Spread Too Thin

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I received a free electronic copy from the publisher through NetGalley. My opinions are my own.

Miller has written this book as a 90 day devotional. It is divided into 4 sections: heart conditioning, mind games you can win, strength training for the long run, and soul-searching for the abundant life. She calls for us to be less busy and to take time for daily devotions and prayer.

Recommended for church libraries and small groups.
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I loved Spread Too Thin: Opting Out of Frantic Living. Opting In to Lasting Peace, a 90 day devotional by Ellen Miller (thank you, Tyndale, for the advanced copy, which I was slow to read since I’m spread too thin!) This is a wonderful book for anyone who feels too busy to enjoy God’s grace and abundance. Miller writes from a personal and relatable place (plus, she’s funny.) I felt myself nodding in agreement as I read the text. Each day gives a short and sweet reading to remind you that it’s easy to get lost in busyness. It’s a perfect book for if you’re battling schedule stress and want to find a new approach to living.
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“Spread too thin” is a phrase that aptly describes the past few months for me. I’ve been juggling a book manuscript, blogging, and writing freelance articles, not to mention being at home in the summer with my children. It seems like no matter what I do, I can’t keep up.

This unique devotional by Ellen Miller is written for busy working women like me. She once had a big-time corporate position, and she was definitely spread thinner than I am today! As she began working from home, she contemplated God’s design for rest, then collected her thoughts here.

It’s a 90 day journey to reclaim godly priorities and let go of those that aren’t as important. She shows us how to eliminate distractions and simplify our schedules, while still maintaining a full plate of responsibilities.

The book is divided into these four sections:

Heart Conditioning
Mind Games You Can Win
Strength Training for the Long Run
Soul-Searching for the Abundant Life
Each devotion is just the right length for busy women like myself. She includes fitting anecdotes from her busy life to which I can relate.

Favorite quotes:
Are you overwhelmed by living in a state of exhaustion, or are you overwhelmed by the grace and glory of God?
[Our] anxiousness is the tinder for a fire that will not light us up, but will, over time, burn us out.
Through prayer, I found God’s grace and forgiveness and the filling of the Holy Spirit to replace my professional self-doubt with assurance in his timing and will.
I can’t remember the last time I got down on my knees to humbly thank God for the talents he has blessed me with.
If we continually live and operate in a state of half-empty, our hearts will never find that place of overflowing fullness.
Are you a working woman who wants to reorder your priorities? You’ll enjoy the godly advice in Spread Too Thin.

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Tyndale Publishers and Netgalley generously provided a free review copy of this book.
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Are you so busy running  you can’t stop? Is running the race of everyday life feel like a losing battle? We get up, we race, we fall into bed exhausted, we repeat…friends…it’s time to stop! Ellen Miller helps bring our minds and our hearts to a better place. A place of mindfulness, quietness and  peace. This book isn’t just a devotional, this book is dairy, a journal, a place where we can slow down, take a look at ourselves, our lives and most importantly our relationship with God.
I really enjoyed this book. The personal stories can’t help but touch your heart at the same time as it touches your soul. This is soul work friends. 90 days of stories, Scriptures and questions. Take that moment to turn the first page. Day 5 was one of my favourites. The story of the little boy suffering from Prader-Willi syndrome, an illness where you are always hungry, never satisfied. That is us in today’s society, always longing and hungering for me, for better, for the golden ticket. God is handing it to you my friends, you just have to slow down enough to reach for it. I so graciously received a copy of this book from Tyndale house for an open and honest review
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I adored this book! I felt like it was completely what I needed at this moment of life. And I believe it can minister to anyone in this demanding century. In a society with great expectation to produce, to do, to have, can we find space to just be? To relish the journey and remember why we're doing what we're doing, why we're doing the way we are doing, and to Who goes all honor and glory?
Written with honesty alongside quotes and questions to guide our reflections, this book can help us refocus not because it has any secret recipe, but because it points us back to the One who gives us life, and life to the fullest.

I read it quickly for review, but I'm off to re-read following the 90 days plan.
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Um, yeah.  So my best friend saw that I was reviewing this book, and all she had to say was "It's about time."  There seems to be a general consensus that this Type AAA crap needs to find the light at the end of the tunnel...and that maybe I can get there through a book.  Here's what I know - this book didn't fundamentally change me, but it did put a bug in my ear that it is OK to change.  It is OK to say, "I surrender."  It is OK to be happy being good enough.  I mean, we all hear it, but the author does a great job of connecting with the reader, and understanding exactly where this busy-ness is coming from, deep inside, and then taking it even further and offering tangible steps (and reasons behind them) for allowing yourself to step back.  Written in the format of a life story, coupled with assessments and quizzes for you to challenge yourself, it also has scriptures sprinkled throughout the text.  I like that the book is written in small segments, designed to be read over a period of a few months...because, you know, we're busy.  We don't always have time to sit down and read a long chunk!  This book gives you bite-sized morsels to chew on throughout the day...maybe as you're in the car running errands.
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