Reversed - A Memoir

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Reversed - A Memoir
By Lois Letchford
Publication date: March 3, 2018

Resilience, perseverance, advocacy, inspiration, caring, love... it's got it all.

This story has great messages: go with your gut... think creatively... advocate for what you think is right. It's not eloquently written, but that's part of the point, too. Anyone can do what's right. Education doesn't have to be as prescriptive as it is, and Mrs. Letchford's experience gives hope that parents and teachers can find creative and effective ways to teach.

This book is on par with "To Sir with...

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Good story for teachers and parents who want to advocate for kids.   It's lovely to read of people who have a heart for children.  As a reading teacher and a mom myself, I don't feel that I got ideas for my students and personal children from this book, but it's a wonderful story for inspiration and motivation.
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