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I absolutely adored New Heights! It was funny, sweet, and sexy at the same time. This was such a cute feel-good story. I absolutely loved James and Mika and I loved watching them bicker and prank one another throughout the hours they spent at the airport. They are complete polar opposites, but they brought out the best in each other and they fit together perfectly. Those differences balanced each other out and really worked.

New Heights has a pretty straight forward plot. It’s an opposites attract/enemies to lovers type story where the characters are so cute they melt your heart. The characters had immediate chemistry, and none of it felt forced.

I was completely entertained by their antics. I 100% appreciated how the author handled this relationship and will point to this book right here as the template on how to correctly write insta-love, and I don’t normally enjoy Insta-love stories. Quinn Anderson is a really wonderful author. All her stories are unique and interesting and I’ll definitely be reading more of her books.

It’s difficult to flesh out your characters in what amounts to a novella, but the author succeeded in weaving plenty of background info for both James and Mika into the plot. It’s also admirable how well this book worked for me, considering that most of this novel takes place in an airport – there’s not a potential for change of scenery, and you’re somewhat limited in what you can get your characters into.

Mika and James meet at the airport in New York when their flight is delayed due to a winter storm. Although they start off rough as the day progresses and they get to know one another better, the instant attraction builds into something much more. As crazy as it seems, though, even after only hours of knowing one another, these two are well on their way to a relationship. Flying home to Charleston together is only the first step. This story was just so endearing and it had me smiling the whole time I was reading it.
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This was a cute story and I did enjoy it. I didn’t love it though. The premise really grabbed my attention, but the execution fell a little flat for me.

I had a hard time connecting with both James and Mika. In the beginning, their exchanges just didn’t ring true. They kind of seemed like caricatures of a “pushover” and “sarcastic jerk” instead of actual people with some things to overcome together.

However, once they put aside their issues and come together it was actually very sweet; and the bit of steam we did get was well written. 

I wouldn’t rule this one out if you’re just looking for a bit of short, meet-cute fun.
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Super sweet, sassy tale about two guys who meet in an airport.

You'd think it would be easy for destiny to set these two up but for James and Mika, it's anything but that. An array of bad fortune (or good fortune depending on how you see it) see these two battling to charge their devices, sharing drinks and power outlets, pranking one another, and having deep and meaningful conversations all while stuck in an airport waiting for a flight that has been delayed a "bazillion hours".

I adore these two characters. In a short amount of time that we spend with them, you see they are so much more than just the front they show the world. James is more than his nervousness and Mika hides so much behind his snarkiness. A confine space, boredom, and perhaps a bit of heart-ache (from both of them), makes the evolution of their relationship believable in what should be an impossible timeline.

A fun, easy read, that still has the power to pull at your heartstrings.
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This was a sweet little read, funny in lots of parts and just a book that was easy to not put down.

I thought the characters were interesting and the story line was good and not too cheesy it was actually an upbeat story with a different setting which was nice.
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Many thanks to netgalley for an arc of this book in return for an honest review.

After a few heavy thriller type series, I wanted a great, easy, fun, charming and romantic tale to fill the gap and this book did not disappoint!  It is what it is and would be a great holiday read!

Mika and James have a chance meeting at a small New York airport, they are polar opposites and yet somehow this makes them even more attracted to one another!  The story is a simple one of opposites attracting but this was thoroughly enjoyable none the less!
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This was a cute novella about two guys who meet in an airport.  The events take place over a short time period which I don't usually like but it really worked in this story.  This was charming and original and I enjoyed it a lot.

*ARC provided through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review
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This seemed like the perfect LGBTQIA story about two men who become stuck at an airport, They are both very different but somehow through the difficulties of they come together. I honestly thought this sounded like a great story, but in the end of could not finish it. The characters were really different and there was no tension between them and I didn't want to continue the story.
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A lovely story about two guys who meet in a airport and surprisingly find love together. When Mika and James first meet they dont hit it off at all. Mika is rude and pushy, and James is taken aback by the good looking, obnoxious man who pushes in front of him. James is also rather surprised by their second encounter and he stands up to Mika and gives him a good telling off. Mika apologises but the die has been cast.

None of this friction is helped by the delayed flight and eventually the friction between the two men ignites the flames of attraction but is this enough? Can two men who have very different personalities, rise above their antagonistic beginnings to find something beautiful together?

