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4.5 Stars

Mika and James meet at the airport in New York when their flight is delayed due to a winter storm. Although they start off rough as the day progresses and they get to know one another better, the instant attraction builds into something much more than just physical.

This was such a cute feel-good story. I absolutely loved James and Mika and I loved watching them bicker and prank one another throughout the hours they spent at the airport. They are complete polar opposites, but they brought out the best in each other and they fit together perfectly. Those differences balanced each other out and really worked.

The progression was a bit fast, but for James and Mika it worked and it didn’t feel rushed at all and they had amazing chemistry.

The story was well-written, funny, sweet and a bit sexy and the ending was swoon-worthy. This was a fabulous, quick and enjoyable read that I’d definitely recommend!

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Oh, hi there. Just your friendly neighborhood Quinn Anderson fangirl here. I've been reading a lot of books by this author lately, and funny thing, usually when I do this I start to get jaded and bored by the familiar writing style, repetitive wording, common themes. But Anderson is an exception. Each of her books have a distinct premise and well-crafted characters. New Heights was a joy to read.

We start with the cutest of meet-cutes, James-not-Jamie and Mika-not-Micah clashing heads over power outlets at the airport while waiting on a delayed flight. They're insta-rivals. One is super prepared and punctual and proper, the other jaded and last-minute and kinda rude. Their fight over the outlet escalates into cute pranks and casual flirting before they give in to their mutual attractions.

I couldn't help the comparisons to On Solid Ground. Not in that, like, the story is similar. Totally not. But in that the main chunk of the story takes place over a very short timeframe -- in this case, one day -- and you'd expect the insta-love to be real, but it's just not. Taking the passage of time out and just looking at the passage of pages, this book is remarkably slow-burn. There is phenomenal relationship building as James and Mika get to know each other. It isn't forced or fake-feeling. It's organic and believable. They're so different yet so much alike and it's clear how well they fit together. The character building and relationship building is superb.

This story is super sweet and made me smile, leaving me with a good feeling at the end. And I loved that we get an epilogue (that's the one thing I missed most in On Solid Ground) solidifying their HEA for us. Oh, and bonus points for South Carolina representation! My home state doesn't get enough book coverage. All in all, this is yet another great book by Quinn Anderson and I can't wait for more.
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So, the premise sounded intriguing. Two guys with very different temperaments get stuck at the airport on a horrible layover. They drive each other crazy but sparks fly and romance ensues. It had the potential to be a cute, sweet read.
What we got was pages upon pages of junior high school boy sniping and pranks. The characters were not likable or believable and when we arrived at the inevitable conclusion, I had a hard time believing it.
Worst of all, we never got to see their romance develop. It all happened off the page and was alluded to in a wrap it up quick epilogue.
I had a hart time finishing this one. 1 star.
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OMG I loved this one!! Delightful read, full of humor, sarcasm, uncertainty, verbal fight and deepened thoughts!!
Just delicious to experience. A read with great conversations, sexiness and instant hate/love.
Two wonderful flawed men who were attracted and irritated by each other.
This all takes place in an.....airport with delayed flights. Written is a crazy awesome way!!
Recommending this one!!
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That was the most creative and original meet-cute I've read in a very long time! I loved the way these two can't resist their attraction and keep coming back together. Their exchanges gradually become more endearing as they learn each others' soft spots, and I really enjoyed the alternating pov's as we see both how each character is feeling and how they view the others' perspective.

Quinn Anderson is a really wonderful author. All her stories are unique and interesting and I've laughed and smiled my way through the books I've read :) and I've purchased her backlog so I can read the ones I've missed.

I'm going with four stars on New Heights because it was creative, well written, and just made me feel good... I wouldn't mind another story about Mika and James.
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Cover – Super cute!
 POV – 3rd person, dual character
 Would I read it again – YES!
 Genre – LGBT, Romance, Contemporary


 This is only my second foray into Quinn Anderson's writing and...I'm thrilled! The first outing didn't go according to plan, but this one was a roaring success.

 Adorable. Sweet. Hilarious. Snarky. Brilliant. All inadequate ways of describing this book.

 Oh, and Riptide totally knocked the presentation out the park, once again. I can't say how nice it is to read a beautifully presented, formatted and illustrated book, even if it's only cute chapter headings and scene dividers. It makes a difference.

