Reversed - A Memoir

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This book hits you right in the heart. So much so I had to put it down for a couple of days and prepare myself.
Reversed tells the story of how Lois helps her son overcome his learning difficulties and succeed when many in the education field had dismissed him. It's the story of a womans love for her children and family. It's the story of a woman who saw a gap in the way kids are educated and did her best to help those who were overlooked.

Following Lois as she comes up with new ways to help her son, Nicholas, was fascinating. She pushed herself to think outside the box. She stood up for him when people wanted to wipe their hands of him. She fought for his right to be educated in a school system that wasn't overly helpful. She helped him become the smart, confident, hardworking person he had the potential to be.
And she didn't stop there, through Nicholas's struggle she was able to reflect on her own childhood education, she studied even more and started helping other kids who were pushed to the side and overlooked.
Reading about the other kids she had worked with and where they ended up was one of my favourite parts. She hasn't had a small influence on these children. She has potentially changed these kids lives, she has helped them open up doors that would have otherwise been shut tight.
This was an interesting, thought-provoking read. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
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Thank you Lois Letchford, Acorn Publishing and Netgalley for an ARC of this memoir in return for my honest review.

I picked up this book for a number of reasons, mostly because I enjoy memoirs and I am also Australian with young school aged children.

Thank you so much for your honesty In your memoir, I feel like I was welcomed into your lives and it has made me a richer person for having that opportunity.   I am in awe of the patience and such utter perseverance you had with Nicholas and then with so many other lucky children.  On those nights when I can’t be bothered doing the spelling lists and reading homework I will remember your determination and just get on with this most important task for my children.  I will also  be grateful that they able to learn and understand without all the added difficulties of so many children and adults.  

I will be recommending this book to friends, I feel it sends such an important message to everyone, even those without children.  Don’t take for granted that learning comes easily to everyone, or that every city or rural place is lucky enough to have a Lois batting for them.  Your book made me cry as only a mother can at the thought of her beautiful child not fitting in or keeping up but it also made me laugh and break into huge smiles just as often.  I batted for Nicholas throughout the book and I can only imagine how proud he amd his family are of his achievements.  I can only imagine how proud his mum Lois is also, with her book and also the lifelong journey she has been on with her learning.  

This book is one of the reasons I read.  Thank you for such an uplifting, honest memoir.  I hope this is only your first book, not your last.
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I love buying non fiction reads for our school library and this is one that I will definitely be purchasing. It is important that the students read a range of books on a diverse array of subjects and Lois Letchford's  book was  incredibly readable. The senior students will definitely enjoy reading it and I think that they'll find it extremely interesting as well as giving them a better insight into the subject matter. I have ordered a copy and look forward to recommending it to our seniors who enjoy non fiction as much as a good novel. An excellent read!
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Reversed - A Memoir
By Lois Letchford
Publication date: March 3, 2018

Resilience, perseverance, advocacy, inspiration, caring, love... it's got it all. 

This story has great messages: go with your gut... think creatively... advocate for what you think is right. It's not eloquently written, but that's part of the point, too. Anyone can do what's right. Education doesn't have to be as prescriptive as it is, and Mrs. Letchford's experience gives hope that parents and teachers can find creative and effective ways to teach. 

This book is on par with "To Sir with Love" by E. R. Braithwaite, "Small Victories" by Samuel G. Freedman, and Jaime Escalante's "Stand and Deliver." The only drawback in the whole telling is that the book was about her middle child, but the few times when she mentioned her youngest child, it wasn't very flattering - maybe realistic, but unnecessary to the telling. 

I highly recommend this book for anyone who teaches and for any parent who sees a spark in their child that others don't.
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Good story for teachers and parents who want to advocate for kids.   It's lovely to read of people who have a heart for children.  As a reading teacher and a mom myself, I don't feel that I got ideas for my students and personal children from this book, but it's a wonderful story for inspiration and motivation.
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