I thought this was an amusing story with interesting characters. James is a bit of a door mat and has allowed previous boyfriends to walk all over him. Mika is so laid back that he could fall over but he is also quick to make sure that the world works for him and this means pushing back. When he meets James he is surprised to meet someone who can give as good as he gets. What Mika doesn't know is that James is also surprised by his own response to Mika because he is normally such a doormat.

This is a lovely 'opposites attract' story. I cant say that it will stay with me forever, but it is entertaining with good characters.

Copy provided by Riptide Publishing via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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A fun, quick, sweet and sexy enemies to lovers story about two guys who meet when their flight is delayed and after driving each other bonkers discover that there may be something more between them. I liked the characters and the sparky banter. Lots of fun.
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This a quick and light read. It's just what I needed right now after reading some books with heavier topics. Mika and James have an immediate chemistry in the story. I loved getting to know these characters ad they got to know each other. I loved James from the first conversation he has with his sister at the beginning of the story. He was a fun character to follow and the back and forth he has with Mika was fun to read. 

Some of it was a little cheesy but worked for what this story was trying to accomplish. I really enjoyed it.
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I have received this book as an arc. It was given to me in exchange for an honest review.

when I requested this book as an arc, I was really enthousiastic, because of the blurb and the author.

I didn't like it as much as I had hoped. The story doesn't add anything to the blurb, and the writing style feels off to me. Also, in my opinion, the actions and the thoughts of the MC's felt didn't match with their description and felt childish. Reading this book annoyed me and I had trouble finishing reading this book.

Before requesting this book as an arc, I checked previous reviews, and noticed many people really enjoy reading this book. There for , it is very well possible my personal experience is not a good representation.
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2.5 stars

This book was ok. I thought I would like this book more than I did. But it never really grabbed my attention fully. I had a hard time getting into it. Probably because it took me a bit to get into the main characters. 

Once they got together it flowed a little better for me. But that was 75% in!
There was a lot of pettiness games going on between them before we got to them finally connecting.

The ending was cute. I’m glad it ended the way it did.
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I can't begin to say how much I disliked this book.  It's a definite DNF from me and I won't be picking it back up again.  I couldn't get past page 23.  I couldn't stand both characters and there's no way I could every like the Mika character, he was awful and mean and downright nasty.  There has to be at least something likeable about one of the MCs.  OH and what about James' sister in the beginning, holy and no.
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New Heights is a fun, flirty, and quick read. It's pretty much the Odd Couple meets The Terminal. 

Anderson's story takes an adorable spin on the "what if?" possibilities of a small airport, in the "meet cute" for her leading men. 

James and Mika strike up an insta-battle when one smooth aka rude move from Mika sets the two men against each other. As they can't stop looking at each other (secret, longing glances) or trying to get revenge, the attraction between them bubbles over. 

I could totally relate to James in all of his A-type, triple checking the list, arriving hours early glory. To me, he makes perfect sense. Mika, on the other hand, was SUPER removed from what I can relate to, but that's what made him fun. He's the snark to James's constant politeness, the blunt force to James's careful comments, and a total wake-up call. And, totally have to say, I love a bit of snark. 

I liked that the guys were total foils to each other; it made their attraction more genuine. Had they been totally similar, I think their romantic chemistry would have been less believable. Since James was still "hungover" from his last relationship, and Mika is stuck in a total lackthereof, they both need something different to shock their systems.

Their banter felt realistic, and I think Anderson develops their attraction well, especially given the short length of the story.  I WANT the two of them to get together, and I love stories that make me root for the leading couple. 

By the way, it's worth mentioning that there's an adorable epilogue that makes me wish there was a follow up story.
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New Heights by Quinn Anderson was about two people stuck in an airport, pranks, and baring souls. On paper, a book like this would never keep someone's attention, but New Heights did this brilliantly. Sliding between James and Mika's point of views, the dialog was quick and sharp, and I think I finished this book in under 3 hours. New Heights was such a pleasant read, and I really enjoyed it.
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Ce court roman de Quinn Anderson se déroule sur un laps de temps très court, puisqu'on suit James & Mika le temps d'une demi-journée cauchemardesque. Tous deux sont coincés dans un petit aéroport à proximité de New York dans l'attente de leur vol qui ne cesse d'être repoussé, ils ne se connaissent pas, et leur première rencontre démarre mal.

S'ensuivent alors des échanges acides, des crasses drôles et inventives ; bref ces deux sales gosses s'occupent comme ils peuvent pour faire passer le temps, mais ils m'ont fait sourire avec leurs bêtises. J'ai moins été convaincue par l'aspect 'romantique' du livre ...