 I fell in love with uncomfortable-in-his-own-skin James, right from the start. He and I are two peas in an uncomfortable pod, in the worst ways. Always over cautious, over critical, think things through way too far, and with huge social anxiety that has him second guessing himself at every step. Yup. Basically just described myself, too. So, right off the bat, I felt it. I knew where James was coming from and I felt sad that his sister, and basically everyone else in the world, including evil-ex-boyfriend David, were so hell bent on changing him and making him feel bad for being his awkward self.

 Then, in walks Mika – and really, who the heck calls someone with that name Micah? – who has all the snark and the confidence and the brazen attitude to knock James on his ass. Not literally, though at times it felt like it might escalate that far. But, no. They kept their little airport war to hilarious, but safe, proportions, pulling pranks and getting payback for silly slights that strangers give all the time. Only, here, it was personal. In the best way.

 Yes, there was instant attraction. That's the basis for most good novels, because, let's be realistic, if they're not attracted to each other, there are very few other things that can bring two folk together into a budding relationship, while still being believable. Right here, the attraction is an annoying side note to the growing feud, and then arch-nemesis status, which quickly becomes grudging friendship and then HOLY HOT sex. (And, yes, that needs capitals.)

 At first, they seem like total opposites, but the more they interact, the more you can see them being similar in little subtle ways, and playfully skirting around the obvious tension in the room. There was great chemistry, right from the first stolen charger to the last boat ticket. These two were off the charts perfect for each other, but not in a way that felt forced or unbelievable, or reckless. They both went in with their eyes open, both fought the tension and the inevitable as long as they could. And I absolutely love that they really, truly spent time getting to know each other, before anything hot happened. I hate when they claim to make that connection, but we don't ever get to see it, or the conversation is actually really superficial. These boys dove deep into the dark end of the secret pool and helped each other deal with some real issues.

 Characterisation was spot on. From the annoying little sister (which, in this case, would be me, so I know it well) to the evil user that is David, all the side characters had their own unique personalities that were nicely explored, despite most of them never appearing on page. I loved George and his innate ability to make his first meeting with James so awkward. And, obviously, I loved James and Mika to pieces. Utterly and completely.

 And I want to add a huge Thank You to the author for that Epilogue. I know that I could have been perfectly happy with the ending as it was, but the Epilogue added a little something special that had me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. So thanks for that.


Favourite Quote

 “I get that as a little sister you're contractually obligated to be annoying, but please feel free to take some time off.”

 “Perhaps this was James's punishment. This airport was Purgatory, and he was doomed to spend eternity with mysterious strangers, confused feelings, and regret.”

 “Can you imagine me in prison? They'd use me as currency.”
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This was a fun read. I loved the pranks and chemistry between the two main characters. The playfulness is such a fun thing to read throughout the book. But the counterbalance of the real life baggage that everyone brings into a relationship makes this a good mix to make a great romance start, It was sexy, funny, and a romantic read. I only wish there was more! Would recommend this to friends.
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New Heights is an adorable read that could easily be made into a movie. It features Quinn Anderson’s typical prose: funny and light, with quick dialogue full of clever quips. The story takes place entirely in one day at an airport, featuring two men, James and Mika, who are destined for the same delayed flight and possibly for each other—that is, if they can stand one another long enough to start up an actual conversation.

The book is short, managing to capture a sweet and simple story without making it drag. It's well-developed, though: We get to know about James and Mika’s backstories and hang-ups, and by the time they board their plane, they’re on their way to being better men. 

I also appreciated that Anderson didn’t force her characters to have meaningful, sentimental revelations about one another within the short span of the book. Instead they realize they’re going to fall in love; readers get to glimpse this first moment of magic and comedy, understanding what’s to come. (There’s also a satisfying epilogue!)

Airports are pretty much the epitome of monotony. As James says in the beginning, “Nothing good ever happen[s] in airports.” 

I once stayed overnight in Heathrow and am emotionally scarred. I love the idea of a something magical and sweet happening in such bleak surroundings. For me, that’s the entire point of the romance genre.

Lately I’ve been reading heavy books that drag out emotional problems for too long, so I really appreciated a tale of two people who get over their issues in literal hours. New Heights was silly and simple but managed to delight, like popping a single chocolate in your mouth. Bon appetit.
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New Heights was one of my reading highlights of all time ♡


It’s fun, sweet, fun, sexy, fun, charming, fun, cute, oh and fun!

