intentions but isn’t always necessarily part of God’s will. They’ll empathize with problems and situations that seem to have no solution or outcome, except to believe and to trust in God. But not everyone has faith… 

My thanks to the publishers for providing me with an e-Book copy. This review is my honest opinion, and I’m glad I had the opportunity to read Isaiah’s Daugther. I want to read more books written by Mesu Andrews.
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Once again Mesu Andrews brings us an epic story of prophetic proportions.  We're brought into an amazing story of prophecy and God's timing.  It even shows that miracles happened more frequently than not in ancient days.  God watches his beloved people turn to idolatry and for this they suffer the consequences.

I was immediately drawn into the novel.  This is a brilliant new series, and I can't wait for the next book.
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I was drawn to and interested in reading "Isaiah's Daughter", Mesu Andrews' latest biblical fiction novel, because I’ve already read a couple of her books, and she has become one of my favourite authors. I enjoy reading biblical fiction by various writers and learning more about the context and the culture of Bible times. I also like to read and study the Bible and I find that Mesu Andrews’ novels help to bring the Bible to life.  

Mesu spends time researching for the content of her books. Her book includes what we know from the Bible, what Mesu has learned from the Jewish Midrash and her God-given imagination. She expertly weaves everything together to create an enjoyable and informative read.  

The idea of Hephzibah being the daughter of Isaiah comes from Jewish tradition and Mesu expands on this to bring the story of Hephzibah to life.   

One of the themes in the book is learning to trust God’s plan for the future, even if present circumstances seem to be telling us the opposite. When Ishma questions God’s purpose for her Isaiah replies, “His plan for you in this moment is to be faithful where you are. That’s a truth we must all embrace.”   

As we read through the book we see Ishma grow from a child to a queen, and just as she grows and develops physically, we see her faith in God grow. She learns that real peace can only be found in a relationship with God, not in other things or other people.  

In her novel, Mesu gives us some of Isaiah’s prophecies along with their interpretations. Whilst still making it clear that sometimes people, even prophets may not always understand them in the way that they are meant by God. It doesn't mean God's given prophesy to a person is wrong, it just means it has been misunderstood by people. It was interesting to read the interpretations, particularly those which were not familiar to me. It was good to consider their meaning from a different perspective. I found her interpretation of one of the prophesies which pointed to King Hezekiah as a foreshadowing of Jesus the Messiah particularly interesting. 

I do find some parts of the Bible, especially in the Old Testament difficult to understand. So I really liked that this book helped me to understand a bit more about the lives of some of the key people associated with the time of the Kings of Judah.  

One way I determine whether I think an author has written a good biblical fiction novel is if it gives me a desire to go back to the Bible and read for myself what has been referred to in the novel. Mesu's novel did just this for me. I want to read again the book of Isaiah, and the sections in 2 Kings and 1 & 2 Chronicles which relate to King Hezekiah. 

I recommend this book for anyone who enjoys reading historical novels, is interested in Bible times or who enjoys having the Bible brought to life in a fresh way.
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I love books set in biblical times and this author always has them perfectly accurate! I loved this book!!!
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Another fascinating fictionalized Biblical tale by Mesu Andrews. The story of Hepzibah,  King Hezekiah 's wife is brought to life in this dramatic novel.   Andrews has woven a story that is rich in emotion, description, and action that leaves the reader anticipating the next chapter. A must read!!
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I am a big big fan of Mesu Andrews. The way she brings the bible to life in a new way is amazing. In Isaiah's Daughter she did not disappoint. It brought into new perspective the story of Hezekiah.It shed light on some of the struggles he might of had in life. I really recommend this book.
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I have not read any books by Mesu Andrews before and I'm glad I read this book. The author writes in a way that makes you feel you are actually there, in the wings, watching the story unfold. 

The story is a fictionalization of the life of Hezekiah and his wife, Hephzibah. It is mainly about Hephzibah, hence the title. It takes the story from the Bible and uses that as the basic background. The story flows well and the characters are quite believable. What I especially like about this book is that each chapter starts with Bible verses that help you understand why the chapter is like it is. 

If you like historical fiction you will enjoy this. If you like Biblical fiction you will really like this. I requested this book through netgalley and this review is my own opinion and freely given
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