Une lecture que j'oublierai vite, mais sur le coup, ça m'a fait sourire :)
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If you want a silly grin from cover to cover, this is it.

James and Mika don't start on the right foot. Mika is simply rude and James too shy to put much of a fight and stand up for himself. On the outside, they seem to be perfect opposites but as the plane they're waiting gets delayed again and again, the two find out to have more in common than anyone would ever guess.

This was short, the kind to finish in one sit, and also the kind I was in dire need to reading. So cute, so funny! It's incredible how Quinn Anderson could establish credible chemistry between them with so little to use. They're complete strangers stuck in an airport and they don't get along from the start—with reason.

Even though there is one hot scene, this isn't a reason to get the book in my opinion. It really stands more on the fluffy side. Also, I really liked how Anderson didn't trust the "opposites attract" cliché and subtly made them see they also had similar points, that their differences weren't a thing about sexual chemistry either but ways to improve their shortcomings.

I've become a fan of Anderson's so I'm not the one to go for an unbiased opinion. So why not a higher rating? Because I don't think she intended to write a best seller. My impression was that she sat in front of her computer and said: "Let me have fun!" So, yes. Just a silly pastime. And that's what makes it work, actually. This wasn't some complex story, some dialogues are way too long, almost hot from press and little editing, and there could have been less talking and more action. Still it was perfect in what it wanted to be.
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What an exciting and unique story this is! Two young men meet under adverse circumstances at a small New York airport and after a series of misunderstandings, find their way to admitting their attraction for one another.

James Thompson is pretty obsessive about everything. He gives new meaning to making lists, being on time, crossing his t’s and dotting his i’s. So when he’s stranded at a small New York airport, he surprises even himself with the fact that his phone isn’t fully charged. And he’s shocked even more when he refuses to back away when a cute guy hogs the power outlet at the charging station. Mika Bailey (pronounced Mee-kuh) backs down for no man. Plus, he’s here on a boring work-related trip and isn’t really in a hurry to return to Charleston. Willing to wait, when he discovers his laptop and phone both need charging, he’s not apologetic when he takes advantage of the cute guy’s distraction and moves in for the outlet ahead of him.

This sets up a war, of sorts, with one young man trying to outguess and out think the other. It’s fun and when they start talking and bickering and finally giving up on the animosity and moving toward friendship, readers can have an ah-hah moment. This is a humorous easy-to-read story! The characters are endearing and lively and just perfect for one another. As each delay comes, the story gets better. I was at a point where I would have been happy to see them stay in the airport all night.

As crazy as it seems, though, even after only hours of knowing one another, these two are well on their way to a relationship. Flying home to Charleston together is only the first step. I hope the author brings them back in a future story because I’d love to see these two again.

I highly recommend this book. It clips along at an amazing and humorous pace. Just perfect to take on a trip or stay at home and snuggle up with for a few hours of fun reading and romance.
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Sarah – ☆☆☆
I have to confess that this is the first book by Quinn Anderson that I haven’t fallen in love with. The premise is great – two very different strangers meet in an airport while waiting for a delayed flight. It’s the story and the characters that I struggled with.

Sadly, I didn’t really enjoy either James or Mika as characters. I felt like so much energy went into making them opposites that they stopped feeling like actual people. I struggled to have any sympathy for either of them. The miscommunication between James and Mika was infuriating after a while. I understood the attraction between them, but the timeline is too short to build any real chemistry and I really struggled to believe in the HFN (happy for now).

I’m leaving this review short. The book didn’t work for me, but I hate writing a negative review for an author I usually love. This might be a blip, or it might just be me.
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4.5 Stars!!!

I absolutely adored this book! It was sweet and fun and hot all wrapped up in a neat opposites-attract package. 

Mika and James couldn't be more different if they tried and while that made them clash when they met, they ended up bringing out the best in each other, making them each grow as a person in the process. I loved their back-and-forth banter and the fun pranks. It was great seeing sweet, yet high-strung James let go a bit and easygoing Mika realize that more than a hookup, he wanted someone that would take him seriously. 

The chemistry between them was electric and while they gave into their attraction pretty quickly timewise, it never felt rushed. 

Overall, while I won't claim I've read every book by Quinn Anderson, the ones I've read I've loved and this wasn't the exception. It was a hot, sweet, low angst read with the most delightful epilogue and I'm sure I'll read it again. Very recommendable! 

*** Copy provided to the reviewer via NetGalley by Riptide Publishing, a review wasn't a requirement.***
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