James and Mika don’t hit it off from the start but I took an instant liking to both.


Stranded in an airport (a setting which I enjoyed greatly), both guys are in a crappy mood (understandably so, you have to read it to find out why 😉 ) and their first meeting ends with a declaration of war. Oh! THOSE BOYS!!! ♡♡♡♡♡

I ADORE MIKA TO BITS. He’s laid back, snarky, fun, loud, direct and just way too lovable. *sigh*

James is pretty much his polar opposite – a thinker, over cautious and anxious.

I loved their antics, their little fights and the dialogue made for a fantastic reading experience 🙂

When they do hit it off romantically – and of course they will, because, duh! opposites attract and all that jazz – it’s off the charts hot. They have great chemistry and can be super sweet together.

It’s one of those books you wish would give you another five hours of entertainment, or twelve or twenty.



ps: the cover is the cutest thing in the world. i want to steal it and make it mine.
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This is a cute romance about two totally opposite (or are they?) guys who are both stuck in an airport in New York City waiting for their delayed flight. Everyone is pretty dang crabby to be stuck there, as you can imagine, and hilarity ensues. I love the opposites attract element to this story (with a dash of enemies to lovers), while at the same time James and Mika aren't opposites so much as two differently shaped puzzle pieces that fit together. (I definitely think James is an edge piece...) Their bumps and misunderstandings feel authentic, and while this definitely has a big dollop of insta-love to it, having both characters acknowledge how bizarre and crazy their immediate attraction is helps me be a little more ok with that. I love that Mika brings out the sass and strength in James, and in turn James helps ground Mika. They're just so great together. 

This was a really quick read, I'm not sure if that's because it's actually short or if it's just because I refused to put it down until I'd read the whole thing.
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Insta-love done right, this is.

James is traveling home from NYC to Charleston, SC, after attending a friend's wedding. Mika, pronounced Mee-kuh, is heading the same way as part of work. Except, they don't initially know this.

The meet-cute happens when both of them need a power outlet at the airport after their respective flights are delayed. James is hogging the outlet, and Mika is irritated. Then Mika hogs the outlet and James is outraged. 

It's difficult to flesh out your characters in what amounts to a novella, but the author succeeded in weaving plenty of background info for both James and Mika into the plot. It's also admirable how well this book worked for me, considering that most of this novel takes place in an airport - there's not a potential for change of scenery, and you're somewhat limited in what you can get your characters into. 

The characters had immediate chemistry, and none of it felt forced. The attraction burns brightly from the start, despite James' prank (that was so funny) and Mika snagging the outlet when James isn't looking. They have a rough start, for sure, but ultimately, they both call a truce, give in to the attraction, and realize that there might just be something there. 

I liked this a lot. It's a quick and easy read, and it just flows and flows, and before you can blink, they're in the family bathroom doing not-so-family-friendly things. Which, as fiery as the attraction was, isn't really a surprise.

The sweet epilogue just sealed the deal on this book - that was fabulous.

Recommended for when you need a little pick-me-up for a long lunch break or some such. This was a lot of fun to read.
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This was a cute, fast, fluffy read. I wasn't sure how believable the romance was going to be since it all took place in a short span of a day, but I thought it was really entertaining and fun. I haven't read many books that only really feature the 2 main characters for the entirety of the book, so that was interesting to see how the author did it. I really like hate to love romances, and this one was both laugh out loud and a great mix of opposites attract and misunderstandings that lead to hilarious results.
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An adorable little book with two cute guys, feelings all over the place, and with the right amount of cheese. I kept smiling and it made me feel good. Will I find my soul mate at the airport one day? Will they be there for me to find? I sure hope so; I'm in need of a little cheese in my cheeseless life.

James is just like me, anxious about the little things, afraid of being late, of missing his flight back home, of forgetting something at the hotel. He is a thousand hours early to the airport and if that’s not me, I don’t know what is. You never know what can happen so it’s best to be early and wait rather than run for your life not to miss your flight.

Totally opposite to James is Mika. He travels for work, is carefree and really could be at the airport one minute before embarking and he’d still be chill about the whole situation. I don’t know if I envy him or if he makes me more anxious than I usually am. He hates people mispronouncing his name and I can understand it because, come on, Mika is clearly not Micah. It’s so easy that it’s really infuriating people not saying is right. I feel for you Mika, even if my name is not one that tends to be said wrong.

James and Mika start a sort of airport war after their flight gets delayed and they are forced to take turns to charge their electronic stuff. Little pranks, conversations and a few drinks later, it’s pretty obvious they want to be in each other pants and I don’t blame them. They’re both hot, single, they have time to kill, so why not? Oh well, you have to read it to see the feelings flying around an airport I didn’t know existed until yesterday. How they change a bit in just a few pages and it’s not forced, not rushed. It’s a short book yet everything is in the right place. 

You think, yes, this can happen. This maybe has already happened to somebody. Because, why not? Airports are not really a place where you meet someone you can fall in love with, but it’s not impossible, right? Hard, yes but if fate tries to set you up, why would you turn down the opportunity?

Adorable and funny, short and hard to put down once you start it. It’s the perfect book to read if you need a little bit of cheese and if you need to smile a bit. I needed it.
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James Thompson plans everything and always arrives early, Mika Bailey just goes with the flow and gets there when he can. James hates confrontation to the point of getting walked all over, Mika uses sarcasm to keep people from getting too close. James has never had a hookup, Mika has never had a long term relationship. When these two get stranded in an airport together sparks start to fly to the surprise of both of them. But then things start to get personal and they both wonder, can this last once they return home?

I absolutely adored New Heights! It was funny, sweet, and sexy at the same time. The setting of being stranded in an airport due to a delayed flight was great because there’s nothing people hate more than being stuck at the airport with nothing to do, nowhere to sit, and nowhere to charge your phone. It was also a great combination of the airport savvy Mika who travels all the time and the newbie James who doesn’t travel very much. As far as an opposites attract story goes these two were definitely very different but at their core they were both looking for the same thing and they both knew they had some rough edges that needed to be smoothed out if they wanted to be happier. It’s true what they say that sometimes it’s easier to tell a stranger things you’ve never told anyone else or even admitted to yourself and the story plays on that as James and Mika finally come to a truce and begin to talk. It was these types of scenes that really had me believing the chemistry and the quickly developing feelings for these characters even though they spend less than a day together. This story was just so endearing and it had me smiling the whole time I was reading it.

Both characters together were wonderful and they really did bring out the best in each other in ways that prior relationships did not. But I also loved James and Mika individually as characters and found myself relating in different ways to each of them. I very easily connected with James’s is super organized personality and his anxiety about being late to things so he ends up showing up really early. I also love how nice James was, even when he’s angry at Mika he still gives him the benefit of the doubt and doesn’t judge him too harshly. James is just a genuinely nice person that you can’t help but like. Mika is a bit more standoffish mostly because he’s used sarcasm his whole life to keep people at a distance and he goes by the mentality that it’s better for him to push people away before they can do the same to him. But even with all of that he’s not a bad guy and we can see that through little instances like when he buys James’s meal for him. Micah’s shell might be a little hard to crack but the reader can clearly see that he doesn’t want to be so defensive, he’s just not sure how to do it and he hasn’t found someone that’s willing to be patient while he works on it.

I enjoyed every part of this book and quickly devoured it, only stopping because worked forced me to; otherwise I would have just kept reading! Great pacing and smooth writing lend to a great story that feels much longer than it’s actual page count. With truly likable characters and a fun romance, I will definitely be reading more books by Quinn Anderson.
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These are the best characters!! I would love to read more about Mika “It’s Mee-kuh, not Micah” and James.

James Thompson is eager to go home, even though no one will be waiting for him at the gate. He is a serial monogamist who likes to play by the book. For Mika today’s just another day of boring work travel. He goes by the seat of his pants and just goes with the flow. After an incident while waiting for their delayed plane they start to realize how much they have in common. Terrified of what he’s feeling, Mika suggests a no-strings hookup, but serial-monogamist James wants more. If they don’t fight for what’s right in front of them, their romance might be canceled before it ever takes off.

This was a great quick read. I love the characters and well written. This was a fun read!!
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A complimentary copy was provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

This was cute!! The cover and blurb is what really got my attention. Even though I've never read anything by this author before, I wasn't nervous to read this. Likely due to the fact that it already had some good ratings. Anyway, this is how you do insta-love, people. This was just so realistic!! I mean, yeah there is still that level of improbability to this, but I completely bought their relationship!! And do you want to know what made this story different from all those other insta-love stories (that didn't work for me)? I'll tell ya': It's because they acknowledged it!!! They didn't gloss over their instant feelings or pretend they didn't exist. They actually were honest and spoke to each other about how crazy it was they felt this way after only knowing each other 6 hours. Bring the awkward into the light and go for it!

Mika “it’s Mee-kuh, not Micah" is a sarcastic young guy (23) who is very laid back and doesn't stress life. He strolls into the airport with just minutes to spare before boarding. Except the flight has been delayed due to weather. 

James is Mika's complete opposite in that he worries about everything: being late, forgetting his phone/laptop charger, clothes, etc. He did an inspection of his hotel room possibly 5 times (it's not really said how many), and even though he had hours to spare before he needed to be at the airport, he just couldn't make himself do any sightseeing because he was worried there could be traffic or other delays which would make him miss his flight. (I can totally relate to ALL of this because I don't want to forget something at the hotel, nor would I be happy to miss my flight). And of course since James got the airport super early, his wait is now even longer due to the flight delay.

You wouldn't think these two could possibly get along, and you are right. They're enemies from the start when Mika cuts James in line for the phone charging station. And in the words of Mika later in the story - "this means war." As some crazy death stares and evil thoughts pervade these MC's heads, neither can ignore the fact that the other is so handsome. Mika nicknames James "Colgate" for his dazzling smile and GQ good looks. And James calls Mika "Rude Headphone Guy," but OMG he is so cute!, according the James. ;) 

I was completely entertained by their antics and again, they admit it's weird for them to feel this connection so early in meeting and worry about how long lasting it could be. I 100% appreciated how the author handled this relationship and will point to this book right here as the template on how to correctly write insta-love. Have they only known each other for less than 10 hours? You bet your ass they do, but that doesn't stop them from having sex in the family bathroom at the airport. 

I fully recommend this story and the epilogue - while super saccharine sweet - was the perfect ending.
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4.5 stars

I loved James and Mika! This book pulled me in from word one. I loved these two MCs individually and together. Their banter, their inner thoughts and dialogue, it all worked for me. What transpired in a very short time could have easily been over the top and insta, but it was fun, believable and sexy. The epilogue wrapped it all up nicely and still left me wanting more. My first read from Quinn Anderson, this will not be my last!
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I must applaud Quinn Anderson for her skill to write a complete story with complex characters and an actual plot within one hundred and forty pages. New Heights might be shorter story, but it's fully fleshed and captivating.

James and Mika couldn't be more different from each other, as James is often anxious and prepares for everything to the point that he goes to the airport hours earlier than needed, while Mika don't have patience for any waiting and lines at the airport - no, Mika leaves all travelling to the last minute, even preferring to be late on his flight to be too early. It was interesting to see, what happened once James and Mika's paths crossed at the airport, where they had to wait for their delayed flight back to Charleston. I loved the chemistry between James and Mika, whether they got along or not. I was able to identify with James, especially with his anxious behaviour when it comes to travelling. In a side note, it was very refreshing to see a Finnish name - Mika - in this, and I'm very familiar with Mika's frustrations because people don't know how to pronounce his name.

New Heights was cute and captivating story, and while I'd loved to read more, it's perfect just the way it is. I definitely recommend to check it out!
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3.5 stars!

As much as I think that meet-cute at airports probably has low possibility in real life, but I can't help loving this trope in my romance fiction. This latest from Quinn Anderson offers just that. 

I really liked that either James or Mika (pronounced Mee-kuh, thank you very much) didn't immediately start their 'relationship' with flirty sexual attraction. Let's face it, Mika acts a bit of rude towards James. Instead, we have these two having little war of their own, with one trying to have revenge on the others with little pranks. All done in within hours they are trapped in the airport.

I liked that they're also a bit of opposite attracts -- James is pretty anal and a bit of a pushover, Mika doesn't care much about schedules and quite sarcastic -- but they discover that being with the other person can bring something different out of them. James pulls pranks and not even saying sorry about it; Mika actually makes attempt to apologize when he knows he's being an ass. It was pretty adorable.

I could do without the sex scene -- and in exchange maybe for them to talk more -- but that's my problem, not yours. The epilogue is pretty nice ^^
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James Thompson is stuck at the airport waiting for his flight home when he gets into a battle of wits with Mika Bailey. Their initial hostility slowly morphs into something else. Cute story. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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